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What went wrong for England in 2010 World Cup 0

What went wrong for England?

Fabio Capello’s England team got thrashed by Germany in the World Cup, so what exactly went wrong for England? The inquest has well and truly started into England’s embarrassing capitulation against Germany yesterday. All...

Fabio Capello 2010 World Cup 0

Is Capello really worse than Sven?

Is Fabio Capello really a worse England manager than Sven Goran Eriksson? That is the question I’m trying to get my head around. Fabio Capello has led the charmed life, until now! The backlash...

Bobby Zamora 0

Fabio, it’s time for Zamora

I’ve finally come round to the conclusion that it is time for Fabio Capello to have a look at Bobby Zamora in the England team. In fact I would go further than that and...