What is the Role of Technology in Football

Technology is the dominant mode of operation for those who live in a civilized society. It is no surprise that modern-day technology has weaved its way into the field of football. From precise accuracy to detecting foul play and so much more, the role of technology is significant in football.

And football is not alien to it. Technology has changed how we view the game of football. Today, you can watch your favorite football matches online, on TV, or even bet on them on the go. And you can follow your favorite sport, no matter where.

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Video Assistant Referee (VAR) System

The system helps by reducing the chances of errors made on the pitch. The VAR system enables referees to check and rectify their decisions if detected. The technology uses 4-8 cameras to capture real-time footage.

The technology was first used in the Laws of the Game in 2018-19. To further support the advancement of VAR technology in football, the Implementation Assistance and Approval Programme (IAAP) was introduced by FIFA and The IFAB.

The referee can only use the VAR after giving a decision. VAR can be used in case of seriously missed incidents and clearly obvious errors in relation to :

  1. Penalty/no penalty
  2. A mistaken identity of the player by the referee
  3. Goal/no goal
  4. Direct red card

Many individuals are against the use of VAR for the alleged undermining of the judgment of referees and consuming “too much” time. Nevertheless, many consider this technology for its amazing features.

Smart Ball System

The smart ball system makes use of sensors present in the football to track its movement, and record its acceleration, spins, and changes in direction. Players and coaches use the recorded data to understand and think about new strategies and improve the matches, in general.

Broadcasters use this technology to add more detailed and dramatic commentary on the match. This increases the appeal to football fans and supporters, especially, those who watch from home.

Goal-Line Technology (GLT)

GLT was first seen in the World Cup in Brazil in 2014. It is important to notice whether a ball makes a proper goal or misses out. The GLT uses 14 cameras along with 500 frames per second to capture images and sends them to an image processing system.

As soon as the ball crosses the goal line, the GLT records the images. Referees see these records, almost immediately to check.

Electronic Performance and Tracking Systems (EPTS)

The EPTS is used to track the performance of players to make space for improvement in the team. In combination with Micro Electrical Mechanical devices, the EPTS acts as heart-rate monitors but is primarily used for recording the position of the players and the balls.

Online Betting

The prospect of predicting the results of an important match has enticed numerous global fans to popularize online betting, and in particular football betting. This has resulted in a separate form of business that capitalizes on the excitement of football fans.

Final Words

Technology has brought a new revolution in the world of football. With AI, the cameras don’t need human operators anymore. Coaches, football fans, players and referees have all acquired access to detailed data and analysis, which would have been impossible to capture through human eyes only.

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