Champions League Acca Insurance Opportunities

The Champions League group stages return this week, and that means that there are plenty of accumulator betting opportunities.

Tuesday night sees 8 Champions League fixtures, and there is a further 8 fixtures to be played on Wednesday. And along with the 16 Champions League fixtures, there is also a full round of Championship fixtures, with 10 matches on Tuesday night, and a further 2 on Wednesday.

These weeks are great, as they are like midweek Saturday afternoons times two, where you can have an accumulator on Tuesday, and then another one on Wednesday.

And if that’s not enough, there is then another night of football on Thursday, when the Europa League group stages get started.

As well as accumulator opportunities, there will be sign up offers galore, there are already plenty of new customer offers on our home page.

There are also plenty of football betting systems that can be used on the midweek football, with betting systems such as Pre Match Trading, Assured Soccer Profits and Accumulator Generator, that can be used numerous times over. All these systems can be used on the Champions League, the Championship, the Premier League, etc, etc.

Accumulator Generator is one system that is becoming very popular. It makes it’s money from claiming the free bets that you get from acca insurance, then when you trigger a free bet, you make your profits from that.

Using the Accumulator Generator Betting System, you place an accumulator bet, and then cover it on Betfair so that you don’t lose. So basically you place £50.00 on a 5-fold acca bet, and then you cover it on Betfair to break even.

This means if zero, one, two, three, or five teams win, you won’t lose your fifty quid and will break even. While if four teams win (and only one lets you down), you will get your £50.00 back, and a £50.00 free bet. You then use your fifty quid free bet to make your risk free money, using the matched betting technique you should be able to make about £35.00 in cash.

Weeks like this are perfect for using the Accumulator Generator Betting System, and with plenty of European weeks coming up over the next few months, now could be the perfect time for making some money.

4th Place Finish Betting – Arsenal Still Favourites

Despite beating Arsenal with ease yesterday and putting the outcome of a Top 4 finish in their own hands, Everton still find themselves comfortably in second place when it comes to the betting for a Top 4 finish.

Arsenal still hold 4th place ahead of Everton, but only by 1 point, and Everton have a game in hand along with – maybe more crucially – a better goal difference (Everton are +21, Arsenal are +16).

All these hammerings Arsenal have taken against their main title rivals (originally), and now Top 4 rivals, could well come back to haunt them.

A five goals swing in Everton’s favour at this stage of the season could be very crucial, and shows just how bad Arsenal were yesterday, as just one goal back for them would have seen the goal difference gap close by two goals.

Despite all this, the bookies still have Arsenal as favourites to claim 4th place. They are odds on everywhere, and the 4/6 available with William Hill and BetVictor is the best price around at the moment.

Everton are obviously odds against, and the 8/5 with Ladbrokes is the stand out price on the Toffeemen making the top 4. If you are an eternal optimist, Man Utd are 33/1 and Tottenham are 50/1.

Everton still have to host both Manchester United and City in the run in, while the Gunners have now finished their daunting run of matches, and have a relatively easier looking run in – this is no doubt part of the reason why Everton are regarded as the outsiders.

That said, Everton are the form side, while Arsenal looked pretty toothless yesterday and also have a lot of injuries to contend with.

Can Everton be trusted to keep up this form though? They are inexperienced in this type of run in, while Arsenal regularly leave it this late to secure Champions League football, and therefore know what to do in these situations.

There are pros and cons in both camps, but on the whole I can see why Arsenal have maintained favouritism in this market.

Don’t forget to check out Pre Match Trading if you like the sound of making money from Premier League matches before a ball has even be kicked.

Pre Match Trading is a tool that spots misaligned prices on Betfair (Betting Exchange), allowing you to trade the markets and make money, before it gets up to speed and realigns itself. The Premier League is ideal for this, as there is always plenty of money/liquidity available to trade the markets with. The Tottenham V Sunderland match tonight will be ideal to give it a try.

Latest Video From Pre Match Trading

The chaps over at Pre Match Trading have been busy putting together another video, this time giving an example of how you can use profits made from pre match trading, in-play.

In this video, you see how profits made pre match on Under 1.5 Goals can be used as insurance to trade different markets.

If you want to play ultra safe you could just spread the profits across Over 1.5 Goals and Under 1.5 Goals (using Betfair), and make a modest profit. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, and it is probably the best way of doing things to be honest.

There are alternative methods though, and this video example shows one of them. With little risk, you can actually make more money by backing other markets, such as Over 2.5 goals, and using the green on Under 1.5 goals as insurance.

Don’t get me wrong, things go too well in this example…. and if you are new to pre match trading, you may be better off taking the more cautious approach and just spreading your green evenly across both outcomes (Over and Under 1.5 goals in this case). You will make less, but you are certain to profit.

As I have stated before, if nothing else, using the pre match trading tool will help you to understand the markets better. You can subscribe to pre match trading for as little as two weeks at a time (£20.00), and there is no tie in for a year or anything like that.

