More England Contradictions

It seems not everyone in the England camp is singing from the same hymn sheet. On Saturday night Fabio Crapello (as he is now officially known on this website) said that the reason England struggled against Switzerland was because they were all too tired.

Since then John Terry has come out and said tiredness wasn’t the reason, and now Stuart Pearce has also come out and said he would never accept tiredness as an excuse (the very excuse his boss gave).

I’m don’t think for a minute that both men have gone out of their way to undermine Crapello, but this surely just goes to show how there is a serious lack of communication in the England camp.

This isn’t even a lost in translation issue, it’s just plain and simple talking too each other. If Crapello, his captain and one of his coaches can’t communicate with each other, then what chance have we got?