Alexis Sánchez leaves Man Utd for Inter Milan

Great news for all involved with Manchester United, as the club have finally got rid of Alexis Sánchez, with the Chilean joining Inter Milan on a free transfer. 

Getting Alexis Sánchez off the payroll will be a huge relief for all at Manchester United

The deal will be a huge relief for all at the club. Especially with the amount of money set to be splashed out on the Jadon Sancho transfer. 

It is understood that Inter Milan have agreed to match the salary Sanchez was getting at United for the next season. 

It seems to be a deal that suits all parties. Although there was a slight sting in the tail for United.

How much did it cost Man United to get rid of Alexis Sánchez

With Sanchez having 2 years left on his contract, it is claimed in the Guardian that United did have to hand the Chilean a pay off.

I think it's fair to assume the pay off will go some way to bridging the gap between the 2 years United owed him, and the 1 year Inter have guaranteed him.

The Telegraph are reporting the pay off is somewhere between £5 and £10 Million. Which makes sense.

What Now for Sánchez?

Although not a complete flop at Inter, Sanchez hasn't exactly set the world on fire. In his 30 appearances, the striker has only managed 4 goals.

The striker has looked like he is getting his confidence back in Italy. 

A bit of the old swagger he had at Arsenal has started to return. Something he clearly lost during his stay at Old Trafford.

And what about Manchester United?

Since Sanchez has been away, plenty has changed at Old Trafford. 

There has been the emergence of young English talent Mason Greenwood. And we've also finally seen Anthony Martial deliver on his potential.

Add the imminent signing of Jadon Sancho into the mix, and there was clearly no room for Sanchez.

Not only no room on the playing staff, but also on the pay roll.

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