In Play Trading Scanner

The In Play Trading Scanner is a new tool brought to you by the guys over at Pre Match Trading, and as you would expect from these lads, it’s pretty good at what it does.

In essence it is the polar opposite of Pre Match Trading, as it is a tool that helps you trade a match in-running. As opposed to the Pre Match Trading model, where you make your money before a ball is kicked.

It’s basically a tool to help you trade or bet on football, not a football betting or trading system. There is a short video below showing examples of how it works…..

As you can see from the video, the whole idea of the in play scanner is too give you all your info and data in one place, and putting you within one click of placing a trade/bet – as opposed to having numerous windows open on your browser and chopping and changing from one screen to another, and missing out on a trade.

All the stats you need are included on the In Play Scanner page, shots on target, possession, etc, along with the live relevant Betfair prices. This makes it a great tool if you are looking to trade a match that isn’t live on TV, or you cannot access pictures too.

There is also a direct link to the relevant Betfair page from the stats page you are viewing. For example if you are viewing the stats on Hull V Stoke on a Saturday afternoon, you could click the live Betfair price on your stats screen and it will take you direct to that market on Betfair (as long as you are logged in).

With all the latest live match stats to hand this allows you to make an informed decision as to whether you think there is likely to be goals in the match, and who is more likely to score.

The software can help you spot a misaligned price. For example, if Team A is at home and they are trading at around Even money, and Team B is trading at 5/1 and is having more attacks and more shots on goal, the software shows you this.

What this is basically telling you is that Team B has a better chance of scoring than the odds suggest, so you might decide against backing Team A on this basis, or you might decide to have a couple of quid on Team B at 5/1.

Or it could be that you are sure this match has another goal in it, and by having these stats you may wish to load more of your spread on Team B (at 5/1) scoring the goal, rather than just laying the draw or the correct score. It basically opens up more options for you.

The In Play Trading Scanner costs £29.00 for one month, £75.00 for 3 months, or £135.00 for 6 months. This means you have the option to just try it out for a month, or take it for a longer period where your purchase will work out at better value for money.

Other Trading Systems and Services

Assured Soccer Profits System

The new football season gets under way this weekend and the Assured Soccer Profits system has added 5 new ‘Getting Started Videos’ to its members area. For more information, or to join Assured Soccer Profits, please click here.

These videos are essentially to replace the written manual to the system. Now instead of having to read through over 90 pages, you can just click the ‘Getting Started Videos’ in the member’s area, and take it all in from there.

Over time I get asked a lot of questions about my experiences using Assured Soccer Profits, so (below) I have put together a Questions and Answers page for readers.

How Much Does Assured Soccer Profits Cost?

It costs £89.00.

Does Assured Soccer Profits Come With A Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, there is a 30 Day money back guarantee.

Is Assured Soccer Profits Worth £89.00?

If you are a patient, disciplined gambler (maybe gambler is the wrong word there), prepared to meticulously stick to a plan, then this system is probably worth £89.00 to you, as I’m fairly sure you will make it back, and a whole lot more.

If on the other hand, you are more interested in winning a quick buck, or like to bet spontaneously, this probably isn’t for you.

Assured Soccer Profits isn’t just a case of buying an ebook, and never hearing from the author again. You are more buying a life membership to an evolving process, than just making a one off payment for a product off the shelf. One of the men, John Duncan, behind ASP is available to be contacted by email, and he is always prepared to offer help and advice.

And John is continually growing the members area. It has grown and improved no end from when I started using the system, and is only going to get better and better.

Another reason why it probably costs £89.00, is because of the sort of money you can make from it. I’ve attached a screenshot below from the members area, showing a section of results from one of the systems operators over the past few years…

The whole of these results are available to view in the members area.

What is Assured Soccer Profits?

ASP is a football trading system based around the Correct Score market on Betfair. It is not a tipster service, and although it involves placing bets on the Correct Score market, it is basically a long term trading system, as opposed to betting.

It has exit points, and instructions on what to do if things go wrong – as opposed to betting, which doesn’t work like that.

