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Pre Match Trading is a low risk method of football betting that you can do before a ball is even kicked.

Pre Match Trading

Pre Match Trading

Using this method for 43 weeks across 2012 and into 2013, we managed to turn £100 into £388. While this might not be a life changing amount, it is a very decent Return On Investment (ROI).

– The basic function of the Pre Match Trading software is too spot misaligned prices.

So for example, the software picks up the Over 2.5 Goals is getting backed in, but 2-1 in the ‘Correct Score’ market of the same match, isn’t.

The software will alert you too this, so that you can quickly back 2-1 before those odds also start to get shorter (as they would be following the Over/Under 2.5 Goals market).

The trick is, that you back it before the price shortens, and then you lay it off after the market reacts, meaning you have a nice risk free profit before a ball is kicked.

– This is also the reason why I stated that Pre Match Trading is low risk.
If for example, the odds didn’t shift as the software predicted, you wouldn’t lose much (if anything). If the odds did shift, you wouldn’t win a huge amount either though – as it’s low risk.
Basically, you don’t lose much if it goes wrong, and you win small, when you win – but you have a massive unfair advantage from the software – so you should be winning very often.

Our Pre Match Trading Review goes into far more details, and gives you information about the different pricing structures, the software, and the chatroom (where you meet lots of like minded members).