Profit Accumulator V Profit Maximiser

Profit Accumulator or Profit Maximiser? That is a question that is asked on forums, social media, blogging platforms, and in the comments section of websites like this, on a daily basis.

Profit Accumulator V Profit Maximiser

It’s hard to say which is the better betting system, as both essentially do the same job. Both are matched betting, both have hundreds of pounds worth of bookmakers new customers offers listed, and both have daily reload offers from bookmakers.

The daily reload offers are the real money making offers. They are the bread and butter of matched betting, as they continue to make you risk free money long after you have cashed in the original new customers offer, and these offers ensure you continue to make risk free money on a daily basis, on nearly every day of the year!

Purchasing Options For Profit Maximiser And Profit Accumualtor

Profit Maximiser now has a £1.20 trial for two weeks (£1.00 + 20p Vat), while Profit Accumulator has a free trial. For the grand total of £1.20 you can have a good look around both systems for a couple of weeks, and make your own mind up. Which is a far better option, than having me trying to tell you which is the best.

The full payment amount could help you decide which option you prefer to go with though. In total, Profit Maximiser costs £116.40 for 12 months, while Profit Accumulator costs £150.00 for 12 months. The alternative options are a monthly payment of £22.99 from Profit Accumulator, while Profit Maximiser has no monthly option.

After the initial two weeks Profit Maximiser Trial period, you will have to make a one off payment of £115.20 (you’ve already paid £1.20) for the remaining 11 and a half months of your subscription. While with Profit Accumulator, you can make a one off payment of £150.00 for 12 months, after you have completed the free trial.

With Profit Accumualtor, you can cancel your monthly subscription at any time, so if you’re still not 100% sure what to do after trying out both trial offers, the Profit Accumulator monthly option might be your best option.

That way, you still have the option to use it for as long as you want, but could quit the process after just one or two months, having only spent £23.00 (one month) or £46.00 (for two months), rather than having forked out over one hundred quid up front for a year’s subscription!

One word of caution, if you are going to go down the Profit Accumualtor monthly route, it would be well worth your while investing in the 12 months package, as it will cost you a hell of a lot more to buy 12 months, on a monthly basis.

Buying Profit Accumulator up front for £150.00 for 12 months, is far cheaper than the monthly option, which works out at £275.88 (£22.99 x 12 months). If you can’t afford £150.00 up front, then maybe buy the monthly package, earn yourself one fifty, and then purchase the 12 months with the money you’ve made.

Which Betting System Is Better?

There really is no way of telling this. Look at the facts, and that is that the only real difference is the pricing structure.

So our answer to the question of which is the better, is simple – just try them both yourself. You have the opportunity to try them both out for just £1.20 in total, yes, just one pound and twenty pence.

The best bit about it is, that you will actually make money trying them both out. Profit Accumulator shows you how to cash in bets that will make you roughly £40.00 risk free.

At the same time, you are free to look around the Profit Maximiser members area, where you will find hundreds of pounds worth of free bets that can be cashed in. Any money you make cashing them in, is yours to keep – whether you join the service permanently or not!

So not only do you have nothing to lose trying them out, you actually have plenty to gain. So here are the two links you need…….

…… so go on and give them a try, and make yourself some extra money at the same time.

Profit Maximiser Members Continue To Make Risk Free Profits

The football season may be drawing to a close, but that doesn’t have the slightest effect on the ability of members of the Profit Maximiser service to carry on making risk free money throughout the summer.

All of Europe’s top leagues are now finished for the season, and there is only cup finals, international friendlies, and the small matter of the 2016 European Championships to look forward to for football betting.

All this leaves big gaps in our betting calender, and if you are not already one of the many Profit Maximiser Members making daily profits, then now is the ideal time to take a look at joining the service.

Before I go on, Profit Maximiser comes with a 30 day ‘No Questions Asked’ money back guarantee (more details can be found in our full Profit Maximiser Review). This allows you to purchase the system, and then use it for a month, and if it’s not for you, simple ask for your money back.

The way the betting system is set up ensures you will make your money back within the first month, no problem. There is a load of free bets (from sourced bookmakers) already lined up, with full instructions (video and written) on how to cash them out for the maximum profit.

Doing this inside the first month, will get you your subscription money back. At the end of the month, if you still decide that this isn’t for you, then you can get your subscription money back, and also keep the profits you made during that month. It’s a no lose situation!

When you have worked your way through all the free bets, you will see that there are spread bet offers to cash in, casino offers to cash in, and bingo sign up offers that you can use the money you’ve already made (risk free) to cash in as well.