What Do I Get For My £89.00?

As well as the football trading system itself, you get access to the ever growing members area. In the members area there is a selection of videos being continually updated.

These videos include how to get started with the system, and there are also numerous videos demonstrating different possible scenarios, and how to react when/if you find yourself in that position.

You also get direct email access to the systems administrators if you are stuck on anything.

How Long Does It Take To Make £89.00 Back?

The system’s administrator says it is possible to make an average of £20.00 a day, meaning by their calculations, you should get your money back in under a week.

Having used the system I believe that is a bit optimistic for a new starter using smaller stakes (around £30.00-£40.00) while learning the system.

I think it is possible to makes around £2.50 to £4.00 a trade using a £30.00-£40.00 outlay, so it could be made back in around 30-40 matches, basically it depends on how often you use the system.

Used sensibly and prudently, I would say that you could fairly easily make your money back in two to three weeks.

Will Assured Soccer Profits Work If Too Many People Are Using The System?

I believe it does work, I have never had an issue using it on any match in over 2 years. It is one of those systems that can be used on almost every match, and in most football matches of any reasonable league or stature, there is enough liquidity to cope with any trading demands.

It is also a system that doesn’t involve conventional football gambling methods. No matter how many people are using the system, there will always be enough real bets in the market place to cover this method.

What Else Do I Need To Use Assured Soccer Profits?

You will need a betting exchange account, the whole system is based on trading on Betfair (you can open a Betfair account through this link).

How Much Money Should I Use To Trade Assured Soccer Profits With?

If I were starting out now, I would only risk about £30.00 to £40.00 on any one match, until I was more familiar with the system.

I would have a betting bank of either £50.00 or £100.00. I would have the lesser bank if I was planning to only trade one match at a time, and the larger bank if I intended to get involved in simultaneous matches, or matches that overlap.

For more information about Assured Soccer Profits, please click here….

Latest Assured Soccer Profit Results

6 April Reading v Southampton / Correct Score – Won 95p
6 April Leverkusen v Wolfsburg / Correct Score – Won £4.14
6 April Watford v Cardiff / Correct Score – LOST £4.61
6 April Deportivo v Zaragoza / Correct Score – LOST £2.37
7 April QPR v Wigan / Correct Score – Won £1.36
13 April Leeds v Sheff Wed / Correct Score – Won £2.39
13 April Ajaccio v Nancy / Correct Score – Won £2.83
13 April Malaga v Osasuna / Correct Score – Won 46p
14 April Torino v Roma / Correct Score – Won £3.61
14 April Newells v Tigre / Correct Score – Won £2.26

Profit of £11.02

For more information about Assured Soccer Profits, please click here…

So far in April I’ve had a good run trading football using the Assured Soccer Profits system.

I’m definitely feeling more comfortable using this system than I ever have before. I have a plan for an exit strategy at half time if needed, and I also have an exit point that I use when/if things go wrong.

I’m not going beyond £25.00 liability a game, so unless there is extreme circumstances my maximum loss should only be around £5.00. I’m aiming to win around £2.00 – £3.00 a game if possible, this gives me a manageable win/loss ratio.

Like with most of my trading these days, I’m keeping my liability down to a strict minimum while I try to familiarise myself with the intricacies of that system. This means that unlike in the past, I can learn a system without blasting a load of cash while I don’t really know or fully understand what I am doing. And as a result of this, I’ve usually dumped that system without giving it a proper go.

I also find trading with comfortable amounts of money leads to more rational decision making if things start to go wrong. If I’m not panicking about losing, I tend to make more sensible decisions.

If using the system works over a sustained period of time, I will then up my stakes.

Anyone can read a manual or watch a video, as I have done with Assured Soccer Profits, but it takes time to fully understand how to implement that system properly.

At the moment I’m not making vast sums of money. Of the 11 games listed above, I’ve only made £1.10 a match on average, but it’s like all things, multiply it by a couple and so on and so on, etc.

