Biggest Transfers in Barcelona

As one of the premiere teams in La Liga, Barcelona has always had a huge draw for some of the best players in the world, not most because it is the home of perhaps the best player to ever step on the pitch in Lionel Messi – with the recent international win too and news that Messi will be staying at Barcelona there will be a lot of confidence in the best player too.

The club has also been known for it’s huge transfer history too with big wagering options found from different sites just like this list here, but what are some of the biggest, and most impactful transfers for the La Liga side?

Neymar Jr. – As one of the most impactful players to set foot on Camp Nou, Neymar was a huge part of the string of huge performances that Barcelona put together with Neymar, Suarez, and Messi playing together in the way that they did. Breaking the all -time record for most expensive football transfer by quite some margin when he was sold to Paris Saint-Germain for €222 million in 2017 – it made older transfers with other top players in the world like Ronaldo from United to Real Madrid look small and has shown just how in demand Neymar was at the height of his Barcelona career.

Philippe Coutinho – Another young player that has had a bit of a storied history time in the sport – his first major opportunity came in 2013 when he was transferred from Inter to Liverpool with a fee of £11.7 million, and just five years later he would move from Liverpool to Barcelona for a much healthier £121.5 million.

Spending the 2019 season on loan to FC Bayern, he ahs now returned to Barcelona and could look to start placing his own mark on La Liga, and with a further two years left on his contract, still has the potential to break records of his own once more for bigger transfers.

Antoine Griezmann – Having found his start in 2005 for a team in his home of France, he has since spent the rest of his career playing in Spain with the majority of his time spent at Atletico Madrid.

Having been acquired in 2019 for a fee of  £108 million, or a little below what his estimated market value was at the time, he has certainly be a strong pick for the team with the Euro 2020 event and his 100% appearance and 1 goal in four games showing he’s a great player.

A further three years remaining on his contract at Barca will continue to give him opportunities to shine, and show that the price paid was certainly worth it to help continue the Barcelona strength on the attacking side of the field.

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