Free Football Tips – Points System

It is important to use a football betting based points system when you are using tips. This helps with your bank management as it is essentially a staking plan.

Here we operate a football tips points based system. 1 Point being the lowest, working all the way through to 10 Points, which is the maximum bet.

Football Betting Tips
Free Football Betting Tips

Depending on your budget, you can work out your own staking plan. We operate £1 pound per point, so a 1 Point bet is £1.00, a 5 Point bet is £5.00, and a 10 Point bet is £10.00, pretty self explanatory. Here are this season's results.

Free Tips Points System

  • 10 Points - Maximum Bet
  • 9 Points
  • 8 Points
  • 7 Points
  • 6 Points
  • 5 Points - Medium Bet
  • 4 Points
  • 3 Points
  • 2 Points
  • 1 Point - Minimum Bet

Football Betting

Football Betting

When you are football betting, it is important to get a number of things right.

To start with you need to make sure you are using one of the best football betting sites.

A decent football betting site will have competitive odds, a decent sign up offer, and good offers for existing customers. These offers should be things like money back specials when your bet loses.

They could be free games also. A lot of these sort of offers seem to be available on Premier League matches, or big European or International matches.

The football betting site also needs to suit your gambling needs. There is no point going with bookmaker that doesn't offer some of the markets you like betting on.

There are also decent and helpful football betting websites out there, such as this one. Sites that give you statistics that help you select your bets. Sites that give you up to the minute team news, etc.

Best Football Betting Sites

Picking a decent bookmaker can be a painstaking task. Do they offer the wide range of football betting markets you are looking for?

Do they have a decent new customers offer? And what about offers for existing customers?

These are all important component when you are looking to find the best football betting sites.

Luckily, we have put together a page of the best football betting sites. Meaning you don't have to trawl the internet to find them.

As well as finding you the best football betting sites, we have also sourced betting exchanges, and football spread betting sites.