This weekend’s football betting systems match prospects

Only five Premier League matches this weekend, due to FA Cup matches also being played. The five fixtures are as follows…….

Norwich V Man City (Sat 12.45pm)
Bournemouth V Swansea (Sat 3pm)
Stoke V Southampton (Sat 3pm)
Aston Villa V Tottenham (Sun 4pm)
Leicester V Newcastle (Mon 8pm)

Of these matches, there is the possibility of a one sided hiding in the Man City and Tottenham matches, which rules them out of using the Assured Soccer Profits (ASP) system. Although Leicester are at home to Newcastle on Monday, and on paper that looks like a comfortable home win, I do believe that this match looks a good call to use on the ASP system.

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Leicester haven’t really put anybody to the sword at home this season, most of their wins have been low scoring affairs, which is ideal for the Assured Soccer Profits betting system. It’s a similar prospect with the Bournemouth V Swansea and Stoke V Southampton matches, they both have the look of 1-0, 1-1, 2-0, 2-1 type score lines, which suit the ASP system.

To sum up, if you are thinking of using the ASP system this weekend, I would leave the Norwich V Man City and Villa V Spurs matches alone. While the matches I would consider trading using the ASP system are at Bournemouth, Stoke and Leicester.

Moving onto accumulator system offers, and there are plenty of matches to choose from in your selections this weekend. If you are considering using the Accumulator Generator technique that requires lots of low odds teams for your acca, then there are a good few teams you can use this weekend.

There is Rangers at 2/9 (Fri), Celtic 2/5 (Sat), Barcelona at 1/16 (Sat), Bayern Munich 1/8 (Sat), Atletic Madrid 1/4 (Sat). All of these are the sort of prices that can work in Lay All At Once technique, but as you need matches to actually lose to make money in this technique, it’s hard to see this paying this week. Trying to claim the free bets using the acca insurance offers might make more sense this weekend.

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Accumulator Generator is a football betting system that makes money from various backing and laying techniques on football accumulator bets. It is one of the many of Mike Cruickshanks Betting Products that all make risk free money.

Other systems from Mike Cruickshank include Profit Maximiser and Bonus Bagging, they all come with money back guarantees, allowing you to try them out risk free. They are worth it, and I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Plenty of Accumulator Generator profit chances this weekend

If you are looking to make money from football betting, then there are not many better methods than using Mike Cruickshank’s Accumulator Generator System.

Accumulator Generator is a football betting system that works. It makes risk free money from football accumulator bets, and start of a footballing weekend is the best time to using this service.

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A lot matches are not played at 3pm on a Saturday afternoon these days, and these matches are the ones we need to include in our acca bets to help make money using the system.

For example, there is a match involving Celtic tonight, and a Championship match between Hull and Sheffield Wednesday taking place, giving us the ideal chance to get our acca bets up and running before a ball is even kicked on Saturday.

This means we can have our acca bet settled and cashed in by Saturday evening, allowing us to start the whole process over again on Saturday evening, and throughout Sunday.

As well as that, with that many bookmakers offering acca bonuses, including enhanced winnings, and money back if you miss by one, the opportunities to make money using the Accumulator Generator betting system are endless.

Accumulator Generator makes guaranteed profits. You don’t need any real football betting experience to use it, and you can start off by placing bets at as little as £5.00.

There is no real predicting needed to make money. You just need to be able to follow the simple instructions set out in the process, all provided in the step by step process the system takes you through.

If you’re unsure about whether Accumulator Generator is for you, you will be pleased to know it comes with a 30 Days no questions asked money back guarantee. This gives you the chance to test it out, and if it’s not for you, simply ask for your money back.

During the 30 days, Accumulator Generator should have made you some money, that will obviously also be yours to keep.

Accumulator Generator Midweek Matches

There’s another massive programme of European action ahead with both the Champions League, and Europa League, bringing us plenty of matches for our midweek acca coupons.

In total there is 4 Champions League matches being played across Tuesday and Wednesday (all the new account offers for the Champions League and Europa League can be found here). With a further 16 Europa League matches taking place, with Braga taking on Sion on Wednesday, followed by the other 15 fixtures on Thursday.

Unfortunately, not all acca insurance offers extend to matches beyond the major competitions, so it’s good to know that with a full programme of Champions League, and Europa League fixtures, we can get acca insurance on our midweek bets at just about all the main bookmakers.

Another reason why midweek European football is good for acca insurance, is because it gives us a great chance to make risk free money from football betting systems like Accumulator Generator.

One of the main techniques for making risk free cash using the Accumulator Generator system, is by getting the free bet refunds from acca insurance offers (money back if you miss by one).

To do this, you need to place a staggered acca bet, so a period when matches are played at different times is ideal for this (ie, three nights of European action).

Accumulator Generator is one of the many excellent Mike Cruickshank Betting Products, and is his latest offering, complementing previous systems such as Profit Maximiser and Bonus Bagging.

Accumulator Generator is a football betting system that makes money from acca bets, and so is ideal for football betting punters. Acca bets aren’t the easiest bets to understand, so although knowledge isn’t essential (as the systems walks you through the process), it certainly does help.

If you’re not familiar with football acca bets, then you will be pleased to know that Accumulator Generator is set up in a way to help you, by walking you through the whole process, and showing you what to do.

It also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, effectively allowing you to try it out risk free. This weeks’ European fixtures are as follows…………

Champions League (Tuesday)

Juventus V Bayern Munich
Arsenal V Barcelona

Champions League (Wednesday)

PSV V Atletico Madrid
Dynamo Kiev V Man City

Europa League (Wednesday)

Braga V Sion

Europa League (Thursday)

Lokomotiv Moscow V Fenerbahce
Athletic Bilbao V Marseille
Bayer Leverkusen V Sporting Lisbon
FK Krasnodar V Sparta Prague
Lazio V Galatasaray
Liverpool V Augsburg
Rapid Vienna V Valencia
Schalke 04 V Shakhtar Donetsk
Basel V St Etienne
Man Utd V FC Midtjylland
Molde V Sevilla
Napoli V Villarreal
Olympiakos V Anderlecht
Porto V Dortmund
Tottenham V Fiorentina