Ferguson charged again by FA

I was as surprised as anyone to hear that Sir Alex Ferguson had been charged again by the FA on Friday for daring to discuss a match official prior to the Manchester United V Chelsea game last week.

I’m the first person to have a moan on here when I think Ferguson is allowed to get away with things, but even I have to say that this a fight the FA didn’t really need to pick.

This seems to come in the catergory of using a sledgehammer to crack a nut, did the FA really need to do it?

But let’s be honest here, Harry Redknapp can continue his crusade to fight Fergie’s corner all he likes, but Ferguson knew what he was doing when he said “We are getting the best referee, there is no doubt about that. We have the players to do it all right. We just hope it’s our turn for a little bit of luck,” last weekend.

“We just hope it’s our turn for a little bit of luck,” that’s the line for me, that is a clear message from Ferguson for Howard Webb in my opinion.

I wasn’t aware that there is a clear directive that managers are not allowed to discuss the referee prior to a game, and I actually agree with the rule.

Ferguson was actually a victim of this himself in the FA cup semi-final in 2009, when David Moyes questioned Mike Riley’s appointment and was rewarded by seeing Riley turn down a blatent United penalty. You could say Fergie got shot with his own gun.

But I do think this latest charge is a bit over the top, the game passed by with no major problems and everyone accepted the outcome without any argument about Howard Webb’s performance.

Maybe the FA could have used a bit of common sense and perhaps just let Ferguson know that they were aware of his comments, rather than taking this course of action.

Don’t blame Howard Webb

Blame the Dutch, and their pathetic coach Bert van Marwijk for ruining Sunday nights World Cup Final.

“I don’t think the referee controlled the match well,” said Van Marwijk. What is he on about?

Is he criticizing Webb for not sending off enough of his Dutch side? I somehow doubt it!

What he is probably saying is that it’s Webb’s fault that his side lost, that it’s Webb’s fault that his team kicked lumps out of the opposition.

In an act of deflecting attention away that Alex Ferguson would have been proud off, Van Marwijk is just using Webb as a scapgoat for his disgraceful tactics, they didn’t work and thankfully Holland lost.

So get over it Bert, and stop being a bad loser.

Arjen Robben also blamed Webb, apparently it was the referee’s fault that he missed his two one-on-ones with the keeper, and bottled his chance to win the world cup for Holland. Shame.

It is easy and a cheap shot for people like Johan Cruyff to say Webb should have sent off two Dutch players in the first half, and for Guillem Balague to make the outrageous claim that Webb should have sent off four players, including Carlos Puyol.

What would they be saying if Webb had done this? That the referee wanted to be the centre of attention, that he ruined the game.

Howard Webb did well in my view, I thought it on the night, and on reflection my opinion hasn’t changed.