What Is Profit Maximiser?

So just what is Profit Maximiser? That is a question that regularly pops up on Google searches, and on forums and Facebook, etc.

What Is Profit Maximiser

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Well the simple answer is that Profit Maximiser is a matched betting subscription service. Our Profit Maximiser Review takes you through the system step by step, but we’re happy to give you a briefer tour of the product here.

Within this service, you will find free bets from stacks of online bookmakers, as well as Spread Betting offers, Casino offers, and Bingo sign up offers.

What has happened is, Mike Cruickshank, the system’s creator, has put all of these offers in one place. And for a one of charge per year, he gives you access to all these offers. Alongside these offers are written instructions and videos, meaning anybody can make money.

In fact, the only qualifications you need to use Profit Maximser (or do any Matched Betting) is a bank account, and access to the internet.

Take The Full Access £1 Trial For 14 Days

There is a great offer available if you don’t want to fork out the money needed up front to buy Profit Maximiser. The £1+Vat trial gives you full access to the system for 14 days.

During these 14 days you can see for yourself if you like it or not.

You can even have a go at making the £96+Vat needed to complete the purchase. If you get stuck in, it can be done.

Who Is Mike Cruickshank?

A name you may have seen earlier in this piece is Mike Cruickshank. Now he is the man behind Profit Maximiser, and numerous other profit making betting systems.

He has his own website, you can check out his profile for yourself. In short, Mike has been around on the internet selling systems for years. I believe he has a good track record.

Using Profit Maximiser

When (or if) you join Profit Maximiser, you are given an order to do things in. First of all, watch the training videos. If you don’t know gambling (by the way Profit Maximiser is not gambling, but it does involve placing bets), these videos will show you how it all works.

You are then advised to start with the Free Bets from the bookmakers. This is because they are the easiest offers, and using these offers you will make your subscription money back in 2 to 3 weeks.

Bookmakers Offers

More of the 51 bookmaker’s free bets offers to make risk free money from

You can easily make around £1000.00 using these bookmaker’s offers alone. If you do nothing else, cash in these offers as they are just easy, free money.

After you have used up all of the Free Bets, you move onto the next section, the next section to go to is the Spread Betting. Here there are offers from companies like Sporting Index.

This is where it gets more complicated. Placing your spread bet trades is more complicated, there are videos included you can watch, and we have a Spread Betting Explained page if you want to read it for help.

After you have completed that (assuming you do), you move onto he Casino offers. Again these offers are slightly more complicated.

After the Casino offers, you move onto the Bingo offers. Again, there are help videos you can watch, and there are written instructions you can follow. When you have completed that, you are pretty much done with the sign up offers.

So what next? You move onto the daily calendar offers.

Profit Maximiser Calendar

The Calendar offers are basically free bets for existing customers, also known as reload offers.

The daily offers included on the Profit Maximiser Calendar are the bread and butter of this system. These are the offers that keep you profiting week in, and week out.

If you wondered what happens when you have used all the start up offers and free bets, then the calendar is your answer.

There are casino offers on there, instructions on how to create free bets from football and horse racing, and anything that has the potential to make you money. These offers are added daily, with direct links to the offer in question.

Profit Maximiser Calendar

A selection of offers from the Profit Maximiser Calendar.

There can be some more risky offers on the daily calendar. You don’t have to do them though, which is the case with any offer on Profit Maximiser. If you don’t like the look of it, or are unsure, then don’t do it.

Don’t forget though, by this stage, you are trying out these offers with money that you have made from Profit Maximsier. You are not really using your own hard earned cash.

For example, there might be a casino offer, where you have to stake a tenner to get a free tenner. Yes, you might lose the tenner, but you’ve already made that from the other offers.

From the £10 you stake or the free tenner, you may well win £100, or more. By this stage, it really comes down to the individual.

How Much Does Profit Maximiser Cost?

Profit Maximiser does cost £97.00+Vat for the first year. You will make that money back within the first two to three weeks of signing up just by using some of the already pre loaded sign up offers.

If you buy it outright, it comes with a 30 day ‘no questions asked’ money back guarantee. So you can effectively try it out risk free. Alternatively, just take the £1 trial for 14 days.

Personally, that’s what I would do. No one likes forking out around one hundred quid for something that they’re not sure about. Would I take a risk on £1 plus Vat, yes, I certainly would.

You really have nothing to lose and everything to gain from trying out Profit Maximiser.