This allows you to give it a go for a couple of weeks, and if you like what you see, purchase it for another two weeks, at £20.00 a time. Then if you feel it is for you, you can purchase a longer package that gives you better value for money.

You probably won’t master the trading tool in two weeks, but you can learn a lot about trading pre match, and you can also follow the chat room on a Saturday afternoon (when it’s most busy) and learn no end from reading what others are doing, and – if you wish too – asking your own questions.

I see using Pre Match Trading as more of a trading education. Have a watch of the following video and see what you think…..

Pre Match Trading – Latest Video

After last weeks break for the FA Cup, the Premier League is back this weekend, so I thought what better time to show you the latest video from the guys (Ads and Emo) over at Pre Match Trading.

As well as no doubt making plenty of money using their system over the New Year period, Ads and Emo have also put together a new video. This is about what to do with any profits you make pre match. It is nearly 10 minutes long, and it looks in more detail at whether to green out pre kick off, or whether to use your profits for an in-play trade, or bet.

You may like in-play betting or trading, or you may like to have a bet on a live TV match. This video shows you how you could possibly do this without actually risking any money, as you would be using the profits already made from pre match trades….effectively betting for free on football.

For more information, or to join Pre Match Trading, just follow this link.

Please note; Even if you are a football trader, Pre Match Trading may not be for you, but it is worth a look as what you can learn about trading from the system is invaluable in my opinion.

Even if you only subscribe for the minimum 2 weeks, it is worth it from a learning perspective – more information can be found, in my Pre Match Trading Review.

Profits Using Pre Match Trading Tool

The Pre Match Trading tool has worked perfectly ahead of the England V Moldova match. I took a look at the Over/Under 3.5 goals market on Betfair last night, and immediately thought it looked too high. It was trading at around 2.08-2.10 on over 3.5 goals.

I then checked pre match trading, and the tool told me that the real price of over 3.5 goals should be 2.04, so I immediately put a back bet up at 2.10. The back bet got matched, and sure enough I managed to trade out this morning at 2.04. As I write, it is currently trading lower.

In the past I would have put a back bet up at 2.12, and a lay bet at 2.06. So I would have ended up out of pocket, as only my lay bet would have got matched, and the market is now trading well below the 2.06.

As I already stated, I thought the market looked high, but what I didn’t know was if I was correct in my judgement. And if I was correct, how high was it trading?

Having access to the pre match trading tool allowed me to know all these details, allowing me to put a larger gap in my back and lay bets (in the past I would have traded out for a one tick profit), and ensuring a nice profit well before kick-off.

More details about Prematchtrading can be found here…..

Last chance to get Pre Match Trading at Discount Rate

Today (Saturday 31st August) is the last chance to purchase Pre Match Trading at the season long price of £219.00. If you want to get this fantastic offer – until the end of May 2014 – you have to act fast, as it runs out tonight.

If you are comparing this one off price against paying for the service every two weeks, this offer amounts to a discount of over 33%.

This price will get you access to all the usual members privileges, including the email alerts, access to the chat room, Draw Inflation, and the Prematchtrading tool.

Every week I have used the service, ‘Ads’ (Adam Ersser) has been in the chat room on Saturday afternoon answering questions from members, and helping them better understand the system.

Every Saturday and Sunday of the Premier League season so far this season I have received the email alert advising me of the safe trades for that day.

A major plus point I have discovered about the emails, is that on the one occasion the original advice in the email changed (due to a significant price movement in a corresponding market), the guys emailed out an update immediately, advising of the change.

This email effectively summed up in a nutshell how the system works. A price movement in a (different) significant market alerted those in the know at prematchtrading that the advised bet needed to change, as movement in this particular market influences the way all the other markets behaves.

It is the fact that the guys have the decency to follow up their emails with changes in circumstances that I like, and shows that it isn’t just an ‘all-take’ service. The initial emails all point out the signs to watch out for when placing bets, so prematchtrading could argue their job is done.

The fact that they go that extra little distance says a lot too me.

For a last chance to get this discount price, please click here. After today this price will be gone, and it will be back to the standard charges.

A Must Watch Prematchtrading Video

If you are thinking of joining Prematchtrading, I would strongly recommend watching the below video first.

Chances are – if you are anything like me – you will get the system on Saturday, then go off and watch the videos, and then find you have missed the first days trading. And you will also have basically chucked the main day of a week’s subscription down the pan.

I found this video very helpful, although it doesn’t claim to be a start up video, it kind of seems like one.

It’s actually well worth watching as many of the available videos as you can before you purchase the system. Although the system isn’t hard to work, I found when looking at the some of the screens I didn’t totally understand exactly what some of the stats and figures were telling me. One watch of the above video (I actually learnt what I wasn’t sure about in the first 5 minutes) and I was off and running.

You may need to play around with the system a bit to learn it, but watching the videos will give you a bit of a head start. And if you still don’t totally get it after you have joined and watched the video, I have found that there is nearly always one of the systems operators in the chat room – at peak trading times – who can be asked.

