Sports Betting or Blackjack: Which is the better way to make money?

The topic of which is the better value, sports betting or casino games - such as blackjack - is one that has been debated in some depth over the years.

The problem with the debate is that there are just too many variations to sports betting, and the same applies to nearly all casinos games also.

Using blackjack as an example, let's take a look in more detail.

Playing blackjack is a tradition that goes back at least 300 years, all the way back to the French casinos in the 1700s.

In more recent times, blackjack has become a popular online game.

You can play it at online casinos, and on all kinds of different platforms such as bingo sites, and on the casino sections of online sportsbooks.

Is it possible to compare blackjack to sports betting?

But how does blackjack compare to betting on sport, or to be more precise, football?

Well, the truth is it’s hard to compare.

There are just so many different bets to place on football, and there are also a lot of different permutations to playing blackjack.

But let's work on a theory that you play blackjack in such a way that you have roughly a 50/50 win to loss ratio.


The theory of never twisting when you are in possession of a score of 12, for example, is a formula that can be roughly 50/50.

Some days you will win, and some days you will lose. The reason we don't play cards or blackjack like that, is because we take more risks because we want to win.

But for the benefit of this article, we will stick with this formula.

A 50/50 bet equates to an even money shot in football. But in football, you could double up two even money shots in the same bet, and win at 3/1 if both bets win.

Yes, it’s a different type of bet. But you are now starting to get an example of why it’s so hard to compare playing casinos, to that of sports betting.

Instead of having doubles in football, let’s look at it from the perspective of a single bet.

If I’m betting singles on even money matches - using level stakes - all of the time, the equation is simple; I have to win more often than I lose, in order to make money.

Get rich quick betting systems rarely work

Playing blackjack in that way is similar.

You are not going to get rich quick, but you certainly won’t go bankrupt in a rush either. 

The 50/50 formula is a cautious way to gamble on sports, or play in casinos.

Personally, I prefer to bet this way though. The trick is making it 55/45 in your favour, that way you make money. As opposed to just breaking even.

When I play online blackjack, I like to follow the ‘Hit or Stand’ formula of standing on 12 or over, if the dealer has 4, 5, or 6.

So that way I know if I can tweak the ratio in my favour to have a 55% win rate, I will make steady profits. As profits grow, I can gradually raise my stakes.

In a similar way, I don’t like betting on football when the odds are below even.

As mentioned earlier. If I win more than I lose using this formula, I make a profit from football betting.

Football Betting

Having a good Staking Plan is key for any Betting System or Formula to work

The key asset to this formula is to ensure you have a successful staking plan.

Base it on percentages. If you start off with £100, and are betting at a ratio of 5% of the betting bank, then when your betting bank goes up to £105.00, your next bet will be £5.25.

And so on.

On the flip side, if you lose, you need to reduce your stakes accordingly.

If you win more bets or hands than you lose, then along with increasing stakes, you will gradually build up a nice betting bank.

I personally think this formula works better with football, than it does with blackjack. But you can also take this formula and adjust it accordingly to how you play blackjack.

Beware going for the Big Wins

The casinos and bookmakers prefer players to go for the big, more extravagant wins.

They know that these bets rarely come in, and on the rare occasion they do win, the house has already acquired enough in losing bets to cover the payout.

Football accumulators and roulette springs to mind for me, when I think about players looking for the big win.

There will always be someone claiming to have had a big win on a football accumulator, but for that winner, there are far more losers every week.

Don’t be drawn into thinking that this is the best way to profit. Likewise, playing roulette is a way to win big, but also a way to lose big.

I prefer to look at football accumulators and roulette as a bit of fun, They are something to have a few quid on at the weekend. If it loses it loses. And if it wins, great, it’s a bonus.

Treat bets like footy accumulators and roulette as a bit of fun. While if you are placing singles on football, or playing online blackjack, try to stick to a formula.


With regard to which is the best way to profit, I believe it depends on which you are better at.

You will also need to have a viable staking plan. Without the staking plan, you are destined to lose.

If you are good at picking winners at football, then sports betting will make you more money.

While if you are a decent cards player, you will more than likely be more successful at that, than you will be at betting on football.

There really is no cut and dry answer to the question, of which is best.

It depends on too many factors to answer in a straightforward manner.

Factors such as the way you bet, the markets you bet on, have you got a staking plan, which one you are more skilled at, etc, etc.

It’s more a case of which one suits you best. And more importantly, which one you make money!

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