Getting Started Betting On Football


If you are just getting started out betting on football, it can be a pretty daunting process.

Getting Started Betting On Football

Use a free bet (like the one in this example) for getting started betting on football

When I first started betting on football, the internet wasn’t mainstream. This meant I had to learn the hard way….. from my own mistakes. I couldn’t just switch my computer on and read about football betting. I was basically on my own. So I know how hard it can be.

You might be asking yourself which bookmaker should I use? Which market should I bet on? Do I need to purchase a betting system? Do I trade or just bet?

If I were starting out again today, for the time being I would just forget about all those sorts of questions and just concentrate on building a betting bank – you will automatically open bookmakers account just by doing this.

This will help you get off on the right footing, by making money. You can then start to worry about all the other stuff when you have already made a few hundred quid.

The last thing you need when starting out betting on football is to lose your hard earned money. So before you do anything, please read the package of easy to understand pages that I have put together to help ease you into things.

First, let’s get off to the right start, so to do this I’m going to show you how to build yourself a decent sized betting bank. You can make yourself a guaranteed £400 plus quid completely risk free just by reading the next few pages (opening bookmaker accounts in the right order).

Find out more on the next page about…..Building A Betting Bank

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