Don’t forget the guys at Prematchtrading are offering a season long discount if you purchase before the end of August. If you wish to purchase the system for the whole of the football season (until the end of May), you can do so for £219.00. When you consider it costs £106.00 for 3 months, the season long offer looks a great deal.

Good Start Using Prematchtrading

Any regular readers of this website will know that I spent the whole of last season trading the Over/Under 2.5 goals market pre match, using my own method.

This season I have decided to give the subscription service, a go. I’ve joined it for a couple of reasons really. First, I’ve always been curious to see if it as good as it is supposed to be – and secondly, I wanted to see if there was anything I could learn to compliment my own trading.

As advised, I received my email on Saturday morning (there was another one on Sunday). It had advice about 4 premier league matches, all concerned certain scores in the correct score markets. One of the games the email advised was Liverpool V Stoke, it advised that 1-0 looks ok to back at 8.0, with the caveat, that if circumstances (certain markets) change, don’t trade. Circumstances didn’t change in the build up, and as the email said, 1-0 did get backed in allowing a trade.

All in all I followed the advised trades in three of the matches (there were 4 matches advised), and on all three occasions the market behaved in the way the email predicted.

The way the email system appears to work is that it advises you to trade a particular score, using fairly large stakes (I’d say you would need a minimum of £100.00) you trade a tick or two at a time, ie, you’d back 1-0 at 8.0, and lay at 7.6 or 7.8, and then maybe go back in again.

You would then have the option of spreading your green across all scores, or using it to trade in match, or just leaving it as a free bet. Personally, I would always green up across the board, picking out a correct score is never easy.

This is why I would need stakes of £100.00 and/or more. I would be greening up across the board, so to have any chance of making any money after subscription, I would need to be making at the very least £5.00 a match.

Using £100.00 stakes, a back at 8.0 and a lay at 7.8 would give me just over £2.40 green across all scores. So using stakes of around £250.00 would probably be the best option, as it would get the £5.00 done in one trade. And then if the option was there to go back in once more, I would be in the position of making a weeks subscription in one match.

The system costs £20.00 for 14 days (it is cheaper if you purchase a longer period of time), basically a maximum of £10.00 a week. As the example above shows, you could make that one week’s subscription money a match if you use stakes of £250.00, so it should pay for itself quite comfortably.

I would recommend getting if for a month (£39.00), and seeing how you get on with it. It may take a couple of weeks to feel comfortable using the methods, so a month would give you time to use it properly and see if it’s the system for you.

On Sunday I tried out the main reason I joined the service, the pre match trading (PMT) tool. I used it on the Barcelona V Levante match to trade the Over/Under 3.5 goals market. Under 3.5 goals was trading at around 2.50 – 2.52, the PMT tool was telling me it should be trading at 2.58. I matched a lay bet at 2.52, and sure enough about 5 minutes before kick off, Under 3.5 goals was trading at 2.56 – 2.58 (I got out at 2.56).

I also followed the chat room on Saturday afternoon, and that looks very informative. A chap called Ads, one of the systems owners, was in there giving out helpful advice most of Saturday afternoon. It’s good that you can actually chat to one of the owners and pick up first hand advice from him.

For me though, the PMT tool looks bloody good. It is especially helpful for my trading method as I do the Over/Under 2.5 goals market. The PMT tool (software) tells me where the price of the market should be, compared to where it is.

For example, if Over 2.5 goals is trading at 2.02 on Betfair, the tool tells me this, but the jewel in the crown is that it tells me what the price should be (based on all the collective markets on the match), so it may tell me that the current price is correct, or it may tell me that the price should be 2.06, so on that basis I would know to lay 2.02. It basically picks out any misalignments in the price, allowing me to take advantage of it.

So far for me, looks value for money. The emails look good, they are easy to understand, and the advice seems accurate. There is a helpful chat room, and the PMT tool works out what the true odds should be on every big match across Europe. So far so good as far as I am concerned, I am very happy with my purchase.

For more information, or too purchase PMT, please click here…..

Discount Season Membership From Pre Match Trading

The guys over at Pre Match Trading have now finished making all their summer upgrades to their service, and along with this, they have now announced a special offer allowing you to purchase the system for a season at a special discount rate.

For a one off £219.00, you can now purchase Pre Match Trading (also known as Shirley) and all its tools (including Draw Inflation) and upgrades for the whole of the upcoming football season (access to the service would end on on 1st June 2014).

This special offer ends on 31st August, and is available now – so the sooner you join, the better the value for money you will get. This amounts to a massive reduction of over 40% in price (according to their website).

For the benefit of any previous subscribers, the chatroom is much more easy to navigate, and I’ve been told that the email service will recommence at the start of the Premier League season on 17th August.

For more information, or to open an account with Pre Match Trading, please follow this link…..

Below is a video highlighting the recent upgrades to the service…