Betfair Trading Expert Review

Betfair Trading Expert is four football trading systems brought to you by Dr Matthew Abraham.

Matthew was aware that bookmakers don’t have big wins like genuine punters occasionally do. Yeah, they have good days, but on the the whole the bookies earn their living from gradual accumulation of money from having the odds and probabilities firmly in their favour.

Bookmakers have always had the balance of probability firmly in their favour. When the betting exchanges came along, Matthew quickly realised that we could take some of that probability back from the bookmakers and use it in our favour instead.

Matthew’s systems show you how to do this and he has given punters – turned traders – the chance to claim some of the balance of probability for yourself instead, and hence give you a far better chance to earn money from it.

So Who Is Dr Matthew Abraham?

Dr Abraham is a former gambler who just so happens to have a PHD in Probability and Statistics. This gives him a foot in both camps. He has the intuition of a gambler, and can work out the probabilities of a bet to see if it really represents true value or not.

Matthew has created four football trading systems. He calls it ‘Living off Betfair’ which I’m sure is something we all aspire to do.

What is Betfair Trading Expert?

Betfair Trading Expert is four winning football trading systems. This is NOT gambling, this is simply using the odds in your favour. You do not need any knowledge of football, just some common sense and the ability to carry reasonably simple instructions.

You can start with as little as £50.00, it is up to you. I would personally recommend starting with a small amount like £50.00, and when you are comfortable and fully understand what you are doing, then maybe up your stakes (your betting bank should have grown by then anyway).

What Do I Get When I Join Betfair Trading Expert?

When you join Betfair Trading Expert you will be able to download it instantly, there is no waiting around for emails, or for information to be sent over.

You will receive not one, but four winning football trading systems. Matthew sends out a list of picks (at least one a week, usually a lot more) of the matches which meet the trading criteria. This saves a lot of time, as this obviously saves you hunting around for all the matches yourself.

Matthew will also give you one-on-one support once you have purchased the systems. He includes his personal email address so you can contact him if you are unsure of anything.

I always look for this when I am considering purchasing a system or a service, as it generally means the guy selling the service isn’t just going to take your money and disappear into the sunset with your cash.

How Much Does Betfair Trading Expert Cost?

Betfair Trading Expert is priced up in US Dollars, it costs $69.00 USD plus VAT. $69.00 USD equates to approximately £46.00, with VAT coming in at around £9.00. So it costs roughly £55.00 give or take the exchange rate on the day.

Betfair Trading Expert comes with a 60 day money back guarantee, it is sold through the Clickbank platform which is a reputable distributor, meaning you can purchase with confidence. Along with the personal email address from Matthew, this all bodes well.

Payments methods excepted are Paypal, Visa and Mastercard. You can pay in various different currencies (a full list can be found on the purchase page) including US Dollars, GB Pounds Sterling and Euros.


£55.00 for four football betting systems is very cheep in my opinion. The best thing I like about this, and all the other football trading methods on this website, is that we can learn from them and implement some of the methods in our own football trading methods.

Any of the systems as a whole might not suit my, or your methods of trading…. but an element of it might. Reading and learning all of these systems only helps with our education when it comes to trading football on Betfair.

For me, my Betfair football trading is a long term process, where I am always looking to learn – so taking on as much information as I can get my hands on from other traders is of paramount importance (even if it does cost a few pounds in the process).

It’s all a learning curve, and these methods from Dr Matthew Abraham are certainly worth learning.

And Finally

Since I have started using trading methods, I have quickly realised that there are two good reasons why people sell these products.

First is because they don’t go near conventional betting methods. As a result there is no chance of crashing the system with too many bets, as there is no direct link with what general punters normally gamble on.

And second, even if did conflict with normal betting methods, it wouldn’t matter anyway as there is just that much money floating around the system, that these methods wouldn’t make a ripple in it.

Any of these systems would only be a problem if they actually won money off bookmakers. As it is a betting exchange based system, it simply doesn’t matter.

This is why they are okay to sell. And as I already said, they are worth learning if you are serious about trading football for a living. Common sense tells me that I need to keep learning, as I can never learn enough!

For more information, or to purchase Betfair Trading Expert, please click here……

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