Along with the pre match trading, I’m also finding using this system is helping me to develop a mindset that is thinking long term. When I traded this system a couple of years back, I expected to make money with every game. I now have no problem scratching out a game and moving onto the next one.

Assured Soccer Profits Update

17 March Boca Juniors v Argentinos Juniors – Won £1.95
30 March West Ham v West Brom – Won £2.33
31 March Aston Villa v Liverpool – Won £3.20
31 March Mallorca v Deportivo – Lost £5.68
31 March Atl Madrid v Valencia – Won £3.32
31 March Oeste V Santos – Won £1.25

For more information about Assured Soccer Profits, please click here…..

Over the last few weeks I have been getting back into doing a bit of Assured Soccer Profits trading again. Like with a lot of my previous football gambling or/and trading, I was guilty of over kill when I previously traded using this system. And as a result, discipline went and judgement got clouded, and I ended up jacking it in, even though I was in profit using the system.

Like with my pre kick off trading lately, I can get carried away. In the past when this happened, I may have had a go at winning a loss or two back in one go. What this usually led too was me abandoning a staking plan of say £10.00 (ie) a match, that I may have traded the last 10-15 matches with, and having a one off £100.00 on a game – and yes, usually losing.

I’ve now started using the system again, with disciplined level stakes, and only on selected matches. Another problem in the past, was that it was the only system I was using. So again, I could get bored and lose discipline.

Of the six matches I traded (listed above), I won on five and lost on one. Remarkably on the one match I did lose on – the Mallorca match – I didn’t follow the system properly. It’s not a system that is set in stone and I believe that taking the decision to accept an across the board loss (as I did) – as opposed to laying one score and maybe scoring a big win, or a big loss – was the best option.

I figured that I would prefer to win modest, and when a lose comes – make sure it is modest one.

As it turned out Mallorca got a late goal and I would have been quids in had I followed the system as advised. I have in the past followed that path though, and when the late goal didn’t arrive, or the wrong team scored it, I have lost big. That’s why I prefer my ‘even it out’ loss method.

Over time I believe either method would probably work out the same, but it’s what suits the individual, and there is nothing like a large loss for putting me off a system, and leading to stupid mistakes trying to win it back.

Losing big can lead to stupid irrational decisions, and I feel that adopting the long term strategy of small wins outweighing small losses is better. It is certainly the mindset that suits me anyway.

I also looked at trading the Hull V Watford game on Tuesday, as I thought it was ideal for this fixture. As it turned out it was ideal, with a goal coming at the right time. Only problem was I couldn’t get my bet on as there was a problem with Betfair. And when the situation had cleared up, the (potential) value had gone due to the price movements.

Anyway, it has been an enjoyable return to trading Assured Soccer Profits, I will keep it up this time and keep on posting my results as I go along.

Pre Match Trading – Week 30 Results

22 March FYR Macedonia v Belgium / Match Odds – Won £3.28
23 March Portsmouth v Coventry / Match Odds – Won £1.27

A week’s online football trading profit of £4.55

Total Pre Match Trading profits to date is £182.13. My football betting bank now stands at £282.13 I started off the experiment with a betting bank of £100.00 and use around 75% of my available bank on my trades, which are all done pre match using Betfair.

Just the two matches traded this week, again my attentions were more on Test Match Betting.

With the Macedonia V Belgium match I concentrated on the Match Odds market and the Belgium price. Belgium were trading at around 1.71-1.72 on Wednesday, so I put a back bet up at 1.74 and my lay bet up at 1.65.

To be honest I didn’t expect the lay bet to get matched, but I did expect Belgium to (eventually) get backed in.

Working on this theory I didn’t want to lay Belgium at 1.70 and then check back to find it had been matched and that their back price was 1.68 or lower (for example). I was basing my bets on the opinion that they may slightly drift out to 1.74 and then maybe come back in to around 1.70, where the price would settle.

I kept checking back and there was no real movement in the price. Then on Friday morning I looked to see that my 1.74 had been matched, and that Belgium were available to lay at 1.68. So I took the lay price there and then and completed my trade.

