Adrian Bevington emerges at last

After been virtually invisable over the last week during Fabio Capello’s latest PR Gaffes, ‘Club England’ managing director, Adrian Bevington finally emerged to appear on BBC Radio 5 Live Sportsweek’s programme over the weekend to claim that the next England manager will be English.

His quote “I think the English team should be managed by an English manager,” appeared to be a future generalization rather than a direct threat to Fabio Capello’s job. Although, after the week Capello has just had, the future, could be sooner rather than later.

I don’t want to be seen as a typical FA basher, as I’m not one. But there does appear to be eliments of the press and media out there that blames the FA for taxes and bad weather, etc, and sometimes you can see why. Personally, considering their remit – to cover football from local Sunday league level, right up to the England team – I don’t think they do that bad a job.

The problem they seem to have is seperating the professional side of the game, from the amateur side. This whole idea of creating ‘Club England’ to keep it apart from general duties would be good one if it was run properly and professionally, but the problem is that it appears to not be run professionally.

Bevington was invisable last week during the Beckham furore. This is also not the only time recently that ‘Club England’ seem to have disappeared.

Where were they during the whole issue of the embarrassing Capello index? Also, why was Capello allowed to engage in public haggling over his new contract in the build up to the world cup, when he had stated none of his players were to do this?

And then get his contract as well. Who’s fault that is, is a debate in itself.

Then we had the lack of direction after the world cup fiasco when Sir Dave Richards stated he wanted two weeks to decide if he wanted to keep Capello, while the shameless Italian pissed off on a seemingly never ending holiday.

Then it was announced – coincidently the day after Roy Hodgson took the Liverpool job – that Capello would stay on as England manager. Another example of lack of direction.

All this is just basic stuff. This isn’t going anywhere near the real issues of developing young talent and a coaching system for the future, all duties that the FA is responsible for. On this evidence the chances of ever creating a system like the Spanish one, or Dutch one, throughout the Premier League is light years away.

At the moment the FA are residing over a great football stadium with no pitch. An England manager that can’t even communicate in English, with no people skills, who conned them into giving him a new ‘money-for-old-rope’ contract, with a potential £12 million payout to get rid of him.

They have Dave Richards involved who apparently presided over Capello’s contract fiasco. Sir Trevor Brooking, who dosen’t seem capable of getting any of his ideas taken seriously or on board.

They have a Prince as their diplomatic figurehead who rarely shows his face, most English football fans would probably be surprised to find out he has anything to do with the FA. One year he couldn’t even be bothered to turn up for the FA cup final. And he has also been invisable in the 2018 campaign, they might as well give David Beckham his job, he has already shown more commitment to the cause.

This simply isn’t good enough. So come on FA, pull your fingers out and get this sorted, or step aside and let someone more suited do the job have a go.

FA receive 2018 bid boost

And from Jack Warner of all people as well. Warner, is widly regarded to not be the biggest fan of English football, so when an endorsement like that comes from him you must be doing something right.

He said that the FA had handled the Triesman affair properly by getting his immeadiate resignation.

Warner has previously warned England that their bid was falling behind others during a time in which the bid team seemed to be involved in a string of internal arguments and public resignations.

This latest statement from Warner must send out a clear message to the FA that they still have a great chance of pulling off, winning the race for 2018.

If you didn’t know better, he might give you the idea that he actually wants us to win!

In a further boost to the FA’s chances, Australia pulled out of the 2018 race, to instead concentrate on 2022. Apparently the FFA (Football Federation Australia) believe that Fifa want the 2018 tournament to be held in Europe.

It’s amazing how these things arise, the smoke signals out of Fifa must be visable for miles. What chance that the USA might now follow suit?

You would have to imagine the Aussies are well pleased at learning this news at this late stage of the bidding process!

Sugar at the FA?

It was interesting to hear Lord Alan Sugar throw his hat into the ring to become the new chairman of the FA in the wake of Lord Triesmans unceremonial departure.

Sugar revealed some interesting views on the game as a whole during a radio interview I heard. One such thing he said, was that he would like to see the way referees are spoken too changed, that not enough respect is shown to them.

He also claimed that one such manager sends his team out to deliberately intimidate referees, I wonder which Scotsman residing in the North West for the last 20 years plus, he might have been referring too?

On the whole Sugar would seem to be a resonable candidate. A straight talking man of experience, both in football and business, would seem the ideal man needed to shake things up at the FA.

Therein lies the real problem though. Appointing Sugar as the head of the FA is the equivalent of turkeys voting for Christmas, I just can’t see it happening.

Can anyone truely see all the committees and old chaps that seem to exsist at, and continually hold back the FA, voting for a man that would probably boot them all out at the first opportunity and reform the whole organization?

Sadly I can’t either!

Triesman Farce

The FA have shown themselves to be decisive in acting quickly to remove Lord Triesman from both his roles as chairman of the FA, and of England’s 2018 World Cup bid team.

In a bid to distance themselves from the remarks, the FA will hope that the hasty removal of Triesman will show Fifa that his views are not the same views held within the FA.

It is already a massive exercise in damage limitation, and in fairness to the FA, in the aftermath of the newspaper article they seem to have done as much as they can.

As far as I’m aware, Triesman is yet to withdraw the remarks, preferring instead to call it “speculation circulating about conspiracies in world football”.

It does though, sound hard to believe that Spain would be looking for help from the Russians to try and bribe referees during the upcoming World Cup, apparently in exchange for votes in the December ballot to decide who hosts the 2018 World Cup.

Although the FA could never publicly admit it, they must hope that these remarks are viewed to be the ramblings of a desperate old man trying to impress a young girl, remarks that can’t be taken seriously and shouldn’t be a massive deciding factor in the committees final decision.

But lets not get too carried away with all the doom and gloom, afterall, on paper it is still a strong bid, and there is also a lot that can happen in six months. Hopefully by the time the final decision is taken, this affair will be long forgotten and the decision will be based purely on merit.

It is now time for the FA to bring out the big guns, the likes of David Beckham, Lord Coe, Sir Bobby Charlton etc, to try and rescue the bid.

The FA now need to pull out all the stops, they need to really try and charm the Fifa executive committee. Why not get Prince William involved? Where is he, and what role could he play?

Why have him as the President of the FA if he is not prepared to get involved?

Another possible positive to take out of this mess is the total removal of Triesman from the FA as a whole. Speaking on national radio earlier in the week, Max Clifford suggested that not too many people at the FA will be disappointed to see the back of Triesman.

And after two World Cups in what could be classed as risky venues, in South Africa and Brazil, it is hoped within the FA that Fifa will be looking for a safe pair of hands with England for 2018.

Although the outcome of 2010 in South Africa could still be a factor, if it is a resounding success, Fifa might not be looking for the safety net of England in 2018.

The English usually start these sort of processes behind everyone else by virtue of the fact that we are English. Not everybody is a fan of the English attitude, we’re the home of football, or The FA, rather than the English FA, etc.

So in effect the FA are back at square one again.