Assured Soccer Profits System

The new football season gets under way this weekend and the Assured Soccer Profits system has added 5 new ‘Getting Started Videos’ to its members area. For more information, or to join Assured Soccer Profits, please click here.

These videos are essentially to replace the written manual to the system. Now instead of having to read through over 90 pages, you can just click the ‘Getting Started Videos’ in the member’s area, and take it all in from there.

Over time I get asked a lot of questions about my experiences using Assured Soccer Profits, so (below) I have put together a Questions and Answers page for readers.

How Much Does Assured Soccer Profits Cost?

It costs £89.00.

Does Assured Soccer Profits Come With A Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, there is a 30 Day money back guarantee.

Is Assured Soccer Profits Worth £89.00?

If you are a patient, disciplined gambler (maybe gambler is the wrong word there), prepared to meticulously stick to a plan, then this system is probably worth £89.00 to you, as I’m fairly sure you will make it back, and a whole lot more.

If on the other hand, you are more interested in winning a quick buck, or like to bet spontaneously, this probably isn’t for you.

Assured Soccer Profits isn’t just a case of buying an ebook, and never hearing from the author again. You are more buying a life membership to an evolving process, than just making a one off payment for a product off the shelf. One of the men, John Duncan, behind ASP is available to be contacted by email, and he is always prepared to offer help and advice.

And John is continually growing the members area. It has grown and improved no end from when I started using the system, and is only going to get better and better.

Another reason why it probably costs £89.00, is because of the sort of money you can make from it. I’ve attached a screenshot below from the members area, showing a section of results from one of the systems operators over the past few years…

The whole of these results are available to view in the members area.

What is Assured Soccer Profits?

ASP is a football trading system based around the Correct Score market on Betfair. It is not a tipster service, and although it involves placing bets on the Correct Score market, it is basically a long term trading system, as opposed to betting.

It has exit points, and instructions on what to do if things go wrong – as opposed to betting, which doesn’t work like that.

What Do I Get For My £89.00?

As well as the football trading system itself, you get access to the ever growing members area. In the members area there is a selection of videos being continually updated.

These videos include how to get started with the system, and there are also numerous videos demonstrating different possible scenarios, and how to react when/if you find yourself in that position.

You also get direct email access to the systems administrators if you are stuck on anything.

How Long Does It Take To Make £89.00 Back?

The system’s administrator says it is possible to make an average of £20.00 a day, meaning by their calculations, you should get your money back in under a week.

Having used the system I believe that is a bit optimistic for a new starter using smaller stakes (around £30.00-£40.00) while learning the system.

I think it is possible to makes around £2.50 to £4.00 a trade using a £30.00-£40.00 outlay, so it could be made back in around 30-40 matches, basically it depends on how often you use the system.

Used sensibly and prudently, I would say that you could fairly easily make your money back in two to three weeks.

Will Assured Soccer Profits Work If Too Many People Are Using The System?

I believe it does work, I have never had an issue using it on any match in over 2 years. It is one of those systems that can be used on almost every match, and in most football matches of any reasonable league or stature, there is enough liquidity to cope with any trading demands.

It is also a system that doesn’t involve conventional football gambling methods. No matter how many people are using the system, there will always be enough real bets in the market place to cover this method.

What Else Do I Need To Use Assured Soccer Profits?

You will need a betting exchange account, the whole system is based on trading on Betfair (you can open a Betfair account through this link).

How Much Money Should I Use To Trade Assured Soccer Profits With?

If I were starting out now, I would only risk about £30.00 to £40.00 on any one match, until I was more familiar with the system.

I would have a betting bank of either £50.00 or £100.00. I would have the lesser bank if I was planning to only trade one match at a time, and the larger bank if I intended to get involved in simultaneous matches, or matches that overlap.

For more information about Assured Soccer Profits, please click here….

Assured Soccer Profits is back for Euro 2012

Yes it’s back, but only for a limited time frame. For the duration of Euro 2012, the Assured Soccer Profits system has reopened it’s doors and will again be accepting new members.

The system’s creators previously closed the membership at the back end of February (I think it was), to focus on maintaining the high level of quality services that the members area provided – but due to popular demand it is back.

During the Euro’s, one of the system’s creators John Duncan, will be tweeting his thoughts and giving his insight into what matches he thinks might come into the equation for use of the ASP system.

