The Most Popular Football Bets

Football is the most popular sport in the world. It is not surprising that bets on it are especially popular in bookmakers. In this article, will tell you about what football fans bet on most often.

Bets on outcome

Of course, this is the simplest and most popular type of football betting. By analysing a particular football match, a player can bet on a win for one of the teams as well as on a draw. If the bettor is not satisfied with the odds or wants to get rid of the draw factor, he uses the spread offer. This is a virtual addition of goals to the final score.

So, if a player bets on the favourite with (-1.5) and the match ends 2-0, the bet is a winning one, because if you subtract 1.5 from the final score, the winner is still the winner.

But another situation is also possible. The bettor decides to bet on the underdog with (+2.5). The match ends 4-1 for the favourite. In such a case, the bet is lost, because even with virtual goals, the loser will have 3.5, which is less than the 4 goals scored by the winner.

It is worth remembering that bookmakers always only accept bets on regular time, not taking into account the overtime and penalty shoot-outs that often occur during cup matches.

Betting on a particular period of the game

Betting on a period of the match can bring good profits. You can bet on the result of the first or second half, as well as on a specific period of time (for example, from 1 to 15 minutes). It is worth noting that a special role in the practice of such bets is the ability to anticipate the course of the match, which can easily be learned if you constantly follow soccer games.

The return leg of the 2016/2017 Champions League between Barcelona and PSG is a case in point. In the opening game in France, the Parisian club thrashed Barcelona 4-0. It was therefore obvious that the Catalan players would rush forward from the opening minutes of the second match to make up for the conceded goals.

Betting on the exact score and number of goals

These bets offer the highest odds, but the risk of losing is incredibly high. Many bettors like to try their luck and intuition by placing bets on how much teams will score, but remember that this is very dangerous for your bankroll. By offering high odds, bookmakers put very large margins in them.

Over/under betting

One of the most popular offers, along with the outcomes, is over or under bets. Often bookmakers set an average of 2.5 for each match, offering to predict the number of goals in a match.

So, for example, if a player bets on under 4.5, then the bet is winning if five or more goals are scored in the match. Some bookmakers also offer integer bets. If the bettor bets on over or under 4, and the teams score exactly four goals, then the amount of the bet is returned.

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