Profit Maximiser Bingo Offers

I’ve been subscribing to the Profit Maximiser service for a few weeks now, and so far I have been working my way through the pre loaded Bookmakers free bets and sign up bonuses, and the risk free Casino spins.

The Bookmakers free bets and risk free Casino spins have paid for my subscription (of £97.00+VAT) and have made me a lot more on top, and I still have quite a few bookies free bets to use yet, as well as all the sign up bonuses (I have just started the NetBet £100.00 one).

There is well over £500.00 in Free Bets to cash in, and there is also over £300.00 in sign up bonuses to take advantage off (which take a bit longer, but are well worth the investment in time).

It’s pretty easy to make 60% risk free profit from a free bet (ie, £30 profit from a £50 Free Bet), so it doesn’t take a genius to work out the sort of money that you can make. And these offers aren’t your conventional bookies, like Hills, Ladbrokes, etc, they are more obscure ones that have been sourced by Profit Maximiser (don’t get me wrong, you can find these yourself).

The thing that has caught my eye the most though, and is going to possibly take me ages to work my way through – is the Profit Maximiser Bingo list.

There is 80 Bingo sites all offering free money.

The sheer amount of money that could be made here is staggering, and because it is recommended that you complete one offer before you start the next one, you can start cashing in these offers from a betting bank containing as little as £20.00 – £30.00. You might even manage to get away with only needing a tenner to start with!

Most of the Bingo sites only require a £10.00 Deposit, and from that you get a free cash bonus of between £10.00 and £30.00. So if you start off using the £10.00 Deposit Bingo sites, you should generate enough money from them to gradually build up your trading bank and work your way through all the Bingo sites, eventually to the ones requiring larger deposits.

As there is 80 Bingo sites, the deposits amounts do vary. The majority are deposit £10.00 and get £20.00 or £30.00 free, but (as I eluded too in the above paragraph) there are some that require £50.00 and £100.00 deposits, and they obviously come with far bigger cash bonuses. So I am going to do them after I have completed the £10.00 deposit sign ups.

As you can imagine with 80 sites to work your way through, there are varying amounts of deposit and bonus amounts. Some require £50.00 deposits, and give you a £50.00 bonus, while some are £30.00 deposits for £60.00 bonuses, it really does vary.

One thing that is for certain, and that is that with Profit Maximiser there is literally hundreds and maybe even thousands of pounds (I’m well on the way to four figures) to be made from these offers.

There is videos showing you how to navigate the sites and get your money back out, so if (like me at first) you are unfamiliar with Bingo sites, don’t worry, as these are a great help.