A week or two back I would have tried to be too smart and put my lay bet up at 1.67, to try and make more. That would have led to me risking the prospect of the price not getting matched and Belgium drifting back out again. A couple of weeks back I would also probably have got back involved in the trade again.

Thankfully I walked away this time. Is this the best way forward now? I’m not sure, but it is the method I plan to adopt for the foreseeable future to see how it goes.

I will also be looking at other football gambling options moving forward. I have done a couple of Assured Soccer Profits trades lately that I will write about, and I have been working on a new staking plan that is nearly ready to go.

With my new staking plan I will go into more details very soon and I be listing all for my football bets on here before I place them. For anyone wishing to follow, don’t worry if my dodgy selections aren’t up to scratch, as other free football betting tips can be used. It’s a staking system that you will be able to use your own selections with.

I expect the football trading to pick up again this week, as the Test cricket has finished for a while now. So there should be more results to analyse next week.

Pre Match Trading – Week 17 Results

22nd December Tottenham v Stoke / Over/Under 2.5 Goals – Won £1.87
23rd December Swansea v Man Utd / Over/Under 2.5 Goals – Won £4.36
23rd December Chelsea v Aston Villa / Over/Under 2.5 Goals – Won £2.57

A week’s football online trading profit of £8.80

Total Pre Match Trading profits to date is £126.13. My betting bank now stands at £226.13, I started off the experiment with a football betting bank of £100.00 and use around 75% of my available bank on my trades, which are all done pre match using Betfair.

A very quiet week’s football trading this week, with only three pre match trades. As I pointed out in last week’s post, unless I can focus properly I’m not going to get involved, and as a result, I only had time to get involved in three matches.

I’m well behind my target amount of 33% profit a month (of betting bank) at the moment, but I won’t complain as I never intended to rush this process, and my discipline seems to be holding up well.

It is a seventeenth week of successive profits though, which now proves beyond any (small remaining) doubt to me that this process works. On only two or three weeks have I come close to recording a loss, and on all those weeks I wasn’t properly focused and I still ended up in profit – albeit very small.

I also did an assured soccer profits trade again this week, on the Leeds V Chelsea cup match. These are handy to do when I haven’t got time to do any pre match trades (such as with the midweek games).

Luckily for me I traded out when Leeds went 1-0 up, as it would have got nasty in the 2nd half had I not. I ended up making a profit of £4.75 (not included in pre match trading statistics).

More information about Assured Soccer Profits can be found here…..

Pre Match Trading – Week 16 Results

15th December Newcastle v Man City / Over/Under 2.5 Goals – Won 37p
15th December Man Utd v Sunderland / Over/Under 3.5 Goals – Won £4.08
15th December Barnsley v Sheff Wed / Over/Under 2.5 Goals – Lost £6.61
16th December Tottenham v Swansea / Over/Under 2.5 Goals – Won £2.20
16th December Barcelona v Atl Madrid / Over/Under 3.5 Goals – Won £4.60

A week’s football online trading profit of £4.64

Total Pre Match Trading profits to date is £117.33. My betting bank now stands at £217.33, I started off the experiment with a football betting bank of £100.00 and use around 75% of my available bank on my trades, which are all done pre match using Betfair.

Another disappointing week’s Pre Match Trading, but on the positive side it was another week without recording a football trading loss.

I’ve basically been too busy lately to commit the time needed to football trading. I haven’t been getting in from work until late in the evenings, so I don’t get the chance to trade the midweek games. And at the weekends, I have been in and out of the house too much to find the time to sit down and get stuck in to a decent day’s trading.

I’ve said it before, that I need to do this trading properly, not half hearted. So although I’m disappointed with my results, I should be happy with my discipline, as instead of trading half hearted, I am hardly trading at all.

The heavy loss (percentage wise) in the Barnsley V Sheff Wed game is a prime example of a half hearted trade. I got involved late, hadn’t studied the market for any period of time, and as a result I got stung.

Yes, trades can go wrong when I have took time and studied the market, and trades have come good where I have got involved at the last minute without studying the market. So in a way it is swings and roundabouts, but I want to try and iron these deficiencies out of my trading, as I imagine in the long run they will cost me more than they will win me.

