Wenger dilemma

The news that apparently Cesc Fabregas has told Arsene Wenger that he wishes to return to his boyhood club Barcelona, should really come as no surprise to anyone.

It is though, a right slap in the face for Wenger and his plan to build a title winning team around Fabregas, and it could also be said that it is a vote of no confidence in Wenger from Cesc.

For Wenger now, the years of building for the future without investing in the team are coming home too roost, not even an FA Cup or League Cup to show for all his efforts.

I am not in anyway saying that Wenger’s policy is wrong, it is admirable, and it’s a shame a few others don’t follow his lead. It clearly isn’t enough for Fabregas though.

It goes without saying that Fabregas would one day want to return to Barcelona, if Arsenal where regularly competing for top honours would it be this soon though?

In order to now save face, Arsene Wenger will need to dictate terms to Barcelona, he would have to demand silly money or an up and coming player plus cash, otherwise Arsenal are going to start to look like Barca’s feeding club.

A Barca reject and a few million isn’t enough. Wenger needs to play hardball with Cesc, and make it clear he’s not leaving on the cheap.

He has to also send the same message to Barcelona. Arsenal can’t be seen to being bullied by Fabregas and Barca into letting the player go cheap.

If Barcelona really want him, they should offer £30-40 Million, not £15 and reject Yaya Toure.

Wenger no fan of La Liga

Arsene Wenger’s veiled threat to Cesc Fabregas that going to Barcelona would be a backwards step, will surely not be too well recieved in Catalunya.

Wenger said that the Spanish league isn’t competitive as the the 3rd place team is 24 points behind (the leaders). Although he did go on to admit that they “have two good teams”, which was big of him, considering one of those “good teams” recently made his side look very average.

Whatever the strengths or weaknesses of La Liga, it looks like it has it’s appeal to Cesc Fabregas. After all Barcelona is his home City and his former team so why wouldn’t he want to play for them, and who could blame him.

Fabregas is still only a young man (22), and Barcelona have a young side who look set to dominate world football for a long time to come, imagine the success he could have with them.

Couple that with the lack of success at the Emirates Stadium and it’s not hard to see why Wenger is clearly rattled. For Wenger to make such remarks says to me that he is worried that Fabregas wants a move back home.

Could this be the catalyst to make Wenger at last invest in his team? Who knows. It is admirable the way he gives youth a chance and promotes players from within. But at the same time the professional footballer is a selfish beast and Fabregas will know that he can’t go on waiting forever for Wenger’s youth policy to deliver a title.

To insult La Liga might not endear him to Fabregas much either, it looks the kind of style of football that would suit him.

It is arguable that the technical side of football in Spain is far superior to England. As it also said that the Premier League is far more exciting and competitive.

Whatever the truth of those arguments, if Wenger wants to keep Fabregas I would imagine he will need to prove it to him this summer in the transfer market.