How To Win On Football Accumulator Bets

One of the holy grail’s of football betting, is how to win on an accumulator bet. We all strive to have that win of a few hundred quid or a couple of grand from our £10 acca bets on a Saturday, but they are so hard to win, aren’t they!

Tipster services can’t make predictions like that, and if you did manage to win, you would need a hell of a lot of luck. It would be a stab in the dark that just came off that weekend.

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How many times do you hear your mate claiming “one team has let me down,” it’s one of the most commonly used phrases by Saturday evening. It happens all the time.

Well unfortunately, I don’t think there is such a football betting system that can show you how to win a few grand from a ten quid Saturday afternoon acca bet, it would be virtually impossible.

There is some good news though, as there is a system that can show you how to make a few quid a month from accumulator bets, and it’s called Accumulator Generator.

This isn’t a tipster service, it’s a football betting system. What Accumulator Generator does is show you how to place accumulator bets, and then lay them to break even.

You may well ask, what’s the point of that? The answer to that is ‘acca insurance,’ also known as money back if you miss by one. Using acca insurance you get your money back on a losing acca bet, if one team lets you down.

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This means if you back five teams in your Saturday acca bet, and four win, with just one letting you down, you get your money back as a free bet. You then make your money from the free bet.

How Accumulator Generator Works

– Find Bookmaker Offering Money Back If Your Acca Misses By One (Acca Insurance)
– Place Accumulator With Bookmaker
– Lay Accumulator On Betting Exchange To Not Lose Stake
– Repeat Process Until Your Accumulator Misses By One And You Get A Free Bet
– Cash In Free Bet For Risk Free Profits

So as you can see, the main objective using this system is not too lose. If you can place accumulators in a way that always gets you your money back, then you will always break even. Where we make the money is from the free bets we get if our acca misses by one.

Refunds as free bets can be as much as £50.00, so these offers are not to be sniffed at. Imagine how much money can be made from 10 to 15 free bets of £25.00 or £50.00 a month? Quite a lot.

This is one of those systems that the more effort you put in, the more money you will make. Yes, you might not trigger a free bet for 5 to 10 bets, but then you might trigger two hundred pounds worth of free bets in a week or two.