Error prone Liverpool lose 4-1 to Man City

Man City beat Liverpool 4-1 at Anfield earlier today, and in the process, effectively finished off Liverpool's prospects of retaining the Premier League title they won so impressively last season.

The win sees City move 10 points clear of Liverpool in the Premier League. It would take some turnaround in form from both clubs to see Liverpool catch City now.

The Blues also have a game in hand on all their rivals for the title.

Man City beat Liverpool 4-1 and extend Premier League lead

The Reds had a couple of chances in the 1st half, but that asides, they weren't really at the races today. There were just too many mistakes from Liverpool.

Mistakes from Liverpool played vital role in Man City winning 4-1

From the clumsy tackle by Fabinho that seen City awarded their missed first half penalty, to the two clangers from Alisson in the 2nd half that settled the match, Liverpool's mistakes were all too frequent.

The after match interviews and analysis made for just as interesting viewing as the match itself did.

Jurgen Klopp's excuse laden interview was pulled apart by Graeme Souness and Roy Keane in the Sky Sports studio. With both pundits criticising both the players, and the manager.

And to be fair, Klopp's excuses were weak. Excuses about injuries, the fixture list, postponements, and the amount of subs available, have been all too frequent from Klopp this season.

Contrast that to Man City, and when they were struggling earlier in the season, there was little whinging about the fixture list, or the fact that City have barely had a striker fit all season.

The excuses were seized upon by Keane and Souness, with Keane claiming the Reds have been awful champions. Both pundits claimed Liverpool should be better able to cope with injuries.

They were also quick to criticise Klopp's claim that Liverpool are now focusing on a Top 4 finish.

Personally, I think Liverpool have focused too much on Virgil van Dijk's absence, and took their eye off the bigger picture.

The lack of pressing and intent from the team is now startling, But with Jordan Henderson playing in defence, and James Milner not even on the pitch, they have no one driving the press.

Yes, it starts further up the field with the top 3. But when they have Henderson directly behind them, driving them, the top 3 press with more intensity.

I believe Liverpool have missed Henderson more they realise in the middle of the park.

Latest Premier League Betting

In the latest Premier League betting, Liverpool are now 35/1 to win the title. They may as well be 350/1 on current form.

City are now 1/25 to reclaim the title. While Manchester United are 22/1

To finish in the top 4, Klopp's Reds are just 1/4.

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