All in all, there is well over one hundred pre loaded offers already waiting for as soon as you join.

You may well ask, what do I do when I have worked your way through all of those offers? And that would be a perfectly valid question – and by the way, it will take you well over the summer to do that, probably most of the rest of the year!

And the answer is, that when you have cashed in all of the pre loaded offers for risk free profits, you will need to switch to the Profit Maximiser Calender.

On the Profit Maximiser Calender there are offers for existing customers (from the bookmakers, casinos, bingo websites you have already joined) listed on there every day. Below is a screenshot example.

Profit Maximiser Calender
Profit Maximiser Calender

All the work is done for you. All you have to do is click on the offer, follow the instructions and make the risk free money. The calender is updated numerous times a day, and it ensures that Profit Maximiser members continue to profit every day of the year.

These offers are free spins in a casino, or a free bet on a horse race, or a free bet on a particular football match, etc, etc, and all for existing customers.

This summer we will see ample opportunities for existing customer (and new customers) offers with events like Royal Ascot and the 2016 European Championships coming up. There will be free bets galore for existing customers available on these events (we have our very own dedicated European Championship New Customers Offers page for you to keep an eye on).

Direct Link To Profit Maximiser - A Betting System That Works
Try Profit Maximiser For A Month Here

There is no better time to join Profit Maximiser. One, there is little football to bet on for the next few weeks. Two, there will be free bets on Royal Ascot and Euro 2016 that Profit Maximiser will alert you too (saves you looking for them yourself). Three, you can make risk free profits every day of the year – the best reason of all.

How Accumulator Generator Works

Accumulator Generator is the latest in a long line of Mike Cruickshank betting products. The main focus of the system is to make money from free bets, claimed using acca insurance offers.

There are various techniques you can use with Accumulator Generator, but the most popular one, and the one I would recommend to anybody just starting out, is the technique used to claim the free bets.

An example of how Accumulator Generator free bets technique works, can be seen below. Starting today (2nd May), with William Hill, you would place your 5-fold acca on the below matches.

Brighton v Derby
Dukla Trencin v Spartak Trnava
Napoli v Atalanta
Eintracht Frankfurt v Borussia Dortmund
Lille v Guingamp
Barcelona v Espanyol

The total acca odds to back are 5.075, with total lay odds of 5.549, which would result in a loss of around £2.00. Details of how much you would need to back and lay are shown in the below screenshot.

Acca Calc 020516

This Acca bet has to be placed before 2pm today, with Brighton V Derby an early start. It is the first one of 11 pages (there is 20 Acca’s on every page) of Acca’s you can use to attempt to get free bets over the next few days alone. That’s over 200 Acca bets you can choose from to place over the next week.

This just goes to show how much money can be made from the Accumulator Generator football betting system.

The main aim of the system is to not lose. This is why we need to cover our accumulator bets. Once you have done that, you simply sit back and hope that the acca loses by one, meaning we then get a free bet. Just think how much risk free cash can be made by doing this numerous times, with numerous different bookmakers!

You can find your own acca bets, or you can let Accumulator Generator do it all for you. Personally, I would find my own bets, and try and complete them in a day to two at the most.

Accumulator Generator Trial

You can now try out the Accumulator Generator Betting System for just £1.00 + Vat, for 14 days. This is an excellent offer if you are a bit reluctant to fork out the full subscription amount before seeing how the system works.

Accumulator Generator Trial
Try Acca Generator for £1, and see how much money you can make.

You then have two options. If you don’t want to keep Accumulator Generator, then simply contact customer services and cancel your order before the end of the 14 days.

While if you decide to keep the system, then do nothing, and you will be billed the remaining £148.99 + Vat (one off lifetime payment) at the end of the 14 days. By the end of the two week trial you should be well on your way to making your subscription money back, and you will have seen for yourself how the system works, and what a cash cow it is set to be.

Proven Football Betting Strategies

We all want to find proven football betting strategies that make us money. The last thing we want to do is fork out for a new system, only to find it costs us twice as much money, as it goes on a losing run as soon as we start using it.

One exception to this rule is Accumulator Generator. The reason why I like this strategy so much, is because it doesn’t lose you money!!

You may ask how Accumulator Generator doesn’t lose money? And the answer is, that it is a system that is set up primarily not to lose money, as opposed to risky staking plans that can lose money.

