Betfair Football Betting

If you like betting on football, then having a Betfair account is an absolute must.

Betfair New Customer Offers

correct score trading

New customer offer. Place 5 x £10 or more bets to receive £20 in free bets. Repeat up to 5 times to receive maximum £100 bonus. Min odds 1/2 (1.5). Exchange bets excluded. T&C’s apply. For full terms and conditions, please see the Betfair website for further details.

Betfair Promo Code

As they are always coming out with different sign up offers, the Betfair Promo Code is always changing to match the relevant promotion.

To claim the standard Betfair offer, simply open an account through this link.

The Betfair Promo Code for the £30.00 Free Bet should already be written in the box marked ‘Promo code/Referral code (if applicable)’ – you should check it’s in there before registering.

The Betfair Free Bet is only available on their Sportsbook (fixed odds) website, not the Betfair betting exchange. You will be able to use the betting exchange under this log in though, as one login serves all the Betfair platforms – Sportsbook, Exchange, Casino, Live Casino, Poker, Exchange Games, Arcade, Vegas Slots and Bingo.

So in order to receive the maximum £30.00 free bet from Betfair, simply follow these simple steps……

  • Open A Betfair Account Here
  • Make Sure The Relevant Promo Code Is In The Box Marked ‘Promo code/Referral code (if applicable)’ When Registering

Betfair Cash Out

The Betfair Cash Out is a facility that is available on both the Betfair Sportsbook (Fixed Odds) and the Betfair Betting Exchange.

It’s origins lie in the betting exchange. In the past if you were trading a sporting event and wished to Cash Out, you would off had to work out the figure you needed to back or lay yourself, now the Betfair Cash Out does it for you.

For example, you may have backed England to beat Italy at football. England go 1-0 up, so their odds shorten. You are watching the match, and you think Italy might equalise and go on and win – so you hit the Cash Out button.

Before you hit the Cash Out button, you can hover over it to see the ‘what if’ figure. This is the figure you can get if you Cash Out at the moment.

A word of caution when using Cash Out though. In fast moving live markets with a time delay you can find it hard to Cash Out. It appears that if the ‘what if’ scenario figures changes during the time delay countdown, your Cash Out bet gets cancelled.

So in some instances, it is best to go back to the old fashioned method and just put your own price in and wait for it to get matched.

For example, you may have backed Over 2.5 goals and with 15 minutes left and the score is 1-1 and you decide to play safe and Cash Out at 1.8. You hover over the Cash Out button, to see the ‘what if’ amount, and if you like it, click Cash Out!

Watch Out For Time Delay

During the time delay on the countdown, the price shortens to 1.77 and the bet gets cancelled. You try it again, and the price shortens to 1.74, and the bet is again cancelled. This does happen quite often, so in this instance it might be better to just work it out yourself and put your bet or lay up at 1.77 in the first place and guarantee getting matched. Otherwise you could end up watching your winnings disappear while trying to Cash Out.

The Cash Out facility is also available on the Sportsbook (Fixed Odds) website. It is available on single bets and accumulators as long as betting is still available on the match (fixed odds betting gets suspended in the final few minutes of football matches).

If you back Liverpool, Man Utd, Arsenal and Chelsea to all win on Saturday, and all are 1-0 up at half time, you can simply hit the Cash Out button for guaranteed profit. Unlike most bookmakers, the Betfair (Fixed Odds) Cash Out works if a leg of you bet has already won.

What this means is that if you bet on Over 2.5 goals in 3 matches, and one of the 3 matches goes 3-0 in the first half, you can still Cash Out. A Lot of bookmakers won’t let you do that if one leg of your bet has already won. This is something to look into when deciding what bookmaker to bet with.

Betfair Acca Insurance

There are two types of Acca Insurance from Betfair. They are Match Odds Acca Insurance, and Both Teams To Score Acca Insurance, and they are both available to ALL Betfair (new and existing) customers.

With all offers of this nature from Betfair, they are for the Betfair Sportsbook only. Not the Betfair Betting Exchange.

Match Odds Acca Insurance

First up from Betfair, is their Match Odds Acca Insurance. With this offer you get your money back as a free bet if one team in your 5-fold (or larger) accumulator bet, lets you down.

The maximum refund (as a free bet) is £25.00, and the accumulative odds of your acca bet has to be a minimum of 4/1 (5.0), with the minimum odds on any leg of your acca at 1/5 (1.20). Any football matches offered on qualify for this offer.

So what this means is you can pick 5 teams to all win in your acca, and if 4 of those teams all win, you will get your money back from Betfair as a free bet to use within 48 hours.

Both Teams To Score Acca Insurance

With the Betfair Both Teams To Score Acca, you get your money back if one leg of a 4-fold (or larger) bet lets you down. Both Teams To Score is also known as BTTS, and what is means is you pick a match in which you believe both teams will score.

The maximum refund (as a free bet) is again £25.00, and the accumulative odds of your acca bet has to be a minimum of 4/1 (5.0), with the minimum odds on any leg of your acca at 1/5 (1.20). Any football matches offered on qualify for this offer.

Acca Insurance is now a very popular offer. If your bookmaker isn’t currently giving you this offer, it’s time to change your bookie to one that does offer acca insurance.

