Paddy Crerand on Talksport

The performance of Paddy Crerand on Richard Keys and Andy Gray’s Talksport programme earlier today was totally mad.

It sounded like he had been drinking, it was remarkable. The interview was funny, entertaining, barmy and outright ridiculous at times.

His claims were outrageous, he claimed there is an agenda against Manchester United within the FA – and that it has been going on for years, he claimed that there is a lot of jealously out there towards United, that it’s only not acceptable to swear if you play for Manchester United and most remarkably of all, that he had it on good authority from within the club that Wayne Rooney was swearing at the cameraman for asking him to kiss the camera, and not swearing down the lens.

It was some of the most biased rubbish I’ve heard in years, and all this from a grown man. It was madness.

The point made to Crerand, that maybe Crouch should also get done for swearing after his goal on Saturday was a fair one, and the FA have made a rod for their own backs by charging Rooney.

Rather than claiming that the FA are run by a biased Manchester City fan, and that they have had, and still have a conspiracy against Manchester United, surely it would have been far more rational for him to simply just accuse them of double standards or inconsistency? The usual FA staple.

Going by Crerand’s logic of lunacy, the current FA chairman – David Bernstein, is the latest in a long line of FA hieracy to have it in for Manchester United. As he has only been there for about 3-4 months, if the conspiracy has been going on for years against United, then all previous chairmen for some time have been United haters.

Likely? I think not.

But the madest rant of the lot was his ‘Wayne Rooney was only having a go at the cameraman line.’ What!

Someone in the club apparently told him this. Does Crerand think we are all fools?

I never heard him say anything about Alex Ferguson’s disgraceful remarks about Lee Mason last week, what a surprise.

Crerand is clearly a deluded fan who can’t seperate club bias from reality. His rant today was childish and immature in my view, it was also bloody funny and entertaining, but for a grown man to say some of the stuff he come out with was embarrassing.