Pre Match Trading – Latest Video

After last weeks break for the FA Cup, the Premier League is back this weekend, so I thought what better time to show you the latest video from the guys (Ads and Emo) over at Pre Match Trading.

As well as no doubt making plenty of money using their system over the New Year period, Ads and Emo have also put together a new video. This is about what to do with any profits you make pre match. It is nearly 10 minutes long, and it looks in more detail at whether to green out pre kick off, or whether to use your profits for an in-play trade, or bet.

You may like in-play betting or trading, or you may like to have a bet on a live TV match. This video shows you how you could possibly do this without actually risking any money, as you would be using the profits already made from pre match trades….effectively betting for free on football.

For more information, or to join Pre Match Trading, just follow this link.

Please note; Even if you are a football trader, Pre Match Trading may not be for you, but it is worth a look as what you can learn about trading from the system is invaluable in my opinion.

Even if you only subscribe for the minimum 2 weeks, it is worth it from a learning perspective – more information can be found, in my Pre Match Trading Review.

A Must Watch Prematchtrading Video

If you are thinking of joining Prematchtrading, I would strongly recommend watching the below video first.

Chances are – if you are anything like me – you will get the system on Saturday, then go off and watch the videos, and then find you have missed the first days trading. And you will also have basically chucked the main day of a week’s subscription down the pan.

I found this video very helpful, although it doesn’t claim to be a start up video, it kind of seems like one.

It’s actually well worth watching as many of the available videos as you can before you purchase the system. Although the system isn’t hard to work, I found when looking at the some of the screens I didn’t totally understand exactly what some of the stats and figures were telling me. One watch of the above video (I actually learnt what I wasn’t sure about in the first 5 minutes) and I was off and running.

You may need to play around with the system a bit to learn it, but watching the videos will give you a bit of a head start. And if you still don’t totally get it after you have joined and watched the video, I have found that there is nearly always one of the systems operators in the chat room – at peak trading times – who can be asked.

Don’t forget the guys at Prematchtrading are offering a season long discount if you purchase before the end of August. If you wish to purchase the system for the whole of the football season (until the end of May), you can do so for £219.00. When you consider it costs £106.00 for 3 months, the season long offer looks a great deal.