Click here if you wish to take a look at the Assured Soccer Profits system for yourself……….

Assured Soccer Profits Review (Week 20)

Not much Assured Soccer Profits activity over the last week with only the three games traded. Here is the results for the week 20/02/12 – 26/02/12……

21/02/12 Blackpool v West Ham – Won £1.81
25/02/12 QPR V Fulham – Lost £1.60
25/02/12 Lyon V PSG – Won £5.53

Won £5.74

The two wins were actually topsy turvy affairs, for the Blackpool/West Ham game I had to lay the Correct Score late on to get the win, and in the Lyon/PSG game I had to lay the next goal market as AUQ was long gone with Lyon going 4-2 up early in the 2nd half.

I actually made a bit of a balls up of the Lyon game, I went out at 0-1 wrongly thinking it would be a tight affair that would stay at that score, or maybe 1-1 at worst. I was fairly shocked when I arrived at my destination and checked my phone to see it was 3-1 to Lyon and that it was still in the 1st half.

Had I been doing what I should have been I would have won more as I would have started laying the score (again – having already layed 0-0) at 2-1, as this score arrived too early in the match to sit on it. But due to me never learning my lesson and taking things for granted by going out instead of sitting at my PC, I ended up missing out on that particular Correct Score lay.

The first (and only goal) arrived early in the QPR V Fulham game and I hadn’t managed to get a 0-0 lay matched, so on I went to laying 0-1. As soon as QPR had a man sent off, I abandoned my 0-1 lay for a minimal loss as I could see the game staying at that score, and so it proved. I didn’t see Fulham chasing a second, and QPR struggle to score.

Pre match I had both teams down as a one goal team, maybe a 1-0 either way or a 1-1, so as soon as the first goal went in it was pretty much curtains for the trade, even without the sending off. A moderate loss in the end.

Assured Soccer Profits Review (Week 16)

Assured Soccer Profits results for dates 23/01/12 – 29/01/12

23/01/12 Southampton v Leicester – Won £3.09
24/01/12 Juventus v Roma – Lost £5.80
25/01/12 Napoli v Inter – Won £2.09
26/01/12 Levante v Valencia – Lost £13.20

Ended the week £13.82 down

I didn’t do to many games last week as I ended up taking a break from using the system due to a lack of confidence and discipline. The loss of £30 the week before in the Leicester V Notts Forest game knocked my confidence and as a result I lost focus and panicked this week in both the Juventus and Valencia matches when they both went 2-0 up in the 1st half of their respective matches.

This ended up in quite a combined loss and I decided to leave the system alone for a few days, instead I ended up trying out new techniques and ultimately just recklessly gambling and losing money over the weekend. So it was a loss that created a knock on effect.

So over the course of Monday evening I have re-watched some of the videos explaining the system in an attempt to get me back on track and also to maybe remind me of things I have forgotten when it comes to trading the system. I also needed to look into ways of how to react better when a game goes 2-0 early in the first half, instead of my recent disasters.

I have now decided to put a limit of £20 on every game I trade for the immediate future. I know this will result in smaller wins, but it will obviously result in smaller losses and it should help prevent panic from setting in if things start to go wrong. It also gives me the chance to slowly rebuild confidence and belief in the system.

I have to be honest and admit I did start to doubt the system, but watching the videos again has showed me that the problem is me and my discipline rather than the system that was wrong.

For example, I was getting two of the most basic things of all wrong. First I was laying differing amounts, it might be £30 on one game and £60 on the next, that’s one of the main reasons why I have decided to set a maximum amount for the immediate future, something which you are advised to do in the videos.

The second point kind of relates to the first point, but could be interpreted as greed and lack of discipline also. As I pointed out, I was laying some games at £30 and some at £60. Why? Well down to trying to win big, in other words, greed. This is another basic failing that has to stop.

Anyway, I’ve had a good long hard think about things and topped up my betting bank yet again and have decided to give it another go. As I said, I’ve imposed a maximum amount to trade (yes,trade – not bet) on each match, and I will be watching the videos over and over again this week to try and improve my use of the system.

One further point I’d like to make is that John Duncan has announced that he will be closing membership to the system to new members fairly soon. I don’t know why he is doing this, he said in the email that it is so he can concentrate on the website and on the system’s existing members which is great for us already using the system, but I do find it a touch strange as it sounds like it is a good seller.

