Serie A Live Streaming

It is possible to watch Italian Serie A fixtures through Live Streaming for free….. and most importantly, it is legal.

To do this there are a number of options. Some of the bookmakers listed on this website stream Serie A games live to their customers, as long as they meet the qualifying criteria.

The bookmakers are……

Bet365 – Customers of Bet365 will need to have an active account. That means you will need money in it. Or if you have no money in it, you will need to have had a bet in the last 24 hours.

Betfair – To watch Serie A on Betfair all you need is an active funded account as Betfair Live Video is free to watch (except for horse racing from certain territories).

It is pretty simple to keep cash in your accounts without losing it. As you can watch Serie A Live Streaming on Betfair, as well as the bookmakers, you can basically claim the free bets and just keep on betting with the money using the matched betting method.

This way you can keep money in your accounts, keep the bookies happy(ish), and keep watching live football for free.

Watching Serie A live by this method is fine in the UK and Republic of Ireland, but it may not be available in certain countries, or territories.

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