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What is a Betfair Points Freeze and does it differ from the Betfair Holiday? The Betfair Points Freeze and Betfair Holiday are essentially the same thing with a different branding.

The Betfair Prize Freeze is a period of grace offered to Betfair Exchange users who don’t place exchange bets for a period of time. 

The usual decrease in Betfair Points is 15% for a week where you don’t place a bet. It’s in your interests to prevent your Betfair Points from decreasing, as it means your commission rate stays the same.

You only receive Betfair Points for using the Betfair Exchange, not the Sportsbook or Casino, etc.

Below we look into this in more detail. But before we do, if you're looking to open a new Betfair account, you can do so here.

What is a Betfair Holiday?

People who like a bet often ask Google what is a Betfair Holiday? The simple answer is that a Betfair holiday is a period of time where Betfair doesn’t decrease your points by the standard 15%.

From a branding perspective, the Betfair Holiday is now called a Betfair Points Freeze. More details can be found below.

What Is A Betfair Points Freeze?

A Betfair Points Freeze is basically the same thing as a Betfair Holiday. Due to rebranding of Betfair products, instead of offering a Betfair Holiday, you get a Betfair Points Freeze.

 A Points Freeze lasts for one week. You get one awarded when you join Betfair, and you will then acquire one additional week every three months. 

You can bank your weeks, but the most you can accrue is four weeks. 

This means if you didn't use any of your Points Freeze weeks, by the end of your first year on the Betfair Exchange you would have four. At this point you wouldn’t be able to bank anymore weeks until you use one.  

To better understand this the points system, please check out our Betfair Points System Explained page for more details.

Betfair Points Freeze; Key Points:-

  • A Points Freeze lasts for one week - Sunday to Sunday
  • It is possible to bet during a Points Freeze the week, but you won't receive points
  • A Points Freeze can be cancelled up to 3 hours before it is due to start
  • The 15% reduction starts at 9pm on a Sunday
  • You receive one Points Freeze when you sign up for an Exchange account
  • You receive an extra Points Freeze Week every 3 Months
  • It is not possible to have more than four Points Freeze weeks
  • More details available in our Betfair Review

Freezing Your Betfair Points; How It Works

So why would you want to freeze your points, and how does it work?

You can freeze your points for one week at a time. You get given one week when you join, and an extra week every 3 months.

So you may be going on holiday for a week and not want to bet, or you may be wanting to just take a week off from betting.

There are no end of reasons why you may wish to take a week off from betting. By freezing your points, your account commision rate will remain the same.

To freeze your points simply follow these simple steps:-

  • Login to your Betfair Account
  • Open a fresh Web Browser and type into Google ‘Freeze My Betfair Points’
  • Click on Webpage ‘What Are Betfair Points’ (image 1)
  • Click on ‘To Freeze Your Betfair Points Click Here’ (image 2)
  • Click on ‘Freeze Your Betfair Points’ (image 3)

What Are Betfair Points

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