Football Accumulators For Beginners

What are Accas, how to place them, and how they can mean big jackpots for you... 

If you have spent any time scrolling around the Football pages on a betting site then you have probably come across the phrase 'Football Accumulators' or 'Accas'.

Accas are actually some of the most popular ways to bet amongst punters. But, if you're new to the world of sports betting, then they can be a little difficult to wrap your head around.

Today, we're going to talk you through everything you need to know about Accas and why they're a great option if you're looking to win big.

What are Football Accumulators?

An Accumulator bet is a single bet that is made up of at least 4 selections. The gambler loses the bet unless all of their selections are correct.

In terms of Football, an Acca will be a single bet where the gambler has picked out the results of at least four matches. If all the results are correct the gambler will win a larger payout than if they had bet on the matches individually. If even one of the results is wrong, then they will win nothing.

When placing football bets it is worth considering placing an Acca.

The more matches you bet on, the better the odds will be. This means if you get everything right, you could be looking at an enormous payout.

To create your final set of odds, the bookies will convert each individual match odds into a decimal (2/1 will become 2), then times those decimals by each other before applying an Acca multiplier to get the final number.

This sounds confusing, but it will make more sense when you see it written out below.


Let's take a look at an example of an Acca, to show you how quickly the odds can multiply.

Game 1 - Fulham to win - 2/1 (2)

Game 2 - Everton to win - 3/1 (3)

Game 3 - Swansea to win - 2/1 (2)

Game 4 - Man City to win - 4/1 (4)

Accumulation odds - 179/1 (180)

If you placed a £1 bet on this selection of games and you won - you would be walking away with £180 in your pocket (your original £1 bet and £179 in winnings).

If the gambler lost this bet then they would leave with nothing.

If these bets had been placed individually (£1 on each match) then the gambler would be walking away with £17. That's £163 less than if they had placed those bets within an Acca.

The more elements you add to your prediction, the better the odds get for you.

With odds like that, it's not hard to understand why Acca bets are some of the most popular bets in football.

Why are Accas so popular? And, are they worth the risk?

As we mentioned before, Accas are the most popular type of bets amongst football fans, but why?

  • Chance to win huge payouts
  • Adds excitement to multiple matches across the week
  • Is riskier, and therefore more fun for many

Are Accas worth the risk?

This is a hotly debated topic and your answer will depend on your definition of worth the risk. If you chose to bet on individual matches then your risk is a lot lower, but so are your rewards. Betting on an Acca is a riskier option but the potential rewards are enormous.

For many people knowing that if they get their calls right they could be walking away with £180 rather than £17 (see example above), is enough to make them see Accas as well worth the risk.

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