A successful season for Manchester City

Victory in the FA Cup and a top 4 finish, despite spending all the money they have I’d still class that as a decent first full season for Roberto Mancini and his Manchester City side.

I’m slowing warming to Mancini, at the start of the season I thought he would struggle to make it to the end still in a job. I thought he treated Craig Bellamy badly and that the Welshman had more chance of being at Eastlands for the start of the 2011/12 season.

I still think he is perhaps too negative and this could have an impact on City’s chances of eventually winning the title under him, but he is certainly taking City in the right direction. And who knows, this could be part of his game plan and we could be treated to a more expansive City next season.

I also like his attitude towards the players, in telling Carlos Tevez to effectively shut up or put up, he is showing that no one man is bigger than the club or the project they are undertaking.

Expectations will have gone up for next season, I’d imagine that Mancini will have to improve on this seasons league position and his team will probably be expected to be a real contender for the league title.

God knows who will come through the door this summer now, but one thing for sure is they’ll all be world class performers.

Magnificent Spurs

Another magnificent performance from Spurs has put them in pole position for the 4th champions league spot and has reopened the championship title race.

Their 2-1 win over Chelsea, coupled with Man City’s 1-0 defeat to Man Utd has seen Spurs go 4th with a 2 point gap to nearest rivals, Man City.

It also puts Man Utd just a point behind Chelsea and in with a chance of putting pressure on their title rivals, Alex Ferguson owes his old mate Harry Redknapp a drink or two for this one.

On these showings, if Spurs get 4th place, you’d have to say that they have well and truely earned it. After last weekend’s results when Man City thrashed Birmingham 5-1, Spurs were 4 points behind City (with a game in hand) with fixtures against Arsenal and Chelsea looming, their prospects didn’t look good.

Spurs have now proved to everyone that they are capable of mixing it with the big teams, and Saturday’s results has nicely set up the Man City V Spurs game from Eastlands on 5th May as potentially the decider for 4th place.

Chelsea are still favourites for the title at a best price of 8/11 with Sky Bet. Manchester United can be backed at 11/8 with Sky Bet, William Hill, Totesport and Bet365.

Spurs are now 8/11 for 4th with William Hill, Man City are 6/5 with the same firm.

Idiot Gary Cook’s latest rant!

Manchester City’s, Gary Cook did his best to upset the football world a bit more with his latest outburst, this time he modestly claimed at a New York fans forum that “This football club is, without doubt, going to be the biggest and best football club in the world.”

Did he mean to say Manchester United again? Maybe he got mixed up.

Maybe City will be the biggest and best one day. But is it really that clever to be going around shouting your mouth off before you have actually achieved anything?

Another point that might be lost on Cook, is that at this rate he may well be long gone from the club when they do achieve this greatness.

Gary Neville a ‘boot licker’ and a ‘moron’

Just what is it with Gary Neville?

For a senior pro who should know better he dosen’t half get involved in some stupid incidents. I’m sure both the FA and Greater Manchester Police are delighted with his latest contribution in the art of trying to blow the lid off a potential tinder box.

Does Neville think sucking up to Ferguson in this manner will get him a new contract?

Not to say that Carlos Tevez isn’t playing his part in proceedings. He didn’t really need to go on Argentine radio and say what he did. Surely a dignified silence, letting his football do the talking (which it did) would have been the better option.

Instead the Police and the FA are bracing themselves for what was already a potentially explosive encounter on Wednesday night, with the intensity further cranked up due to the actions of these pair of idiots.

At least an element of common sense has emerged with Roberto Mancini telling Tevez to put an end to it, Alex Ferguson carried out his usual services to the ‘good of football on the whole’ by opting to not give a shit.

Gary Neville Idiot

Looking at the bigger picture from Neville’s point of view. Was it really that wise to wind up Tevez in this manner on the eve of a big match?

Will the fans thank him for this? I doubt it.

He was warned about his future conduct as recently as last September over the way he celebrated in the league game against City, and was also guilty of a similar incident in 2006 in front of Liverpool fans.

One thing he does have in common with his manager, is that both seem to be immune from FA punishment.