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What more can you say about Sir Alex Ferguson? Whisky face, referee, dictator, even double standard hypocrite… all names you can attribute to Britain’s most successful manager.
Also referred to as Fergie, the Scot is a legend, and is revered in the Red half of Manchester. In total, he won 13 Premier League titles, which is an extraordinary record.

Sir Alex Ferguson

Fergie with yet another Premier League title

When he wasn’t time keeping, playing mind games, letting his players abuse referees, or telling the 4th official how the game should be refereed, he was busy winning trophies.
Yes, his tactics did extend to more than just building great teams, and managing huge egos. But, like what he did or not (I obviously didn’t), he was bloody good at it.

Did Alex Ferguson know time was right to leave Manchester United 0

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