NFL Picks: Too Early Division Winners Predictions

The Super Bowl is only recently in our rearview mirrors but we can’t help but gaze deeply into our crystal ball to see which teams will emerge at the top of their respective divisions when the curtain closes on the 2021 NFL regular season.

We will also include the odds to win the division as well as the Super Bowl for those who like to bet a bunch if they’ve got a hunch. Visit Bovada review to see if it's available on your location and if it does you are good to go. The following odds will be derived from this venerable industry leader so make sure to check them out if and when you want to make a wager this year.

AFC East Winner – Buffalo Bills (-155 to win division, +1400 to win Super Bowl)

The Dolphins could have an outside shot at the title that had been in the vice-like grip of the New England Patriots for two decades, until last season, but I believe the Bills are too strong. Josh Allen is the real deal while the verdict is still out on Miami’s Tua Tagovailoa. The Jets will renew their lease in the basement while the Patriots are always dangerous as long as Bill Belichick is pulling the levers in New England.

AFC North Winner – Baltimore Ravens (+125 to win division, +2000 to win Super Bowl)

The surprise last season in the AFC North was not that the Steelers tanked after losing their first game 13 weeks into the season (including their bye) but that they started 11-0 in the first place! Pittsburgh proceeded to drop five of their next six games including their first-round playoff loss to the Browns. And while Cleveland might be the popular pick, there is no doubt that Lamar Jackson and the Ravens will rebound from a lackluster season and regain their mojo from 2019.

AFC South Winner – Indianapolis Colts (+110 to win division, +2200 to win Super Bowl)

Here we have another two-horse race for division supremacy and the same two ponies will be battling to the finish line, just as they were last year. Even the oddsmakers have the Colts and Titans dead even at +110 to win the South but we will opt for Indianapolis holding the hardware when the dust settles on the end of the 2021 regular season.

Of course, the Colts watched 39-year-old Phillip Rivers fade into retirement after an 11-5 season and are welcoming a reclamation project in Carson Wentz. However, for the first time in a long time, Wentz will be fully healthy and have a decent offensive line giving him more time in the pocket. A fresh start for Wentz bodes well for him and the Colts this season.

AFC West Winner – Indianapolis Colts (-350 to win division, +500 to win Super Bowl)

As evidenced by the prohibitive odds on the 2020 Super Bowl runner-ups to win the division, the AFC West is a cakewalk for the Chiefs. And even if the Raiders, Chargers, and Broncos all improved they would still be no match for Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City juggernaut. Barring catastrophic injuries, this is a done deal and the only question is which team will come second.

NFC East Winner – Dallas Cowboys (+110 to win division, +3000 to win Super Bowl)

The Cowboys are the prettiest pig in the poke as the AFC Least is a collection of nuts and bolts that would otherwise be relegated to the dust bin if they resided in any other division. But instead, they all live in the outhouse but somebody has to get first dibs on the potty and that team is the Dallas Cowboys.

At least they have an upper-tier quarterback in Dak Prescott while the Giants, Washington, and Eagles are all still trying to figure that out. Philadelphia’s Jalen Hurts could toss a monkey wrench into this menagerie of football malfeasance but he doesn’t have the tools at his disposal to be a true threat to the Boys.

NFC North Winner – Green Bay Packers (-200 to win division, +1200 to win Super Bowl)

The Packers, like the Chiefs in the AFC West, will steamroll their way to another division crown. As a matter of fact, Green Bay might just have it easier because the caliber of competition they will face within their division is much weaker than the three teams Kansas City will meet. Do you believe for a moment Aaron Rodgers, last year’s NFL MVP, is losing any sleep thinking about two dates apiece against the Vikings, Lions, and Bear? We don’t either.

NFC South Winner – Tampa Bay Bucs (-145 to win division, +600 to win Super Bowl)

Unless Father Time finally figures out he lost track of one down in Tampa, the Bucs will cruise through the South and cop the No. 1 or 2 seed in the NFC postseason. The Saints will likely be without Drew Brees but even if the future Hall-of-Famer returns, he isn’t the player he once was and will be exposed next season. Let’s hope the classy Brees elects to bow out gracefully. Either way, the Bucs win the South with ease.

NFC West Winner – Arizona Cardinals (-650 to win division, +5500 to win Super Bowl)

This is the most competitive division in football and it wouldn’t surprise us a bit if the longshot from the desert pulled out a stunner and claimed the West. Kyler Murray is a rising superstar who has gotten overlooked due to the fact his team hasn’t been quite ready for primetime. However, don’t be surprised if you see a Josh Allen-like awakening from him and the Redbirds.

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