On top of these pre match trades, I did do an Assured Soccer Profits trade making £1.47 trading the match between Sunderland and Reading on December 11th. More information about Assured Soccer Profits can be found here….

Assured Soccer Profits Update

To sign up to the Assured Soccer Profits system, or for more information about the service, click here….

A couple of weeks back I wrote about how I was going to start a trading experiment using the Assured Soccer Profits system again now that I believe I have the required patience and discipline to use the football trading system properly.

Here are my results to date…..

18 November Millwall V Leeds – Won 19p
18 November Celta Vigo V Mallorca – Won 9p
18 November Fulham v Sunderland – Won 62p
18 November Getafe v Valladolid – Won £1.90
20 November Valencia v B Munich – Won 47p
21 November Anderlecht v AC Milan – Won 24p
24 November Everton v Norwich – Won 22p
24 November Malaga v Valencia – Won £3.61

Before I go on, I want to make it clear that this is an experiment using small stakes (£25.00 was my maximum liability on all matches) to see how I get on. If after a while (25 traded matches or so) I am seeing a winning pattern emerging, I will most probably up the stakes.

The system is designed to work in the long run, picking up small profits over a sustained period. It is not a get rich quick scheme, it is playing the long game, so patience and discipline are required.

Of all the matches I picked to trade, only one of them actually won. The others (apart from Getafe) I traded out of in the textbook fashion, to ensure I didn’t lose. The fact that I won a few pence on them all is irrelevant really (well ok, no green is irrelevant I suppose), the relevant fact is that I didn’t lose.

This is where I have gone wrong in the past. I believe the first rule of this method is not too lose. If I trade out when I am supposed too, in the long run, I should win (at least, that’s what I keep telling myself).

As the Getafe match shows, I’m still fallible to the odd bout of indiscipline. In fairness to myself I only stood to lose just under £6.00 if the trade had gone wrong (I had long since covered my £25.00 starting liability), but that is still approximately 25% of my initial outlay, which as a percentage (with regard to the experiment) is probably too high (obviously £6.00 isn’t).

I played it safe in all the other games, probably a bit too safe in some of them. Funnily enough I traded out of the Fulham game very early on as I was worried that an early Fulham goal might see Sunderland’s – already fragile – confidence disintegrate even further, and see them get hammered. As it turned out it was Sunderland that did the bulk of the scoring.

In the Celta Vigo game I entered the trade late (it was (0-1), I then traded out for a scratch trade about 5 minutes before Celta equalised. I also traded out in the Anderlecht game a couple of minutes before a goal, so I was very unlucky in a couple of the games.

In the end I got a text book win with in the Malaga match. I got my early goal to ensure a profit, I waited a while before I greened up the rest of my position, and thankfully I did, as Malaga went on to put 4 past Valencia. Hopefully this win will kick start a good run.

In conclusion, it has been a slow and at times frustrating experiment, but in general I’ve been using the system properly, and at least I haven’t seen a loss yet. Maybe I could be a little less cautious moving forward, I don’t know, but for the time being I’m going to stick to the current plan.

For more information about Assured Soccer Profits, click here….

More updates will follow, here is a list of my previous Assured Soccer Profits‘ trading results.

Football Trading

Football trading or football betting? Is there a difference, and if yes, then what is the difference?

I believe there is a difference. I also believe that there are many different variations of football trading.

For example I trade using a pre match trading method of my own. I have previously, and am again going to be trading using the Assured Soccer Profits football trading system as well. I’ve also known of others (and have tried it at times myself) who have traded by laying the draw, or have traded the Over/Under 2.5 goals market in running, or Over/Under 1.5 or 3.5 goals.

The main difference between football trading and football betting in my view is with trading you have an exit point, a point that once you hit it, you cut your losses and walk away. Football traders may also take out insurance, or hedge their bets more. They won’t break their bank (or at least they shouldn’t).

