Live NBA Streaming on Bet365

You may or may not be aware, but anyone who has a funded Bet365 account (basically you need money in an active account) is able to watch loads of live Sport streamed live through their website for free.

Mainstream football from the German Bundesliga, Australian A-League, Dutch Eredivisie, Ligue 1 from France, and Serie A from Italy, are available to watch on a weekly basis.

To add to this, from tonight (29th October), it will now be possible to watch this season’s NBA Championship on Bet365 if you live in the UK, Republic of Ireland & Denmark.

The reigning champions Miami Heat take on the Chicago Bulls in the season opener at the American Airlines Arena. The Heat are favourites for the championship at 2/1, and the Bulls can be backed at 7/1 (they have been backed in from 9/1 over the last couple of weeks).

Lebron James will be looking for an amazing third straight (and fifth overall) Most Valuable Player award, and tonight he squares up against Great British hope Loul Deng in a mouth watering season opener.

Also tonight, we have the two Los Angeles sides squaring up to each other. The LA Clippers are expected to do the better of the two and can be backed to win the Championship at 11/1, while the LA Lakers are outsiders at 30/1.

The departure of Dwight Howard may have played a part in the Lakers’ current long odds of 30/1, but it might not be the worst thing to happen to them with Pau Gasol looking to express himself and prove that there is life after Howard.

Howard’s arrival at the Houston Rockets sees them at joint fourth favourites at 11/1 (along with the Nets, Spurs and Clippers), in what promises to be another spectacular season of NBA.

Will be back to the football betting next time, I promise ūüôā

As I stated at the start of the article, to watch the NBA or all the football I listed, you will need to have money in your Bet365 account. If you haven’t an account, and wish to open one and also take advantage of a sign up offer worth up to ¬£200.00, you can do so by following this link.

Premier League Betting

Manchester City seem to have come out of the weekend as the big winners in the betting as they now are favourites on their own to be the champions this season.

City were basically neck and neck with Manchester United and Chelsea before a ball was kicked, but their 4-0 demolition of Newcastle United on Monday night seems to have gone down as the most impressive result of the weekend.

From what I seen of the three matches, they all looked like glorified training sessions for the big three. They all won at a canter, and none of them ever looked to be in top gear. I actually though Chelsea looked the most comfortable, but I think their opponents have to be taken into consideration, as Hull – Tigers, or City, or whatever they are – were the weakest of the three opponents.

Ironically enough, Manchester United looked to have the most difficult fixture away at Swansea, and despite winning it 4-1, they now find themselves as third favourites.

At the moment Bet365 have Manchester City at 2.75, Chelsea at 3.00, and Manchester United are 4.00.

For United to drop out to 3/1 third favourites on the back of an impressive 4-1 win at Swansea is surprising and a bit baffling. Then again, if the football gambling community are expecting Wayne Rooney to be sold to Chelsea, that could be a big factor in this price.

It’s difficult placing a league winner bet at the moment. No one knows who will be at Old Trafford at the end of the transfer window, and I believe the odds currently reflect that. The only team that looks to have definitely finished their business is Manchester City, and I see Chelsea only being interested in Rooney.

Another factor why United’s price is longer could be that punters aren’t too impressed with David Moyes (so far).

Moyes seems to have been setting himself up for a fall with his transfer activity. I can’t see what’s going on with the Cesc Fabregas move, all the signs are that Fabregas isn’t going to move, so it’s probably going to look like a second snub after he missed out on Thiago Alcantara who moved to Bayern Munich.

I believe Moyes could be leaving himself open for a right shoeing off the media if United stutter over the coming few weeks. Not only will he get a good kicking over form, but also on missing out on Alcantara and (probably) Fabregas, and his handling of the Rooney situation. Knowing the press, they already have their pens ready.

This is one of the reasons why I find the Fabregas pursuit strange. Surely Fabregas should have been sounded out already? If he hasn’t been, this is a big mistake by Moyes, and will make him look amateurish.

