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Welcome to our Pre Match Trading Review. Here we bring you everything you need to know about Pre Match Trading.

Review Of Pre Match Trading

Pre match trading does exactly what it says on the tin, and is one of our recommended Football Betting Systems.

What Is Pre Match Trading?

In a nutshell it is a system that spots misaligned prices on Betfair and works out what the real odds should be. This allows it's members to place 'back or lay' bets in anticipation of the odds moving to where they should be.

The idea is that you have placed your bets, and then traded out with your winnings firmly in place before a ball is even kicked. Having used the system myself, I can confirm that it really does work.

Betting Exchanges

In order to trade pre kick off, you will need a betting exchange account. So first we will have a look at betting exchanges.

There are three main betting exchanges, they are Betfair, Betdaq, and Smarkets.

Personally, I use the Betfair betting exchange. The reason why I use Betfair is because there is far more money available to be traded on the Betfair platform. At the moment, Betfair are the most popular, and while this is the case they are the easiest to use for Pre Match Trading.

Betfair have a sportsbook (conventional bookmakers) as well as a betting exchange. There are different sign up offers for the sportsbook and the betting exchange.

Which ever method you use to open your account, you can use the other platform. So if - for example - you open an account with the Betfair sportsbook, you can still use the betting exchange on the same login.

So in other words, it doesn't matter which platform you use to open your Betfair account with.

It's simple. You can get the sportsbook new customer offer here, - or you can get the betting exchange new customers offer here.

In this Pre Match Trading Review, we will tell you exactly what you get from the service.

What Do I Get From Pre Match Trading?

There is three major features you get from Pre Match Trading. They are the weekly emails sent out with advice for the weekend's Premier League matches, access to the chat room, and the chance to use the excellent Pre Match Trading tool.

Starting with the weekly emails, and they are sent out on every Saturday and Sunday that Premier League matches are played on. There is generally advice on around 4 Premier League matches on a Saturday. While on Sunday it obviously depends on how many matches are scheduled for that day.

Pre Match Trading Chat Room

You will also get access to the pre match trading chat room. Here you can chat to other members and ask advice, or you can just follow what they are doing and pick up tips without even getting involved.

The thing I like most about the chat room though, is that you can have direct contact with the system's administrators, Emil Genev and Adam Ersser.

These guys are in there regularly and are happy to answer questions and communicate with members. I have found Adam is there nearly every Saturday afternoon - when the chat room seems to be at its busiest.

Meet Shirley

The third feature is the best and most exciting, and basically is the whole essence of Pre Match Trading. This is the opportunity to use the Pre Match Trading (PMT) tool, also known as Shirley.

There is an automated service, and a manual service in this section. The automated service looks the best one to me, and it is available on all major English and European leagues.

The automated service does most of the work for you. While if you are independent, you can find your own trades on the system.

I get the feeling that a lot of members just follow the emails. I suppose that's fine, but if everyone is trying to get matched on the bets in the email, it will probably make it harder.

Also, by just doing this you are not getting true value for money, as there is so much more to the system.

Speaking of value for money......

How Much Does Pre Match Trading Cost?

  • Two Weeks - £20.00
  • One Month - £39.00
  • Three Months - £106.00
  • Six Months - £191.00

With the 'Two Week' and 'One Month' purchase options you get the opportunity to test the service out and see if it's for you or not, for not lot of outlay.

I've found that a lot of betting systems come with a massive up front outlay, and that puts prospective purchasers off. If you're a bit suspicious of purchasing a football betting or trading system, you're hardly likely to fork out one hundred pounds or more on it, are you!

Using the pre match trading 'Two Week' option of just £20.00, you can have a good look at the service without the fear of losing a lot of money.

How Much Does Pre Match Trading Cost

Is Pre Match Trading Worth The Money?

Our review concludes that as pre match trading works out at roughly £10.00 a week, it isn't the cheapest betting system around.

This means you will need to have a decent sized betting bank to make it worth your while. I believe you will need to trade with a minimum of £200.00 to make this system work for you.

With a betting bank of £200.00 you should make that tenner a week back in two to three trades.

There is generally enough opportunity to make the tenner back mid week, leaving the weekends for profits. This makes it value for money.

That said, if you are serious about trading pre match - no matter what size betting bank you are using - I would still recommend subscribing for a month or so, as it is amazing what helpful tips you can pick up just from observing the PMT tool.

Get Helpful Advice In The Pre Match Trading Chatroom

Does Pre Match Trading Work
Make Money Before A Ball Is Kicked Using Pre Match Trading

You will also pick up a lot of helpful advice in the chat room. Put it another way, you can certainly learn a hell of a lot from being a member.

If you are in any way into trading pre match, but think this service is a bit expensive, I would still give it a go for a month or two.

The reason why? To see if it works for you. You can give it a go without much risk. As you are trading if the odd trade goes against you, it won't cost you a lot.

Providing you trade out before the match starts, you will only have a small loss. You will win small amounts when your trades work out, and you will only lose small amounts when your trades go wrong.

The key trick is too win more trades than you lose (I know that sounds obvious, so sorry about that), and make enough money to cover your subscription, and make a worthwhile profit for the time you spend trading.

You never know, you might actually discover that this system of trading works for you. And you can find out with only an initial outlay of twenty quid.