While betting is just putting your money on a team or an outcome and hoping it wins. Speculative betting or backing an accumulator, etc.

Obviously you can still lose money trading, but it will be a pre determined amount that you won’t go beyond. Without wishing to contradict myself, I suppose you could have a disciplined trading strategy for betting on football online as well. Where you allow yourself a certain amount to bet on outcomes of certain criteria, ie, 5% of betting bank on Even money shots.

I suppose this could be classed as disciplined football betting, as opposed to mug punting (something else I unfortunately have qualifications in).

I used to trade football in a number of (indisciplined) different ways. Sometimes I would back Over 1.5 or 2.5 goals in a 0-0 game at a point where one goal would see a massive swing in the price. If the goal came along (which invariably it didn’t) I would trade out.

When the goal didn’t come I would take a hit, I’m not sure if there was any mileage in that method as I never really executed it in a disciplined manner, I never had the patience to wait for the right matches, and never kept any records.

I’ve also traded the AUQ score in games that involve sides like Manchester United, Barcelona or Real Madrid. In these instances I believe I probably picked the right matches to trade, but I probably didn’t wait until the right point of the match to get involved. Instead choosing to get involved way too early and with no pre designed entry point to the trade.

As I am writing this post about football trading it is becoming clear to me that you can bet or trade, but there are key components you must have. And those components are to have a plan, very good discipline and plenty of patience. Without these I think any would be trader is doomed to fail.

For my own part I am going to continue to trade online using my own methods. My own variation of pre match trading is showing good potential and I am making a small amount every week. I’ve never had a run of winning weeks that ran into double figures. This is a variation of football trading I am planning on sticking with.

Assured Soccer Profits

I received an interesting email yesterday from John Duncan of the Assured Soccer Profits system with a testimonial included which got me thinking about my football trading and how I could enhance it further.

Over the past two and a half months I have been conducting my own Pre Match Trading experiment with (in my opinion) very good results. I have just about doubled my starting betting bank and I haven’t recorded one weeks losses yet, every week has seen a profit so far.

Now I’m not getting complacent and saying that I am the finished article with Pre Match Trading, as I know I’m not. I still have a hell of a lot to learn and I fully intend on sticking to my plan of learning the process inside out, and patiently and slowly trying to make a modest profit of around 5%-8% a week (on betting bank).

One area in which I am more than happy with this football season is my discipline. I can’t believe how restrained I have been and how I have resisted the urge to look for ‘the quick buck’ while using this system.

The email I referred to at the start of this blog post (about Assured Soccer Profits) also eluded to not expecting to get rich quick (in the testimonial). It mentioned a chap (called Nick) who claimed to have spent several months learning how to get to grips with Assured Soccer Profits, and how he now uses it as his main source of income.

It got me thinking about my time using Assured Soccer Profits, and how I managed to make a profit with it, despite never really using it properly.

When I was using it I was looking to make X amount every week, I would look for bigger wins by not implementing the system properly, I would take short cuts, I wouldn’t trade out at the recommended exit points when things weren’t going right and I didn’t select my games in a very smart way (I basically used it on any game I felt like using it on).

And like I said, I still managed to make a profit.

I have spent the last 24 hours wondering how I might have fared using Assured Soccer Profits had I used the same level of patience and discipline I have shown during my pre match trading experiment, or if I had used it in more of an experimental way rather than crashing in and expecting (hoping) to earn a living off it from Day 1.

Would I now be seeing positive results if I was patient and had done things properly?

All this has made me decide to start the process off again. I have been re-reading some of the information and re-watching some of the videos in the Assured Soccer Profits members area, and as a result I am going to put £50.00 aside in my Betfair account (£50 Free Bet currently available to new accounts) and use it just for Assured Soccer Profits and see how I get on.

I’m not going to look to win big, it’s going to be a patient disciplined experiment based on percentage profit, following the method properly, and I will see how I get on over the next few weeks. I want to learn the system properly this time, no short cuts. I plan to stick with the experiment and try to build my bank slowly.

For more information or to purchase Assured Soccer Profits, please click here….