A lot of this sort of business is generally done behind closed doors. Players make it clear they wish to sign before bids are made, I’m not convinced that has been done with Fabregas, while I believe Rooney has made it clear he is happy to sign for Chelsea.

Then again, maybe Fabregas has been sounded out, and he has made it clear he wants to come to United. And Rooney may still be at Old Trafford at the end of the transfer window, and Moyes will have played a blinder. The next 11 days or so will tell us one way or another. And only then do I believe we will see a genuine price on Manchester United.

Confederations Cup – Group A Betting

The last round of fixtures in Group A of the Confederations Cup take place tonight, and with qualification already decided, it’s just final group formalities left to be played for.

Both games are kicking off simultaneously, with Brazil taking on Italy, and Mexico taking on Japan.

Starting with Brazil V Italy, and the bookmakers are pricing it up like this.

Brazil 1.57, Draw 3.75, Italy 6.50

Brazil only need a draw to top the group, and probably avoid Spain in the semi-finals. The Italians might want to try and win this one and avoid Spain, given what the Spanish did to them in the Euro 2012 final.

Brazil have looked a bit edgy so far in this tournament, and given the open brand of football Italy played against Japan, they might fancy going for it against Brazil tonight.

I know it’s not a must win game for either side, but the thought of facing Spain in the semi-finals must be daunting, and worth putting in a shift for tonight.

For anyone expecting another goal feast (like Japan V Italy) in this one, Over 2.5 Goals is 1.8, and Under 2.5 Goals is 2.00.

The other game in Group A sees just a matter of pride to be played for between Japan and Mexico. If they are bothered, the draw favours Mexico, as it will see Japan propping up the group.

Odds – Mexico 2.75, Draw 3.50, Japan 2.40

I thought Japan were excellent against Italy the other night, and should never have lost the match. Having said that, they did lose the match, and that was mainly down to not having the ‘know how’ to get the job done (something the Italians have in abundance).

Dead rubbers are always a risk when it comes to betting. Going on the form of the matches I’ve seen, it’s not hard to see why Japan start as favourite, buts that’s not to say this match will follow that theme. For an alternative bet here, Over 2.5 Goals is again 1.80, while Under 2.5 Goals is 2.00.

As ever, the Bet365 bore draw money back offer applies to both these games. This is where you get your money back on any pre-match bets on one of the Correct Score, Half-Time/Full-Time or Scorecast markets (not all three), if the match finishes 0-0.

The outright betting still sees Spain as favourites, despite the fact they haven’t yet qualified for the semi-finals, and Brazil have. This just further empathises Spain’s dominance.

Confederations Cup Betting

Spain – 2.20
Brazil – 2.37
Italy – 7.00
Uruguay – 15.00
Nigeria – 151.00

Latest Confederations Cup Betting

The second round of matches take place in Group B, in the FIFA Confederations Cup today.

The early kick-off is the mismatch between whoever Spain decide to put out against Tahiti, and the second match is a more interesting one between Uruguay and Nigeria.

Spain start off at an unbackable 1.002 against Tahiti tonight. To clarify that, if I was to put ¬£100.00 on Spain tonight, I would win 20p. I had to look twice at that myself, as I wasn’t sure if it was 1/50, where I would have got ¬£2.00 back on a ¬£100.00 bet…. but it isn’t.

The match odds are, Spain 1.002, Draw 81.00, Tahiti 251.00.

There’s obviously no value there, so other markets could be the way to find a bet on this match.

The second match is far more of a contest, with Uruguay probably (depending on the Spain result) needing to avoid defeat to Nigeria to stay in the competition.

The match odds for this fixture are Nigeria 4.50, Draw 3.50, Uruguay 1.80.

The South Americans are heavy favourites here, and having seen how wasteful and slack Nigeria looked against Tahiti, that’s no real surprise.

