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Matched Betting is a technique that shows you how to make risk free money from placing bets.

It’s not betting or gambling – it’s simply a process of placing bets in a particular order. Near the end of the process, you receive a free bet, and you make your risk free cash at this point.

Our matched betting guide, walks you through the whole process step-by-step.

We also have all the information you need to find the best subscription services. 

The subscriptions services are ideal if you’re new to this process.

And they are also ideal when you move onto the Reload offers that are slightly more complicated.

Recommended subscription services include Profit Maximiser, Betting Mastermind and OddsMonkey.

Profit Accumulator V Profit Maximiser 0

Profit Accumulator V Profit Maximiser

Profit Accumulator V Profit Maximiser – which one is the best? This is a popular question amongst the matched betting community, and a question plenty have tried to answer. Both are matched betting systems,...

Profit Maximiser Trial 0

Profit Maximiser Trial

There is now a £1 + Vat Profit Maximiser trial available. This is great news if you have been pondering purchasing the Profit Maximiser betting system, but have been stalling at the purchase price,...

Profit Maximiser £10,000 Club 0

Profit Maximiser £10,000 Club

The Profit Maximiser £10,000 club is a group of Profit Maximiser subscribers who have managed to make £10,000 using the Profit Maximiser subscription service. So What Is The Profit Maximiser £10,000 Club It is...

Profit Maximiser Free Bets List 0

Profit Maximiser Free Bets List

I’ve previously written about the 80 Bingo Sign Up offers available on Mike Cruickshank’s Profit Maximiser service, so today I am going to write about the extensive Free Bets list available to members of...

How Matched Betting Works 0

How Matched Betting Works

Following on from my article about what is matched betting, here I’m going to write about how matched betting works. To start with, you will need a betting exchange account. I use Betfair, there...