What Are The Best Football Markets To Bet On?

Football, like all sports, fills spectators with energy and adrenaline, which is why it is often quite fun to bet on football matches. However there are many people who bet on football games so it is important to have the best information on the promotional football markets to bet on.

The most important thing to know about the Europa League is that in the long run, it's still one of the most epic leagues in the world. Two seasons ago the average was 2.78 goals, one of the highest in the world. With the Europa League, there is entertainment throughout the season, to the delight of football fans and punters alike.

Bettors generally prefer "over 2.5 goals" as the type of bet for this tournament. Statistically we see that almost six out of ten matches ended with over 2.5 goals, season and only 42% of the matches (87 matches) ended with a maximum of two goals. In give-and-take games, folds are conspicuous by their absence. While only 24% of matches ended in a draw during the 2019-20 season, that percentage dropped during the 2020-2021 season, with only 19% of matches ending in a draw. Certainly, a draw is unlikely in the European League. It is necessary to take into account the odds and bonus offers that are usually offered by sports betting sites, and use offers such as the 888Sport promotional offer, which range from 3.00 to 3.40.

Thus, the win rate of the home teams is very high (45%), much higher than that of other tournaments. But the most striking thing is that the win rate away from home is very high, exactly 36%. This strange statistic means that the score is often not 1-0 or 1-1, as is often the case in other soccer leagues. The score was 0-2, which happened 19 times, and it suddenly became the most popular score.

Finally, if you want to bet long term on the Europa League, you should know that the range of contenders for the title is wide, but you should know which Champions League teams will join the favourites when they say goodbye. The Champions League is the main competition of the continent, so the quality of the teams dropping down is high. Luckily from a betting perspective, Betfair and Betstars bets offer great promotions for the Europa League.

On the other hand, with the unification of categories, it is difficult to know who will be the best scorer. The difficulty of knowing which team will go far and therefore who will play the most games complicates things. It is important to take this information into account when betting on the Europa League. Therefore, it is better to bet on the matches themselves, rather than in the long term.

How to make your predictions for the Europa League matches? predictions Europa League - 2021 2022

It's time to address a topic that will be very important to you: the criteria to take into account before betting on a Europa League match. First, we need to monitor the status of the star players. In this sense, the team usually plays it’s greatest talents in the European League. If a player of Aubameyang's calibre isn't a top player, you shouldn't bet too much on the Gunners beating a tough team.

You should also know who the suspended or injured players are before placing your bet. These factors can change the course of your analysis. And as well as the status of the star players, the actual goals of the clubs involved are also pillars for your Europa League forecast.

As you may have noticed, sometimes the clubs that qualify for this tournament do not reach their full potential and prioritise their own domestic leagues. If the club does not give you the impression of wanting to reach the later stages of the Europa League, especially in the group stage, you will have to avoid it in your bets. The fact that teams considered 'less strong' fall behind in this tournament always happens when they are looking to make a name for themselves in the European arena.

In addition, the context of the match in which you intend to bet will also be decisive for a good result. For example, if a team has already qualified for the round of 16 in the group stage, betting on a match in which they will face a team that is still hoping to qualify should be avoided. On the other hand, we must not forget that the match between two ranked teams can have plenty at stake, because first place in particular can mean an easier path to follow.

What is the forecast for the top scorer in the Europa League?

Like many leagues, online betting sites will offer bets on the 2021-2022 season to bet on the top scorer in the Europa League. As already mentioned, this qualifying competition is held regularly and many players hope to get the title of top scorer. If you want to predict the top scorer in the Europa League, a few simple rules will allow you to do it right.

Despite expert advice, if a star striker is held back from the Europa League for his domestic competition, there is little point betting on him to be the top scorer. You will also need to choose a player capable of playing multiple matches in the tournament. So sourcing a top scorer in a team that can go far in the Europa League should be a priority to anticipate the top scorer. With all the talent that a player who plays for Zagreb has, he will have less chance of being a better scorer than another player who plays for Barcelona, or Sevilla, a team that has a habit of reaching the latter stages of the competition.

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