Having said that, it’s hard to justify Uruguay being odds on after their pretty dismal performance against Spain at the weekend.

Again, the Bet365 0-0 bore draw refund is available on this match, giving you your money back on all pre-match Correct Score, Half-Time/Full-Time or Scorecast bets, if the match finishes 0-0. I can’t see it being an issue in the Spain game, although I thought it might have had a chance of coming into play in last night’s Italy match!

Onto the outright winner betting, and Japan and Mexico are now out of the tournament after yesterday’s defeats. Despite having already qualified, Brazil now find themselves as second favourites behind Spain on the back of their performance against Mexico.

Last night seen an entertaining match involving Italy, yes the Italians! Their 4-3 hard fought victory over Japan seen the Japanese exit the competition, but it has to be said that they look a fairly decent side who should have at least got a draw from yesterday’s contest.

Confederations Cup Betting

Spain – 2.25
Brazil – 2.37
Italy – 6.50
Uruguay – 17.00
Nigeria – 51.00
Tahiti – 25001.00

Confederations Cup Betting

The FIFA Confederations Cup gets under way in Brazil on Saturday, and thankfully gives us starved football gamblers something to bet on over the next two weeks.

The Confederations Cup is a two week tournament played every four years, in the year prior to the World Cup. It is hosted by the nation staging the World Cup, and is basically a dress rehearsal for the main event.

This year the eight competing nations are made up of Brazil, Spain, Italy, Uruguay, Mexico, Nigeria, Japan and Tahiti. Brazil qualify as hosts, Spain as world cup winners, and the other six are made up of the winners of their own Confederation tournaments (except for Italy, who qualify as European Championship runners-up, as Spain qualify through winning the world cup).

The opening fixture sees Brazil take on Japan. Brazil are 1.28, the draw is 5.25 and Japan are 11. The favourites to win the tournament are also Brazil, they are 2.40, with Spain their nearest rivals at 2.62.

A couple of the Bet365 promotions are applicable for Confederations Cup betting. The usual 0-0 bore draw refunds apply to all pre-match Correct Score, Half-Time/Full-Time or Scorecast bets. Basically, if you have a pre match bet on any of those markets, you will get your money back if it finishes 0-0.

The 100% bonus on your first mobile or tablet bet can also be used on the Confederations Cup. This is where Bet365 will match the first mobile or tablet bet, of both new or existing customers, up to a maximum of £50.00.

To claim your bonus, simply place a qualifying bet on your mobile or tablet of between £1.00 and £50.00, and you will then be entitled to a 100% bonus, up to a maximum of £50.00.

Once you have placed your qualifying bet, you will receive an email with your Offer Code to your registered email address. Alternatively, you can contact Bet365 and speak too one of their Customer Service advisers.

You then need to enter your Offer Code by entering the Members area on the site or through bet365 On The Move.

The Confederations Cup is live on the BBC.

More Profits From The Bet365 Free Bet For Existing Customers

Saturday night’s Champions League final between Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund seen a nice risk free ¬£33.25 made by using the ¬£50.00 Bet365 free bet for existing customers.

In the end I chose to use the matched betting method to cash in the bet. As opposed to just having a risk free, free bet – as described in previous post.

For anybody interested, this is what I did. To start with I backed Bayern Munich with Bet365 for £50.00 at 1.75, giving me a return of £87.50. I then placed a lay bet of £50.00 on Bayern with Betfair, which after commission would have given me a £47.50 win (after commission), or a £40.00 loss.

This meant I paid out £90.00 on my qualifying bet, and was guaranteed £87.50 back. Resulting in a loss of £2.50.

Without wishing to overcomplicate things for people not familiar with this process, you rarely get all your money back with a qualifying bet due to Betfair commission (you pay commission on all winnings), and the fact that Betfair’s lay odds are generally higher than the back price with the bookmaker.

What it boils down to, is that I basically bought a ¬£50.00 free bet for ¬£2.50. And that’s good value in my book.