How many betting systems or strategies have you ever come across that have a ‘no lose’ strategy? They are generally all based on ‘look how much you can win’ headlines, which are usually risky strategies, that try to generate sales based on peoples greed.

This is where Accumulator Generator is different, as it is basically a technique that creates free bets, and we then make our risk free money by cashing in the free bets.

Using this strategy, you will learn how to place your accumulator bets and then cover them so they don’t lose you all your stake money – you may lose a pound or two at times, but not all your stake.

Direct Link To The Accumulator Generator Football Betting System That Works
Accumulator Generator

The general idea of this proven betting strategy is not to lose (except the occasional pound mentioned above), and when we win, we get ourselves a free bet of £50.00 (which can be turned into £35.00 cash easily), or a £25.00 free bet (which can be turned into around £17.00 cash quite easily).

If you are placing a £25.00 or a £50.00 acca bet, and you only lose a pound or two when you don’t trigger the free bet, are you really that bothered? Especially when the rewards are the prospect of £50.00 or £25.00 free bets, from which you can make plenty of risk free money that far outweighs your one quid loss.

That’s essentially how Accumulator Generator works, and why it doesn’t send you to the poor house.

A bad or losing run with Accumulator Generator, is the possibility of not triggering a £50.00 or £25.00 free bet for four, five or six bets, etc. That means you might lose up to a tenner, but you won’t go bankrupt in the process. You may then trigger two or three free bets in succession, that can make you upwards of £60.00, £70.00, 80 quid or more.

Accumulator Generator comes with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, this allows you to purchase the system, try it out, and see if you like it.

The strategy also comes with written and video instructions. There is a calculator that works out how much you have to lay when covering your bet (to ensure you don’t lose), and there is also a ‘Acca Finder’ section that finds you the best value acca bets to place to try and trigger your free bets.

Football Accumulator Betting Strategies – Part 1

With all the offers available on football accumulator bets, it was only a matter of time before somebody somewhere came up with betting strategies that made risk free money from acca bets. Luckily we have discovered that there is such a strategy, and the best bit about it is, there’s more than one, and it’s called Accumulator Generator.

Direct Link To The Accumulator Generator Football Betting System That Works
Accumulator Generator

Within the Accumulator Generator package, there is a massive 5 techniques for making money from accumulator bets. Here we are going to look at the Back, Lay and Hope technique. This technique is attempting to get the free bet refunds available from acca insurance offers.

Acca Insurance refund offers are also known as ‘Money Back If You Miss By One,’ and they are available with most bookmakers, almost every day.

Depending on which of the bookmakers you use, you can get money back on losing accumulator bets if one leg of a 4-fold, or one leg a 5-fold, or a 6-fold (or larger) bet lets you down.

These refunds come in the form of free bets. Some bookmakers offer a maximum refund of £25.00, and some offer a maximum refund of £50.00. So they are large amounts of money (more details can be found on our Accumulator Generator Review page).

Using the Lay, Back and Hope technique, what you are aiming to do is place a 4-fold acca bet (for example) and trigger the refund to get yourself a £50.00 free bet. Using the £50.00 free bet, you can then get yourself around £35.00 in guaranteed profits.

There are a couple of bookmakers who offer £50.00 refunds on 4-fold accas. In order to get a £50.00 refund you will need to place a £50.00 bet on your acca bet, to try and trigger the refund. To trigger the refund, you need to get three out of four selections right (money back if you miss by one).

So just to clarify, if you place a four team accumulator and three teams win, and one doesn’t, you will get your money back as a free bet.

So if you place these 4-fold acca bets often enough, sure enough, you will get three out of four right enough times to make a fortune from the free bets.

Please note, £50.00 is the maximum amount of refund you can get. You can use the same technique on smaller amounts of money such as £5.00 or £10.00 bets, etc, if it suits you better. When you place an accumulator bet, the amount of your refund is based on the amount you place on your acca bet. So if you place £10.00 on your acca bet, and your acca misses by one, you get a £10.00 free bet refund.

Direct Link To The Accumulator Generator Football Betting System That Works
Accumulator Generator

If you are placing £50.00 acca bets, you obviously don’t want to lose your money. What Accumulator Generator does is show you how to place your £50.00 acca bet in a way that if more than one team loses, or the bet wins, you will only lose a couple of quid (remember, the aim is to get the £50.00 free bet refund, not for the acca to win).

It tells you which teams to lay, and calculates how much money you need to place on your lay bets. Calculating how much you need to place on your lay bet is the complicated bit, so having the Accumulator Generator calculator to work it out for you, and the support of your membership (with videos, written instructions) to help you place your bets, is vital to succeed in making money with this strategy.

