Are Traditional and Esports Football Betting the Same?

Gaming is on the rise in all forms, and a growing number of individuals have been seeking out entertainment options in all things virtual.

Changing demographics within different platforms have allowed the growth of genres that may have remained smaller like these wish casino options that have become particularly popular on mobile – the same period of time has also allowed for gaming in different forms to see lots of growth too. The cancellation of sporting events temporarily last year led to the growth in popularity for esports. Especially ones that replicate the traditional options – for football fans.

This has been seen with the growth of FIFA and a surge of new viewers, which may have only typically been interested in more traditional options.

There are questions that have come through from fans making the transition and looking to wager on their favourite pastime. Figuring out where the similarities are, and where the differences are within what is essentially a very different market can be tough to see. But there are some good rules of thumb to follow.

Esports and Traditional Football Have Differences that impact your Betting

Player strength does matter – Whilst individual football players can make all the difference on the pitch for the traditional matches, a single person controlling them in-game may lead to very different results. But the player ratings do share some resemblance to what is seen on the pitch.

There’s a lot of balance but there are some players with higher player ratings that can make the difference. If you’re betting on Ronaldo for real, he's just as strong as he is in Esports. It’ll still be just as exciting to watch Ronaldo in game too with some strong stats.

It’s no longer a team game, though – A big appeal of football for the millions of fans that watch games daily is within the fact it’s a team game. And this brings a lot of strategy and a lot of skill too. Football esports is a little different however as it is one player versus one player. And whilst there’s still a lot of strategy and skill involved, it’s very individual. This can have a big impact on the way bets are placed, and on the expected match outcome.

Same teams, same organisations – There will be many familiar names though. The esports athletes themselves may seem new, but the teams and organisations involved are all the same.

If following a favourite team is the betting strategy, then that will certainly still be a possibility. This is a system that has been successful for plenty who have tried it before.

There are some noticeable differences, but enough similarities that make it approachable still. It’s something that many fans have been able to enjoy and continue, as things have returned to normal. And also to show the opportunity for both to be a shared experience.

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