Sugar at the FA?

It was interesting to hear Lord Alan Sugar throw his hat into the ring to become the new chairman of the FA in the wake of Lord Triesmans unceremonial departure.

Sugar revealed some interesting views on the game as a whole during a radio interview I heard. One such thing he said, was that he would like to see the way referees are spoken too changed, that not enough respect is shown to them.

He also claimed that one such manager sends his team out to deliberately intimidate referees, I wonder which Scotsman residing in the North West for the last 20 years plus, he might have been referring too?

On the whole Sugar would seem to be a resonable candidate. A straight talking man of experience, both in football and business, would seem the ideal man needed to shake things up at the FA.

Therein lies the real problem though. Appointing Sugar as the head of the FA is the equivalent of turkeys voting for Christmas, I just can’t see it happening.

Can anyone truely see all the committees and old chaps that seem to exsist at, and continually hold back the FA, voting for a man that would probably boot them all out at the first opportunity and reform the whole organization?

Sadly I can’t either!