How to make money from Betting on Football

When I first started gambling on football it didn’t take me long to realise that any romantic notion I had that it would be easy, was totally wrong.

Even though I was well able to pick a winner, it soon became obvious that this didn’t mean anything if I couldn’t combine it with skills like patience, discipline, bet selection, bank management, etc.

For years I have stumbled around losing money, trying out a system and not giving it long enough to see if it works over time, before moving onto something else and doing the exact same again.

Then a couple of years ago, I came across Assured Soccer Profits. Again, I tried it on and off for about six months, before eventually dumping it. I wasn’t using the system properly, and my impatience was leading to losses.

Then in the summer of 2012 I decided enough was enough and I needed to change my ways, so I started trading pre match in the hope I wouldn’t get drawn into having stupid bets in-running, based on nothing other than a misguided hunch.

I started my pre match trading mainly using the Over/Under 2.5 Goals market to see how I got on. Amazingly it seemed to work, I suddenly found a system that I was making money with, and that I could be disciplined using.

Any regular readers of this website will know I listed my results, and at the end of the football season I made a reasonable profit (I turned £100 into just under £400). This is despite the fact I was only learning my trade and didn’t really know what I was doing for the first few months.

At the same time of my pre match trading experiment, I was also using my new found discipline to try out Assured Soccer Profits again. I soon noticed that this system was also starting to make me a few pounds as well.

And finally I started to take free bets more seriously. Instead of just treating them as a ‘no problem if it doesn’t win as it hasn’t cost me anything’ bet, I started to see them as a ‘guaranteed way of making an easy few pounds risk free’ bet, basically using the matched betting technique.

Just to be clear, this page isn’t me giving you the defined blueprint of how to get rich from football betting…. I don’t know what that is. What this page is about, is me telling you how I now make money from my betting on football, and explaining the systems I have discovered that work best for me. They may not be to everyone’s liking, but they work for me.

None of these three methods I use are get rich quick schemes, they are a gradual accumulation of a few pounds here, and a few pounds there. I try and aim for a modest target of around 1% profit of betting bank a day, and it is a disciplined approach I now take……… which is what I believe is required if you want to be successful at football trading.

With these methods there are no big wins, and there is certainly no adrenaline filled fist pumping wins… those (rare) days are now a thing of the past for me. These three methods are pretty boring, and just give me mundane gradual profits.

With Assured Soccer Profits I have slightly modified the text book version to suit my trading. ASP – as it is also known – is a football trading system that trades the Correct Score market on Betfair. The ASP text book basically tells you to sit tight during a trade, and trade out late on – if at all – for a larger win. When I use ASP I get out as soon as I have a profit of around 1% of my betting bank.

Hanging in there longer could give bigger wins, but it could also lead to bigger losses. What I do is no major change to the text book, it is just simply a matter of being more cautious and taking smaller profits.

With my pre match trading I simply try and back Over or Under 2.5 goals at 1.99 and lay it at 1.98 (for example), and then I spread the profit equally over both possible outcomes. Do this once for around 0.5% profit of betting bank, or twice for roughly 1% profit of betting bank.

And with Matched Betting, it is as and when the free bets are available. There are plenty of new bookmakers out there giving away free bets, and there are plenty of bookmakers giving away free bets (reload offers) to existing customers. You can keep an eye on this site for these reloads. Personally I use Bonus Bagging and Profit Maximiser to alert me, as it saves me plenty of time. The only downside is that both are subscription services.

As I already have said, these are not get rich quick methods, and they may not be to everyone’s liking, but I have found using plenty of patience and discipline, that all the above methods make me sustained, gradual profits from betting on football.

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