This Football Accumulator Betting Strategy is firstly and foremost a ‘no lose’ system. A lot of football betting systems require risking large amounts of money, and possibly having to absorb losing runs. Not this one, the worst that can happen is you don’t win for a while, and you may lose a quid or two placing the acca bets.

You may have four or five bets when you don’t win, which may cost you up to a tenner. Then you could hit three or four refunds in a row, and have the best part of £200.00 in free bets to use. You will get the free bets loads of times, how many times do you place a 4 or 5-fold, and find one team lets you down? It’s always happening.

Then when you activate the refunds, you have a £25.00 free bet, or a £50.00 free bet to use – and Accumulator Generator also shows you how to place the free bet in a way to guarantee yourself a profit. You should make around 70% profit on a free bet in cash.

In a nutshell this is how the strategy works……….

  • Place Your Acca Bet
  • Lay Teams In Acca To Ensure You Don’t Lose Acca Stake

Then two options, either……

  • Don’t Win, And Maybe Lose A Quid Or Two


  • Get A £25.00 Or A £50.00 Free Bet
  • Make Guaranteed Profit

Don’t forget, with Accumulator Generator there are a further 4 techniques (I will review them as well), 5 in total. Of the 5, four are pretty much risk free, and one is for more experienced traders or gamblers, that involves a bit or risk, for higher rewards.

Accumulator Generator is a proven betting strategy that works. It also finds the acca bets for you to use, although you can also use the same techniques and find your own acca bets. If you choose to use the ones found by the system, you will find that there are pages of them, spread out over days. This system practically does everything for you, if you want it too.

Direct Link To Accumulator Generator Free Trial
Accumulator Generator Money Back Guarantee

The Accumulator Generator football strategy also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. This is a ‘No Questions Asked’ money back guarantee, so all you need to do is purchase the system, try it out for a 2 to 3 weeks, and then ask for your money back. No reason is required. You really have nothing to lose trying it out.

This weekend’s football betting systems match prospects

Only five Premier League matches this weekend, due to FA Cup matches also being played. The five fixtures are as follows…….

Norwich V Man City (Sat 12.45pm)
Bournemouth V Swansea (Sat 3pm)
Stoke V Southampton (Sat 3pm)
Aston Villa V Tottenham (Sun 4pm)
Leicester V Newcastle (Mon 8pm)

Of these matches, there is the possibility of a one sided hiding in the Man City and Tottenham matches, which rules them out of using the Assured Soccer Profits (ASP) system. Although Leicester are at home to Newcastle on Monday, and on paper that looks like a comfortable home win, I do believe that this match looks a good call to use on the ASP system.

Direct Link To Profit Maximiser - A Betting System That Works
Profit Maximiser

Leicester haven’t really put anybody to the sword at home this season, most of their wins have been low scoring affairs, which is ideal for the Assured Soccer Profits betting system. It’s a similar prospect with the Bournemouth V Swansea and Stoke V Southampton matches, they both have the look of 1-0, 1-1, 2-0, 2-1 type score lines, which suit the ASP system.

To sum up, if you are thinking of using the ASP system this weekend, I would leave the Norwich V Man City and Villa V Spurs matches alone. While the matches I would consider trading using the ASP system are at Bournemouth, Stoke and Leicester.

Moving onto accumulator system offers, and there are plenty of matches to choose from in your selections this weekend. If you are considering using the Accumulator Generator technique that requires lots of low odds teams for your acca, then there are a good few teams you can use this weekend.

There is Rangers at 2/9 (Fri), Celtic 2/5 (Sat), Barcelona at 1/16 (Sat), Bayern Munich 1/8 (Sat), Atletic Madrid 1/4 (Sat). All of these are the sort of prices that can work in Lay All At Once technique, but as you need matches to actually lose to make money in this technique, it’s hard to see this paying this week. Trying to claim the free bets using the acca insurance offers might make more sense this weekend.

Direct Link To The Accumulator Generator Football Betting System That Works
Accumulator Generator

Accumulator Generator is a football betting system that makes money from various backing and laying techniques on football accumulator bets. It is one of the many of Mike Cruickshanks Betting Products that all make risk free money.

Other systems from Mike Cruickshank include Profit Maximiser and Bonus Bagging, they all come with money back guarantees, allowing you to try them out risk free. They are worth it, and I don’t think you will be disappointed.