Free Bets For Existing Customers

As well as giving free bets to new customers, online bookmakers will also offer free bets to existing customers these days. This is nothing new, I have heard of this many times in the past, but from my own personal experiences it is getting more and more common.

Bet365 – Over the last year, I’ve had a £50.00 free bet for existing customers from Bet365 on average once every month to two. Bet365 usually do it when a big TV match comes around. You need to have a £50.00 bet on the match pre kick off, and then Bet365 will give you a £50.00 free bet in running. It is an easy way to make upwards of £30.00 from matched betting.

As well as the regular £50.00 free bet, Bet365 also offer new account sign ups £200.00 in free bets.

Paddy Power – I’ve had two free bet offers since the start of March, one for £25.00 on football, and one for £10.00 on horse racing – the horse racing one, just last week during the Grand National meeting at Aintree.

Paddy Power also offer regular money back specials, and there is a £30.00 in free bets for new Paddy Power customers.

I have a few quid sitting in my Paddy Power account, and I very rarely use it (as I do most of my football gambling on Betfair). So once in a while Paddy Power will offer me a free bet in an attempt to kick start me in to using their services again. Technically speaking this is a free bet for an existing customer, but it is a person specific one.

The Bet365 free bets for existing customers go a step further, as they are open to all new and all existing customers (unless your account has been limited).

It’s worth having online bookmakers accounts with Bet365 and Paddy Power just for these reasons alone, never mind the sign up offers. It’s also worth opening as many online bookmakers account as possible, for the reasons above.

As well as this, you will need a betting exchange account if you wish to make money from these free bets using the matched betting method, and there has never been a better time than now to open a Betdaq account.

Betdaq are currently on a promotional charge since they were bought out by Ladbrokes, and they are currently offering up to £200.00 in free bets, based on acquiring commission. You can open a Betdaq account here…