Going back to the qualifying bet, and I missed the 1.8 (4/5) available all Saturday morning on Bet365 for Bayern, and ended up having to take 1.75. I was a bit annoyed when I checked back that evening to see the 1.8 was back, but never mind.

The reason why getting the 1.8 available on Bayern would have been all the better, was because that was their back price on Betfair most of the day, meaning I could have placed my qualifying bet with minimum loss (less than the £2.50 I did lose).

Onto the free bet now. I waited until half time and had a look at the markets to see if anything was in the price range I was looking for. Over 2.5 goals was 3.75 to back with Bet365, and remarkably – was the same price to lay on Betfair.

So I quickly put the £50.00 free bet on with Bet365 @ 3.75. This meant I stood to win £137.50 with Bet365 (not including my £50.00 stake).

I then placed my lay bet of Over 2.5 goals on Betfair. I put £37.00 up at 3.75, this gave me a £101.75 loss, or a £35.15 win after commission.

So if Over 2.5 goals won I got back £187.50 from Bet365. £137.50 in winnings, and my £50.00 stake. Take away the £101.75 loss on Betfair from my £137.50 win with Bet365, and that meant a potential profit of £35.75 on my free bet.

If Over 2.5 goals lost, I would get my £50.00 stake back from Bet365, and I would win £35.15 (after commission) on Betfair. So I stood to win over £35.00 either way.

In the end, Over 2.5 goals won, which meant I got £35.75 back. After I took the £2.50 (from the qualifying bet) off, I was left with a risk free profit of £33.25

In one respect it was a bad result though, as both of the bets placed with Bet365 won. In an ideal world the two bets placed with Bet365 would have lost. This would have kept Bet365 happy, and it would have kept my betting bank in Betfair – where I need it for my general football trading.

As well as offering these ¬£50.00 free bets to existing customers on a regular basis, Bet365 also offer new customers up to ¬£200.00 in free bets. To open a Bet365 and claim these, please click here….

If you wish to open a Betfair account for matched betting, or/and football trading, please click here….

Bet365 Free Bet for existing customers to use on Champions League Final

This weekend sees another Bet365 Free Bet offer as yet again they are running their ¬£50.00 free bet for existing (and new) customers, this time to be used on Saturday’s Champions League Final between Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund.

This represents another chance for us to bag ourselves another guaranteed risk free £35.00 using the matched betting method. This is where I would cover the qualifying bet on a betting exchange (I use Betfair). And then after I have placed the free bet, I would then lay off a proportion of the free bet to guarantee a return no matter what.

It basically works like this. For the qualifying bet, I would back Bayern at 1.8 on Bet365 for £50, and then I would lay Bayern on Betfair for approximately £50 (aim to get back as close to £90 as possible).

Once that’s all done, I would wait until half time so that a goal can’t be scored while placing the bets, and then place my free bet. I usually look for something at around 3/1 to back with Bet365. This means I get back ¬£150.00 if the free bet wins.

I would then lay a proportion of the 3/1 shot on Betfair. It will usually be around 4.2 to 4.3 to lay. If I’m laying at 4.3, I would lay ¬£35.50. This would give me a guaranteed profit of just over ¬£33.70 after commission.

If you can find a 7/2 or 4/1 shot to back and lay, you should clear £35.00 profit.

Alternatively, you could just have a risk free, free bet. Again you will need to cover your qualifying bet on Betfair (ie, back Bayern for ¬£50 with Bet365, and then lay them for approximately ¬£50 on Betfair). And then have the ¬£50.00 free bet in running on whatever you want. If it wins great, if it loses, so what, it’s a free bet and hasn’t cost you anything.

Either way, it represents great value and is why I would recommend to anyone that they open themselves a Bet365 account.