Pre Match Trading Tips

It is amazing what helpful tips you can pick up just from observing the pre match trading tool. You will also pick up a lot of helpful advice and tips in the chat room. And as someone who trades pre kick off myself, I have found some of the information I have picked up and learned invaluable.

I have found this service has opened my eyes to improvements I made to my own trading. For example I like to trade the over/under 2.5 goals market.

After using the Pre Match Trading software, it showed me that watching the correct Score market, was an indicator to which way the over/under 2.5 goals market would move.

It showed me that if 2-1 was getting backed in on the Correct Score market, then over 2.5 goals would also get backed in. It might sound obvious (with hindsight), but it was something I had been missing.

This could be the same for you, you may find is shows you something obvious you have been missing. Or it could totally complement and improve your own current trading methods..... for this reason, it's certainly worth a look.

Pre Match Trading Won't Drain Your Betting Bank

Our review of Pre Match Trading found that it isn't a system that will drain your betting bank either. You are only trading one or two tick movements, so you can't lose too much on any one trade. Using the PMT tool helps, as the one or two tick movements will move in your favour more often.

It is fairly easy to make 1% of your betting bank a day using pre match trading. Just a simple amount like that can really add up at the end of a year.

Starting with a modest betting bank of just £100.00, if you made 1% a day, you would have over £3000.00 by the end of the year. Try starting with £1000.00, and all of a sudden it's potentially a life changing amount of money.

Below I have put together a couple of staking plans based on percentages to show you just how much money can be made from football trading, just working on modest profit projections.

Trade On Percentages Rather Money

Pre Match Trading Direct Link
Make Money Before A Ball Is Kicked Using Pre Match Trading

I believe in football trading it is better to take the greed and emotion out of it, where possible. In other words try not to think of it in £'s profit.

Why? Well, the reason is, working in pounds may lead to greed, and greed brings emotion into the equation.

The best way - in my opinion - to take greed, and emotion out of the equation, is to work in percentages (%) instead.

If you make 1% a day, at the end of the year that will add to a substantial amount. 1% a day is upwards of 30% profit a month, which equates to an enormous return on investment (return on investment is also known as ROI, if you've seen it on other websites).

Look After Your Betting Bank

Our review suggests that a more conservative pre match trading plan might be 10% a month, or 15% a month. It's simply up to the individual.

Using this method is also generally better for your bank management.

Using a strategy like the 1% a day target, means you're not risking too much of your betting bank.

If you are trying to trade an even money market on Betfair to extract 1% profit, chances are that the odds on the particular market you are trading won't move too substantially, as it is pre kick off.

So for example, if the market moves from 2 (even money) to 1.95, you are 5% down on one side of the trade. Which when you divide the loss across both sides of the trade will work out at a loss of 2.5%.

This isn't going to bankrupt your betting bank, and that is the most important thing of all. As without a betting bank, you can't trade anything.

30% A Month Profit Projections

Look at the figures below for a rough guide to what you could make if you profit by around 30% a month, for a whole year. This is based on starting in January, with a £1000.00 betting bank.

£1300.00 Jan
£1690.00 Feb
£2197.00 Mar
£2856.00 Apr
£3712.00 May
£4825.00 June
£6272.00 July
£8153.00 Aug
£10,598.00 Sept
£13,777.00 Oct
£17,910.00 Nov
£23,283.00 Dec

Profiting at 30% of betting bank a month is making far less profit than 1% a day does. You don't need to start with £1000.00, you can start with as little as you want.

Working on the above theory, you would turn £100.00 into over £2,300 a year profit, with little risk. I can't think of too many bank accounts paying that much interest.

Like with any trading strategy though, you need to be patient and disciplined. If you work losing days into the equation, your profits will be lower than the above figures.

Even if you are 10 or 20 down on the above figures, you will still be in a profitable situation.

The key point is too not get carried away if you have a losing day. And don't get greedy thinking about how much you can win. Remember, stick to percentages.

If you follow the plan, the percentages will work out the pounds sterling for you.

1% A Day Profit Results

Below is a chart showing you how much you can make in a month, using the 1% a day equation. Again, starting with £1000.00 at the start of the month.

1 - £1010.00
2 - £1020.10
3 - £1030.30
4 - £1040.60
5 - £1051.00
6 - £1061.51
7 - £1072.12
8 - £1082.84
9 - £1093.66
10 - £1104.59
11 - £1115.63
12 - £1126.78
13 - £1138.04
14 - £1149.42
15 - £1160.91
16 - £1172.51
17 - £1184.23
18 - £1196.07
19 - £1208.03
20 - £1220.11
21 - £1232.31
22 - £1244.63
23 - £1257.07
24 - £1269.64
25 - £1282.33
26 - £1295.15
27 - £1308.10
28 - £1321.18
29 - £1334.39
30 - £1347.73

So as you can see, using 1% a day works out better than 30% a month. Albeit, not by much - just £47.73. Essentially, they are both pretty much the same though. It's probably more a case of finding out what works for you best.

1% a day is a very easy equation to work out, and you know exactly where you are on a daily basis. While using the 30% a month formula rounds things up, but you might find yourself half way through the month wondering if you are on target.

Thanks for reading my Pre Match Trading Review. Feel free to let us know your experiences using pre match trading, and leave it at the end of this review.

This review is written, updated, and maintained by Dean Etheridge, of and - you can check out more of my work at my Quora profile, on my Medium account, and you can contact me directly via LinkedIn.

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