Profit Maximiser World Cup Emails

We’re now into the knock out stages of the World Cup, and this is when the bookies will really start throwing the money back specials and enhanced prices at us. These offers will be for both new, but essentially existing customers.

If you already have a bookie account, you are probably a person likely to be placing a bet, so the bookmakers will be looking to entice you to do it with them by giving you enhanced prices and/or money back specials, rather than have you going elsewhere to place your bet.

This is where Mike Cruickshank’s Profit Maximiser service comes into play.

Why? Well because every day Profit Maximiser trawls through all the bookmakers and finds all the cash back specials, enhanced prices, and free bets – and then sends them to you in the Profit Maximiser World Cup emails.

At this stage of a World Cup you will get free bet offers (for existing customers) like bet £10.00 on this match, and you get a £10.00 free bet on the next match, etc.

Or money back if Neymar (for example) scores the last goal, or money back if the match ends 0-0, etc. These offers can be turned into risk free bets, where Profit Maximiser will find a cash back offer like the Neymar one, etc, and show you how to have a risk free bet on such an offer. Where you won’t lose, but if everything goes to plan you may well win.

You will also find enhanced price offers for existing customers, Coral have been running them every day of the World Cup so far, but I expect that more bookies will start doing this with more big matches coming up in the knock-out stages.

As well as all this, Profit Maximiser also has a calender where all of these offers are added daily, as well as offers like free casino spins, etc. They also have an email service which alerts you to opportunities to make money, like the types I have listed above.

It also has hundreds of pounds of pre loaded free bets you can cash in for risk free profits, free casino spins, free spread bets you can cash in, and a method of making free money from bingo sites, these are dozens of these offers.

Profit Maximiser costs £97.00 + vat, but you will make that money back in roughly a couple of weeks by cashing in the pre loaded offers alone – never mind the daily offers you will also receive on top of this.

If you are not happy with what you get, Profit Maximiser has a 30 day money back guarantee. So you really have nothing to lose by giving it a go.

Profit Maximiser Bingo Offers

I’ve been subscribing to the Profit Maximiser service for a few weeks now, and so far I have been working my way through the pre loaded Bookmakers free bets and sign up bonuses, and the risk free Casino spins.

The Bookmakers free bets and risk free Casino spins have paid for my subscription (of £97.00+VAT) and have made me a lot more on top, and I still have quite a few bookies free bets to use yet, as well as all the sign up bonuses (I have just started the NetBet £100.00 one).

There is well over £500.00 in Free Bets to cash in, and there is also over £300.00 in sign up bonuses to take advantage off (which take a bit longer, but are well worth the investment in time).

It’s pretty easy to make 60% risk free profit from a free bet (ie, £30 profit from a £50 Free Bet), so it doesn’t take a genius to work out the sort of money that you can make. And these offers aren’t your conventional bookies, like Hills, Ladbrokes, etc, they are more obscure ones that have been sourced by Profit Maximiser (don’t get me wrong, you can find these yourself).

The thing that has caught my eye the most though, and is going to possibly take me ages to work my way through – is the Profit Maximiser Bingo list.

There is 80 Bingo sites all offering free money.

The sheer amount of money that could be made here is staggering, and because it is recommended that you complete one offer before you start the next one, you can start cashing in these offers from a betting bank containing as little as £20.00 – £30.00. You might even manage to get away with only needing a tenner to start with!

Most of the Bingo sites only require a £10.00 Deposit, and from that you get a free cash bonus of between £10.00 and £30.00. So if you start off using the £10.00 Deposit Bingo sites, you should generate enough money from them to gradually build up your trading bank and work your way through all the Bingo sites, eventually to the ones requiring larger deposits.

As there is 80 Bingo sites, the deposits amounts do vary. The majority are deposit £10.00 and get £20.00 or £30.00 free, but (as I eluded too in the above paragraph) there are some that require £50.00 and £100.00 deposits, and they obviously come with far bigger cash bonuses. So I am going to do them after I have completed the £10.00 deposit sign ups.

As you can imagine with 80 sites to work your way through, there are varying amounts of deposit and bonus amounts. Some require £50.00 deposits, and give you a £50.00 bonus, while some are £30.00 deposits for £60.00 bonuses, it really does vary.

One thing that is for certain, and that is that with Profit Maximiser there is literally hundreds and maybe even thousands of pounds (I’m well on the way to four figures) to be made from these offers.

There is videos showing you how to navigate the sites and get your money back out, so if (like me at first) you are unfamiliar with Bingo sites, don’t worry, as these are a great help.

What Is Profit Maximiser

Although this is a football gambling website, it is also a website designed to try and make my readers money. So sorry to briefly divert away from football gambling, but I really need to mention Profit Maximiser again (more information can be found in my Profit Maximiser Review).

Profit Maximiser is the new service brought to you by Mike Cruickshank, the man behind the excellent Bonus Bagging. This service is absolutely brilliant. It has reload offers, new bookmaker offers, spread betting offers, casino offers, stacks of bingo offers, etc, it is a cash cow that shows no signs of running dry for a long time yet, if ever.

The reason why I say ‘if ever,’ is you just have to look at the bookmakers and all their regular offers, there is the William Hill free spins, or the Bet365 £50.00 free bet, just to name a couple off the top of my head.

The reason we keep getting these offers is because the bookmakers are fighting over our business, so they are going to keep throwing these offers at us for some time yet.

Now imagine having all these bookmakers, spread betting, casinos, bingo offers, etc, all in one place, and how much money could be made…..well, they are all in one place, in Mike Cruickshank’s Profit Maximiser service.

For anybody in any doubt about exactly what Profit Maximiser is, it is Mike Cruickshank using all these offers, and showing you how to potentially make a living from them.

And all of these offers are in video format. I’ve included one of Mike Cruickshank’s videos below so you can see for yourself how accurate and precise his work is. In this video Mike shows you how to claim a £25.00 free bet from BetVictor to place on a treble.

Just to clarify things, the offer seen in this video is now finished. I am using this video to give you an idea of the quality of Mike’s excellent work and to show you what you can expect to receive from Profit Maximiser. For this offer you needed to place a £25.00 treble to get the £25.00 free bet, and this video shows you exactly how to get the £25.00 free bet, without losing £25.00 in the process.

In Mike’s new Profit Maximiser service, all of the offers are in this sort of video format. And there is that many offers currently available you are pretty much guaranteed to get your subscription money back in 2 to 3 days.

If you have any doubts about the service, there is a 30 day money back guarantee with Profit Maximiser. This makes it a bit of a no brainer really – as this means you can buy it, try it out, and if you don’t like it, just get your money back. You can effectively use it for free for 30 days.