So why stop selling something that’s apparently making money? Doesn’t make sense to me, but it’s not my system to sell. Maybe it will come back again in a few months with improvements and be re-branded, I don’t know.

So if anyone reading this is considering buying the system, it might be worth investing sooner rather than later.

Assured Soccer Profits Review (Week 15)

Assured Soccer Profits results for dates 16/01/12 – 22/01/12

17/01/12 Leicester V Notts Forest – Lost £30.00
18/01/12 Wrexham v Brighton – Won £2.04
18/01/12 Wolves v Birmingham – Won £1.95
21/01/12 Erciyesspor v Bucaspor – Won £3.73
21/01/12 Wolves v Aston Villa – Won £2.33
21/01/12 Espanyol v Granada – Won £2.18
21/01/12 Betis v Sevilla – Won £4.08

A week’s loss of £13.69

Assured Soccer Profits Review (Week 11)

After the previous two weeks activities, I’m more than happy to report that I’ve had a very quiet and uneventful week using the Assured Soccer Profits system.

There was a couple of factors why it was a quiet week. First, I suppose my confidence had taken a bit of a hit after the last couple of weeks and it was also partly down to there not been many games due to it being the Christmas week.

I was very circumspect with my stakes, which I suppose is an obvious reaction to what happened. As a result of these factors I only traded the 6 games, resulting in a modest profit of £12.68.

Here is a list of the ASP games I traded between 19/12/11 to 25/12/11

19/12/11 – St Pauli v Eintracht Frankfurt – Won £1.99
20/12/11 – Wolves v Norwich – Won £2.09
21/12/11 – Aston Villa v Arsenal – Won £2.28
21/12/11 – Ath Bilbao v Oviedo – Won £3.14
22/12/11 – Once Caldas v Junior – Won £1.17
23/12/11 – Moreirense v Nacional – Won £2.01

This has taken my overall ASP results up to a profit of £52.68 from 77 games. This works out at a profit of just under 69p a match on average, which is some way short of where I would like to be.

The systems creators work on an average of £4 profit a game. I didn’t expect to be anywhere near that amount as I’m not using the higher level of stakes they were basing that average figure on, but I did expect to be doing better than 69p a game.

I’d have hoped to be hitting a figure somewhere in the region of £1.50-£2.25 a game. Maybe that’s too high as I’m still only finding my feet with the system, I don’t know?

I had also hoped to have been happy with my returns and implementation of the system after 100 games, that also doesn’t now look likely. Anyway, I’ll keep going.

Finally, I did mention in last weeks post that I thought I may have spotted something worth looking into a bit more, unfortunately I didn’t really notice the trend in the games I’ve traded since. But saying that, there was only 6 of them, so I’ll keep looking.

Assured Soccer Profits Review (Week 10)

This was my 10th week using the Assured Soccer Profits system and it has to be said was my worst week by far, and this comes right on the back of the previous weekend’s calamities.

This time I have to say that with the benefit of hindsight, my two major losses were in the main down to my own misjudgements.

Starting with the first of my two Saturday losses, and it was in the Newcastle V Swansea game. Now it didn’t take a great deal of research to find that Swansea have had quite a few clean sheets in the league this season, and also aren’t the most prolific scorers on the road.

Also taking into consideration that Newcastle games aren’t exactly goal feasts (except Norwich last weekend), this has to go down as very bad match selection. When I select matches I tend to look for games that I expect might end 1-1 or 2-1 either way, as opposed to 4-2 or 5-1, for obvious reasons. But the problem with these games is that they tend to be between equally matched sides who can sometimes cancel each other out.

In hindsight I think this game fitted more into the 1-0 category, with one goal more likely to decide it. Maybe I need to drop games like this, after all a 1-0 game can be decided in the 90th minute meaning that I would have used up most of my green covering some of my 0-0 red at half time, resulting in me having about £1 to be gained, with about £15 to be lost if it stays 0-0.

When I look at it like that, I have to say is it really worth the risk?

As it turned out, this is exactly what happened and I ended up recording a loss of £16.75 on this game.

I also lost a large amount on Schalke v W Bremen. I chose this game because I thought the AUQ price was way too short for a game that was 3rd V 5th. I layed it at 8 pre kick off, it came into around 7.4 to 7.6 in the end.

