4 Match Ban for Gattuso

Carry on behaving like animals out on the football field lads, because UEFA sure aren’t going to do anything about it.

Why did UEFA’s Control and Disciplinary body even bother to sit in judgement on this? What a joke.

They described the incident as an ‘assault’ on the UEFA website and then hand down this measly ban. A futher massive coincidence sees Gattuso now available to play in the final, should AC Milan make it there.

So if Milan do make it, for your cheap £176.00 ticket you will get too see a man lucky not to be on a police charge playing in UEFA’s show piece event.

My opinion on this incident isn’t based on the fact that this is an Italian assaulting a member of an English club, it is based on the rights and wrongs of football (or incidents that happen on or around a football field).

If it was a member of the Spurs side that had done this, I would be calling for a lengthy ban for him too. Nationality has nothing too do with it.

This is one of the reasons why we see no discipline on the football field. Weak leadership right from the top. Referees are regularly hung out to dry and this sums it up.

UEFA had a great chance to show that this kind of behaviour will no longer be tollerated and they backed down.

They can issue all the directives in the world to referees, but outcomes like this today just goes to prove that they don’t back the refs at all. It’s just all talk.

What did Joe Jordan say to Gattuso?

Gattuso’s agent came out on Wednesday claiming that Joe Jordan had apparently called Gattuso a “f—ing Italian bastard.”

Now Joe has hit back claiming that “It’s pathetic”. Jordan claimed that “It’s just a nonsense, it really is. It’s a figment of his imagination and, I have to say, not a great imagination, at that. If he wanted to try and explain his behaviour, you would have thought he might have come up with something better than that.”

“It’s pathetic. Completely and utterly untrue and quite pathetic. He will have to address his conduct overall, and account for himself to UEFA, but the allegation he has made is something else. I’m not having that, because Italy has played an important part in my life and will continue to.”

Jordan also pointed out that his daughter currently lives and works in Italy and that his playing time in Italy “was the most rewarding experience of my career.”

Jordan seems to be basing his defence on his Italian links, while not going as far as to tell us what really was said before the two of them. It does seem strange though, that someone with Italian links like Jordan has, would be so stupid as to make any sort of anti-Italian remark.

As far as I know there has been no smoking-gun, lip reading evidence of any such remarks from Jordan, so it would appear to be one mans word against the others. Although you would have to imagine if it had been shouted, someone, somewhere would have heard it.

Harry Rednapp said of the butting incident, that Gattuso hadn’t done his homework on Joe. It might appear that Gattuso’s apparent lack of research on Jordan might have caught him out again.