Betfair Sign Up Offers

Every week Betfair unveils a whole host of sign up offers for new customers. In general, they are enhanced odds on football matches, but they also include offers on big sporting events, such as Formula 1, Rugby Union Internationals, big fights in Boxing, International Cricket fixtures, etc, etc.

Betfair have numerous promotional code links that they use, they are updated every time a new accounts offer comes along. We have listed some of these sign up links below, so if you are looking to open a new Betfair account check out the promotional offers below.

Don’t worry if there isn’t a Betfair Sign Up offer there that suits you at the moment, as there will be plenty more next – and every – weekend. One will pop up that is to your liking at some stage, so like Internet dating, you just need to keep checking until you see the one you like.

The Betfair new accounts promotional links are as follows…………

Latest Betfair Sign Up Offers

Simply click on these links to see if there is an offer that you like the look of, and then open an account using the particular offer you want.

Please note, that the enhanced part of the winnings on all these promotions are paid in free bets, with cash paid on the normal odds. You will also get £100.00 in free bets using these offers, and if your original bet loses (the one you used to open your account), you will get your tenner back as a free bet.

When you open your new Betfair account, you will need to make sure the relevant Betfair Promo Code is in the ‘Promo code/Referral code’ box, this is what gets you that offer. Make a note of the promo code when you click through onto the sign up page, and if it’s not already in the ‘Promo code/Referral code’ box, then simply add it.

Betfair Free Bet Example

Let’s say Betfair have an offer on England to beat Brazil at football, it would work like this.

  • The normal odds on England to win are 2/1. Under the new accounts offer, you can get 7/1
  • You back England at 7/1 under the terms of the offer at the maximum amount of £10.00
  • England win, and you get back £30.00 in cash (£10.00 stake + £20.00 winnings at 2/1)
  • You also receive £50.00 in free bets (the remainder of the 7/1 on England to win promotion)

As well as having a massive selection of new account offers to choose from, you will also find that there are loads of Betfair Offers For Existing Customers, to keep you happy after you have joined. These offers include refund on football matches when a certain trigger point is activated, and free bets on horse racing.

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