Football Betting Explained

There seems to be an assumption in the bookmaking world that we are all experts and know what every bookmaking term means, and what every bet is, and just what every bet does.

For example, my old man has been doing fixed odds football bets for as many years as I have been alive, and one day he asked me how the hell can you have a football bet involving two and a half goals? Yet he fully understands what a Trixie bet is.

The aim of this section of the website is too help you understand as much about football betting as possible. Bets that are specific to football, like an explanation to exactly what Over/Under 2.5 goals is, and information about industry wide bets that you can use on Horses, Football or Tiddlywinks, etc, like a Yankee or a Lucky 15.

For experienced gamblers, what’s in this section might seem very obvious, but not everyone is an experienced football gambler. So if you are just getting started on football betting, I hope this section will help you as it is going to cover the basics of football betting.

Football Betting Explained

General Betting Explained

What is a Double?
What is a Treble?
What is a Patent?
What is a Trixie?
What is a Yankee?
What is a Lucky 15?
What is an accumulator?

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