Clever Bets

Clever Bets Tips is a football tipping service that has a variety of different packages, to suit everyone from the casual gambler, to the serious football betting punter.

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Clever Bets 7 Bet Challenge turns £50 into £250.

Football Tips

The different packages start off with the Premium Tips for the serious football gambler. They also have a Goals Galore package, and they have fun services like the 7 Bet Challenge, where you attempt to turn £50.00 into £250.00 in 7 bets, or the 14 Bet Challenge, where you try and make a grand from 14 bets – all designed to make football betting more fun.

Membership starts from as little as £9.99 for two months, allowing you to try it out for a small outlay, with a year’s membership only costing £29.99.

Clever Bets is just one of the many football betting systems we have on this website.