Because of the shortness of AUQ, 0-0 was way too high to lay. So to compensate for this, yes you’ve guessed it, I piled into AUQ for my profits instead.

I left myself a liability of around £40, which was ridiculous really. I never leave that much red on one price using this system, so I really don’t know what possessed me into doing it on this occasion. For those not aware, the ‘close’ match between 3rd and 5th ended up a close 5-0 to Schalke, costing me £30.70.

In concluding I have to put the Newcastle V Swansea game to bad match selection, and the Schalke V Werder Bremen match down to bad bet execution. Totally my own fault on both counts.

Anyway it wasn’t all totally bad, I did win on quite a few games. Here is a list of my ASP activity between 12/12/11 and 18/12/11.

13/12/11 – FC Koln v Mainz – Won £1.14
17/12/11 – Fulham v Bolton – Won £3.80
17/12/11 – Blackburn v West Brom – Won £1.09
17/12/11 – Newcastle V Swansea – Lost £16.75
17/12/11 – Gijon v Espanyol – Won £1.41
17/12/11 – Schalke v W Bremen – Lost £30.70
17/12/11 – Mallorca v Getafe – Won £2.23
17/12/11 – Wigan v Chelsea – Won £2.85
17/12/11 – Ath Bilbao v Zaragoza – Won £1.90
17/12/11 – Lyon v Evian TG – Won £2.17
18/12/11 – Academica v Sp Lisbon – Won £3.32
18/12/11 – Cercle Brugge v Gent – Won 95p
18/12/11 – Valencia v Malaga – Won £1.23

Overall my winning bets came to £22.09, my losing bets came to £47.75, meaning a loss of £25.36 was recorded over the course of the week, which is very disappointing when I look at the manner in which the two losses were recorded.

I will update my Assured Soccer Profits Results Page later in the week, there is also a few other games I need to add to the list. The main thing is that it is still showing a profit, and that has to be taken as a positive and built upon.

I am going to slightly rethink my strategy over the next few days, and I’m also going to slightly experiment with the system after having potentially spotted something last weekend.

As ever, I will again state for any new readers that this system isn’t easy to just pick up and master and I still regard myself as only learning it. There are obvious errors I need to cut out of my implementing of the system, and until I do, I don’t believe that I am in a position to say whether or not it is for me. Although like I also said earlier, it is still showing a profit, and I haven’t invented any systems that have done that yet.

If you wish to check out the system for yourself, more information is available here.

More wins with the Assured Soccer Profits system

I’ve traded a further 4 games since last weekend’s update with the Assured Soccer Profits system, resulting in a further profit of £13.98.

The games I traded are…

Charlton v Huddersfield – Won £4.75.
Instituto v Rivadavia – Won – £1.90.
Derby v Brighton – Won £2.30.
Leicester v Blackpool – Won £5.03…..

the overall profit now stands at £54.89, the results can be found here.

Clearly my knowledge of Instituto and Rivadavia is limited (ok, non existent), but I noticed that the home side were heavy odds on favourite and a goal down, so I had a feeling there was another goal left in the game and the odds stacked up at the time to implement the trade.

I did have a bad feeling after a while, but luckily Instituto equalised mid way through the 2nd half (if my memory serves me right) and I got out with a small profit.

Of the other games, Charlton V Huddersfield looked perfect for the system, I had it down as a possible 1-1, 2-1 or 1-2 result. Derby games rarely go goal mad, so that was a basic trade.

I was a bit worried that Leicester might put someone to the sword, but it never materialised and I got out just after half time in case of late goals.

All in all I am happy with the trades, maybe I should have left Leicester alone, I don’t know, I’m sure there are safer trades out there. The point is that I can worry too much and talk myself out of doing trades, I think the balance of games I chose was reasonable enough.

Again, I must stress that it is steady progressive profits, not big wins. This system isn’t about big wins, and I am slowly learning myself that steady weekly profits are the best way forward, and this system seems to be providing this for me.

I didn’t do any games on Wednesday using the system, I’m not a massive fan of getting involved in Carling Cup and Europa League games, although I’m actually very annoyed that I didn’t look into the Stoke game more tonight. In hindsight, and that’s a wonderful thing, this game was a perfect match for using the system, but never mind.

Had I got involved and it had cost me, I would have been fuming with myself.