Bet365 Champions League £50 Free Bet

Another Champions League offer to report, and this time it’s that old favourite, the Bet365 £50.00 Free Bet in running.

This is where you get your money back on your first £50.00 in-running bet on the match, if you have already placed a £50.00 bet (on that match) prior to the kick off.

This offer is open to both new and existing customers, anybody wishing to open a Bet365 account and take advantage of this offer can do so through this link.

To claim this £50.00 free bet follow these instructions……

  • Open A Bet365 Account Here (if you don’t already have an account)
  • Place A £50.00 Bet On The Real Madrid V Atletico Madrid Match Pre Kick-Off
  • After Kick-Off, Place A £50.00 Bet On The Real Madrid V Atletico Match In-Running
  • If The In-Running Bet Loses, You Get Your Money Returned

As I mentioned, this bet is open to existing customers, as well as new customers. If you are signing up for a new Bet365 account, you will also be able to claim a £200.00 welcome bonus and a £50.00 Free Bet on your first bet on your mobile device.