Not only do bookmakers offer acca insurance, some will offer a bonus payout on winning accumulator bets. If you have a weekly football acca bet, you should make sure you are getting one of these offers.

How Does Betfair Work?

When people google ‘How Does Betfair Work,’ I believe they are generally looking for information about how the betting exchange operates.

Before moving onto that though, there are some Betfair basics to run through.

Betfair have a number of strings to their bow, making them a very rare and complete gambling package.

There are not too many companies out there that give you access to such a number of betting platforms. Betfair have a Sportsbook, Betting Exchange, Casino, Live Casino, Poker, Exchange Games, Arcade, Vegas Slots and Bingo.

All these services are accessed through one Betfair login – which you will set up when you open your new account. They also operate out of one wallet – meaning no swapping money from one platform to another.

This is why you are able to claim the Sportsbook free bet. Even if you are only looking to just use the Betting Exchange.

Betfair Betting Exchange

The Betting Exchange appears to be fairly daunting to some gamblers who seem to take one look at it and think to themselves, I don’t understand how that works. I know quite a few gamblers, and nearly all of them don’t get the Betfair Betting Exchange.

There is a simple reason for this, and that is because they have never tried to use it. It really isn’t daunting, it is very easy.

The best thing I can advise to do, is too stick a tenner in your account. Then go to a popular football match, or sporting event. Place a couple of quid on a Back bet, and also place a couple of quid on a Lay bet on an odds on favourite football team.

As Betfair shows you what your position will be at the end of a match (ie, how much you stand to win or lose), you will see what you stand to win or lose. Therefore it should quickly dawn on you how the whole process works.

Blue Box Is Back Odds – Pink Box Is Lay Odd

If you click on the below picture, you will see a Back Box which is Blue. And a Lay box which is Pink.

Betfair Back Lay

The whole process is really simple. If you wish to place a bet on a team to win, you just click on Back. It’s exactly the same as placing a bet with a normal bookmakers.

Where the Betfair Betting Exchange really differs is when it comes to laying. To place a lay bet, click on the lay (pink) button.

To Lay, is to oppose, it’s exactly what a bookmaker is doing when it takes your bet. So if you think Manchester United won’t win on Saturday, you simply Lay them.

This removes the need for having to place bets on the other team to win, and another bet on the draw.

Which is what you might of had to do if you wanted to bet on Manchester United not to win, pre Betting Exchange.

The biggest thing to bare in mind here, is that if you are Laying Manchester United for £10.00 at 2/1, it will cost you £20.00 to lay them, should they win. If Manchester United don’t win, you keep the tenner.

After you place a bet, your liability (what you stand to lose, should your bet lose) is frozen in your account, and you can’t withdraw that money.

This prevents people from Laying a bet, and then when they see it is going to lose them money, quickly withdrawing it.

Trade Out To Limit Losses

As the Betting Exchange is effectively a trading room, you can get some or all of your money back before a match finishes by trading out.

If you back Manchester United (for £10.00) to win at 3/1, and they then go 2-0 up, you would be able to to Lay Manchester United for your tenner at much shorter odds, such as 1.25 (1/4).

In this instance you are Laying Manchester United for £10.00 with £2.50 liability. But you have already backed Manchester United for £10.00 at 3/1, so you stand to win £30.00. In Laying Manchester United at 1.25 for £10.00, you are removing your tenner liability, at a cost of £2.50.

This means that if Manchester United carry on and win, you would win £27.50. While if the other team came back and got a 2-2 draw, you would break even. This is because you placed a Lay bet of £10.00 on Manchester United. This negated your £10.00 Back bet on Manchester United.

You will also find on the Betting Exchange that you can’t place accumulator bets.

If you wish to place an accumulator on the football, you simply access the Sportsbook part of your Betfair account, and place the bet there.

Again, it all works through your one login, meaning no transferring money, etc.

Correct Score Betting On Betfair

Correct Score Betting on Betfair differs slightly depending on whether you are using the Betting Exchange or the Sportsbook.

The Sportsbook side of Betfair is pretty much the same as general Correct Score betting with other bookmakers. Where you get odds on a team to win by a particular score, ie, 8/1 on Manchester United to win 1-0. You simply pick the score you think it will be, and place your bet on the scoreline.

The maximum scoreline available to place a bet on varies, with some bookies only going up to a maximum of 6-1, 4-4, etc, and some bookies going as high as 10-0, 10-1, etc. All bookies will offer the common scorelines of 0-0, 1-0, 0-1, 1-1, 2-1, 1-2, 2-2, 3-2, 2-3, 3-3, 4-3, 3-4, 4-4, etc.

If you are using Betfair’s Betting Exchange the format is again different. You can get odds on every score up to and including 3-2, 2-3 and 3-3. After that you have the choice of any other scores.

Any other score now comes with three different choices. You can now have a bet on one of the following three outcomes……

  • 1 – Any Other Home Win – including scores such as 4-0, 4-1, 5-1, 7-2, 10-1, 15-0, etc.
  • 2 – Any Other Away Win – including scores such as 0-4, 1-4, 1-5, 1-6, 2-8, 0-10, etc.
  • 3 – Any Other Draw – including scores such as 4-4, 5-5, 6-6, 7-7, 8-8, 9-9.