What Is Betfred Double Delight And Hat Trick Heaven

Before we get into the finer detail of what Double Delight and Hat-trick Heaven is, if you haven’t already got a Betfred account, you can open one here and claim a £30.00 free bet.

There are other sign up methods you can use to open a new Betfred Sportsbook account, more information can be found on our Betfred Offers For New Customers page.

What Is Betfred Double Delight And Hat-Trick Heaven?

If you have a bet on the first goal scorer of selected football matches with Betfred (click the ‘DDHH Matches’ link on home page for qualifying matches), and your bet wins, then you have the chance to double or treble your winnings.

With Double Delight and Hat-trick Heaven, if your winning first goal scorer bet goes onto score a second goal in that match, you will get double the odds. So if you have £10.00 on Wayne Rooney to score the first goal at odds of 4/1 in a match against Chelsea, and Rooney scores first (therefore your first goal scorer bet wins), you win £50.00 (£10.00 stake returned + £40.00 winnings).

If Rooney then goes on to score a second (Double Delight), you will get paid out at 8/1, so would win you £90.00 (£10.00 stake returned + £80.00 winnings). If Rooney is on fire, and goes on to score a third (Hat-trick Heaven), you would get paid out at 12/1, meaning winnings of £130,00 (£10.00 stake returned + £120.00 winnings).

This offer is available to all Betfred customers, both new and existing. If you are an existing customer, visit our Betfred Offers For Existing Customers page for more information about their football offers.

This offer is mainly available on live TV matches. It isn’t available on every match, for example, you won’t get it on Barcelona at home to Getafe, or Germany against San Marino – as live TV matches where it is obvious that strikers might fill their boots, unfortunately, don’t qualify for this offer.

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