Remember, to qualify for the free bet, you will need to place your ¬£50.00 qualifying bet pre kick off. You then place a bet in-running, the in-running bet is your free bet. If the in-running bet losses, you get your ¬£50.00 back. It’s as simple as that.

There is one of these free bet offers every month from Bet365. I’ve been in this business now for a long time now and I can say that I’ve never known another online bookmaker offer a ¬£50.00 free bet to existing customers on such a regular basis. I have rarely seen a bookie offer a ¬£50.00 free bet full stop, never mind one every month or so.

Onto the match itself and at the moment Bet365 make Bayern Munich the clear favourites to win the cup. 90 minute betting sees Bayern Munich at 4/5, the draw at 3/1 and Borussia Dortmund at 7/2.

To win the Champions League outright, Bayern are 2/5 and Dortmund are 21/10, making the German champions the clear favourites.

I half think Bayern could run away with it, and I half think it could be a tight affair, I really don’t know to be honest. Considering Munich bottled the final last year, I would be a touch apprehensive about backing them at odds on in any capacity.

One bet I do like though is the ‘Method of Victory’ bet, which I think offers good value. I’m going to be backing penalties both ways, Bet365 currently have Bayern 12/1 to win on penalties, and Dortmund 14/1 to win on penalties.

As well as a bit of value, it’s the irony of the prospect of a German side losing a penalty shoot out at Wembley. It could only happen against another German team!

For more information, or to open a Bet365 account please click here……

Liverpool V Manchester United – Match Betting

The first of Sky Sports two Sunday Live Premier League games sees Liverpool take on Manchester United at Anfield.

Rafa Benitez is under pressure after 4 successive defeats, the latest of which came in the Champions League at home to Lyon (2-1) on Wednesday.

To make matters worse for Benitez, both Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres are doubts for the game, as is Glenn Jonhson. The fact that Liverpool have looked lost without Gerrard and Torres this season shows a lack of strength in depth of the Liverpool squad, with Babbel, Voronin and Ngog in particular not able to fill the void left.

Steven Gerrard looked particularly annoyed when he went off injured against Lyon and his body language towards Benitez when shaking his hand spoke for itself as he barely looked at his manager suggesting his displeasure with Rafa, maybe Gerrard was asked to risk his injury against his wishes?

Manchester United who haven’t been in the greatest form themselves recently¬†have a doubt over Wayne Rooney’s fitness, get the feeling that he will play though and that this is just another Ferguson so-called mind game.

This game has that stroke of irony about it with Michael Owen coming back to Anfield and he is in the position to deliver a knockout blow to Benitez.

Whatever the reasons why Owen left, be it that he was never going to stay and Liverpool had no option to sell him or Benitez didn’t rate him that highly and made it clear to¬†Owen that he could leave.

The fact¬†remains that Benitez has consistently been reluctant to praise or show any interest in¬†Owen when questioned about would he like to re-sign him¬†on the occasions he has been available¬†in the past, indicating that he dosen’t rate him, therefore giving some substance to the theory that Rafa didn’t try that hard to keep him.

You can already see it coming can’t you, people think Owen is finished but when called upon in the big games Owen has a habit of delivering, like he did against Man City earlier this season. With online bookmakers (free bets are available to use for Matched Betting) Owen is a best price of¬†13/5 with Paddy Power¬†to score during 90 minutes and heap more pressure on his former boss.

Be interesting to see what kind of reception Owen gets, on one hand he has been a good servant to the Reds, but on the other he could be seen as someone who was trying to run down his contract to leave, and the one thing that can’t be denied is that he is now playing for the¬†Liverpool fans arch enemies.

If you are football trading pre match, Liverpool can be backed at 9/4 with Sky Bet, Manchester United are a best price of 6/4 with Bet365 (£200 Bet365 Free Bet available to new customers) and not surprisingly big Man Utd fans, Betfred.

Football Betting

The draw is 23/10 with Boylesports and Totesport.

Kick Off is at 2.00pm and it is live on Sky Sports 1.