The Mike Parry and Robbie Savage Double Act

I finally got to listen to Mike Parry and Robbie Savage doing the 606 phone in on 5 Live tonight. I think it would be fair to say it was typical barmy Parry with him provoking the listeners with his usual brand of chaos.

He started the show telling a woman to not bother getting married and did his best to ensure he can never go to another Millwall game again by continually saying they ruined the FA cup the year they made the final.

His stance that the FA cup should be seeded was probably just Parry using his tried and tested technique of winding the listeners up and provoking a reaction.

At times I don’t think Robbie Savage knew what to make of it all. Savage spent his whole career winding fans and opposing players up, tonight he got a taste of his own medicine with Mike Parry managing to wind him and everyone else up in a way only Parry could.

Parry’s legendary contradictions were highlighted in the row about seedings when he was asked who should be seeded higher if West Brom where 7th and Liverpool 3rd bottom. Savage didn’t know what Parry was talking about, I couldn’t work it out and I’m sure Parry wasn’t sure either.

I also heard 2 callers calling Mike, Alan. I’m assuming they thought Alan Parry, rather than Alan Green. It just summed up the confusion and chaos that Parry brought to proceedings.

The most remarkable thing was that at times Savage was the man bringing sanity to the show, he continually had to be the peacemaker and get involved in rows between Parry and the listeners.

It was typical Parry and in it’s own way was an entertaing show, the two of them clicked and made a good combination. One thing it certainly proved to be – was far more entertaining than Keys and Gray’s show on Talksport.

Mike ‘Porky’ Parry on 5 Live 606 Phone In

How did he do folks? I totally forgot it was on and missed it.

Mike Parry and Robbie Savage sounds like a combination with plenty of potential for some funny incidents. I can imagine Parry wouldn’t be coming out with his infamous lines like ‘wing mirrors on horses’ and ‘man eventually running the 100 meters in less than a second,’ but I’m sure a man of his talents would adapt to the situation and still present a humorous show.

At the moment the BBC rather helpfully doesn’t have it currently available on it’s iPlayer service, I will keep an eye out and see if it changes and hopefully have a listen later.