Can You Earn A Living Matched Betting?

So, is it possible to earn a living from matched betting? I certainly haven't, but I've read anecdotal accounts of plenty of people who claim to have done.

I have been a member of the Profit Maximiser subscription service for a few years, and their Facebook group has members who claim to have made £20,000 and upwards, a year. That would certainly do the trick for me, but it's not a figure I have ever got near.

Earn Living Matched Betting
Is it possible to work from home and earn a living from matched betting

That said, I believe the figures add up, and it can be done, but it depends on a number of factors. Some of which are :-

  • How much spare time do you have
  • How much money can you make each week
  • What is your cost of living?

Taking them on point by point, and the first one is easiest to deal with.

If you are doing matched betting to earn a living, you are going to have enough spare time. It would be your sole (main) job, so if you couldn't find the time to do it, you would need to reorganise yourself accordingly.

How Much Money Can You Make Each Week From Matched Betting?

The points get more crucial as we work through them, and the second and third one are closely interlinked.

When you start out in matched betting, you know what free bets you are going to be cashing in, so you can estimate roughly how much you will make.

It's when you enter the second phrase, using the reload offers, that it gets more difficult to predict. As we eluded too earlier in this guide, you could go on a run where you don't get many free bets for a few days, and then like London Buses, a load will come along at once.

This is where point two starts to cross over into point three. What is your cost of living?

If your personal finances are at the point where you can absorb a week with little to zero income, then you will be fine. Whereas, if you need a minimum of £300.00 a week (for example) to survive, then you could be in trouble.

Put simply for point two, there is no guarantee how much money you can make each week from matched betting.

Does Your Lifestyle Support Matched Betting For A Living?

Taking point three on even further, can you make a living from matched betting, well your personal circumstances will play a large part in dictating that.

If you live a modest lifestyle, have paid off your mortgage, have no children to support, etc, then it is possible you could make a living from matched betting.

Whereas, if you have a £1000.00 a month mortgage, and three children to feed, you probably have no chance.

To summarise, you can quite comfortably earn £500.00 and upwards a month from matched betting for just a few hours a week. This is what makes matched betting the almost perfect second income.

If you are prepared to put 5, 6, 7 hours a day into matched betting, you could probably earn around £400.00 plus a week.

You have to ask yourself a few questions though -

- Is £400.00 a week enough to earn a living from?
- Are my finances in a strong enough position to absorb a couple of bad weeks?
- Am I committed and dedicated enough to put in the hours every day?
- Is my family and home life structure strong enough to cope with the pressure?

That last point is a fairly intrusive and maybe insulting thing to read, and if you feel that way I apologise.

But I believe it is a valid point. If you decide you want to try and earn a living from matched betting, is it going to cause problems at home? That is what the point amounts too.

Would Your Family Support Your Decision To Try And Earn A Living From Matched Betting?

Is your wife, husband, partner, etc, going to understand and be supportive? Is your better half going to be able to deal with the stress of not knowing if you are going to make enough money this week to pay the bills?

These are all important points to take into consideration if you want to do matched betting for a living.

It's not as simple answer. You will need to take all of these points into consideration before taking the lunge.

Personally, I would recommend starting matched betting as a second income. That to me is a no brainer.

If it works, then try and gradually advance it. I believe you will know yourself if and when the time comes to take it to the next level. It must be the same in any business decision. You just wouldn't recklessly quit a job and go it alone on a whim. So the same rules have to apply here.


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Even at that point though, your home life situation would still need to be taken into consideration.

In conclusion, I hope we have opened your eyes to some of the possible issues that could arise if you want to try and earn a living from matched betting.

In it's own way, it's similar to someone who wants to earn a living from football betting. Or just from betting in general. There are pitfalls, but there is potentially enough money to be made.

A lot of thought and planning will need to take place. Making the decision to try and earn a living from matched betting, certainly isn't a simple one.