How Does Football Index Work?

So how does football index work, and what exactly is it? Well the simple answer is that football index works like a stock market, or a betting exchange.

You buy low, and sell high, exactly like in shares. This is also the basic premise, on what the Betfair betting exchange was based on.

How Does Football Index Work

As we’ve eluded too above, football index works like a stock market. The only real difference is, you’re trading football players (as shares), as opposed to actual shares in companies.

You purchase a player who you think will do well in the future, and whose value you think will improve. While you be looking to sell a player, if you think his market value will decrease.

Football Index Sign Up Offer

Football Index are currently running a £500.00 risk free sign up offer for 7 days. You can sign up here.

Simply open an account, make your deposit (the minimum deposit is £10.00), and then trade for up to a week.

If you find it’s not for you, then e-mail football index before the end of the 7 days, and they will give you your money back, up to a maximum of £500.00.

how does football index work

How To Buy A Player

Above we have included a screen shot of the football index trading page you will see when you open an account.

You will see that there is a Blue box with a price in it, this is the ‘Buy’ price of a footballer.

In the above example, Harry Kane is available to ‘Buy’ at £9.03. So if – for example – Spurs have a run of games coming up against lower league sides, and you think Harry Kane might fill his boots, you might want to consider buying him.

How To Sell A Player

Using the above screenshot again as an example, the price in the Red box is the ‘Sell’ price of a player. So Harry Kane would be £8.49 to Sell based on this example.

You might wish to Sell Kane if you think he is looking tired and might go on a bit of a lean spell, or if he is injured, etc.

How To Win On Football Index

There are numerous ways you can win on Football Index. Firstly, you buy a player when his value is low, and sell when it goes higher, that is the main essence of the platform.

You can also win Dividends on your shares. While these don’t make up the bulk of your winnings, they can be a nice extra little earner into your account.

Dividends are paid out for Media Dividends (MD), Match Day Dividends (MDD), and In-Play Dividends (IPD).

Football Index Dividends

Who Loses On Football Index

Conversely, if a players value goes down, you can lose money. The main benefit of Football Index, is that you will only lose your original stake money (unlike in Spread Betting), more like in conventional football betting.

You should never really lose all of your stake either, as it would mean a players value would have to go down to zero for that to happen.

The only real way I can see that occurring, is if you maybe hold shares in a player who gets a bad injury that could finish his career.

Which Players Can I Trade?

There are two sections of players you can trade, these are the Top 200 list, and the list of Squad Players.

The top 200 list, is the list of the 200 highest priced players. These top 200 are the only players eligible to receive Dividend payouts.

Players can be promoted into the top 200, and also relegated off it. This is done at 12 midnight each day, and is based on value.

The Squad players is the list of remaining tradable footballers, who are not inside the top 200. These players aren’t eligible for Dividend payouts.

Trade Football Index 365 Days A Year

Unlike conventional football betting, you can use Football Index every day of the year.

Players values will go up and down based on a number of factors, not just on scoring goals and winning matches.

There is a newspaper story linking Harry Kane or Dele Alli to Real Madrid or Barcelona, so their respective values will go up.

Alternatively, if you see that Sergio Aguero is injured and likely to not be the top Premier League goalscorer as a result, his value will go down.

So there is always a good reason to check your portfolio of players, everyday of the year!

Trade Risk Free For 7 Days

All new customers that sign up to Football Index here are able to take advantage of the Trade £500.00 Risk Free Offer.

This means you can deposit and trade up to £500.00 in the first week. If you’re not enjoying it, or you lose your £500.00, then you simply contact customer support and get your money back.

Remember, you need to do it before the end of the 7 days. As I’ve eluded too, this gives you a great chance to make a risk free few quid within the first week, and if you make a mess of it, simply get your cash refunded.

General Terms and Conditions

Now you have a better idea just how football index works, you will be aware that it is football betting. This means it’s governed by strict terms and conditions.


Like with bookmakers, you have the option of self exclusion, and you can set your own deposit limits. Age verification is also required.

You also have access to phone support 7 days a week, as well as e-mail support and Twitter support.

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